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Cambodia, ikat dye patterned silk shawl, 19th century, 36 x 110 inches, excellent condition.
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nice antique part silk wefted bag face with unusual lattice design size 64 x 60 cm
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Swedish röllakan cushion kilim, size: 54*41cm
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Uzbek Small Carpet or Large Rug, ca. 1890; 4’8” x 12’6” Overall pattern of Chuval-gul variants with fluidly rendered totemic figures between. Small areas ... read more
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c.1880's jaf kurd bag FACE.....approx. 2.4 x 2.8.....early colors.... Checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred....please ask.... Thanks to r.r. for providing this site.....Sincerely Ed ... read more
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Bang Chaing Vessel, ca. 1st Millennium bce, Bronze Age; height: 6 3/4” / 17.1 cm; Opening diameter: 5 1/2” / 14 cm.; maximum ... read more
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Monastery rug, possibly from northern macedonia... Size :107x154 cm.
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Triclinium carpet, Northwest Per-sain, ca.1880; 8’5” x 11’9” / 257 x 358 cm. Rare, smaller-sized Triclinium, with four sections. The central section with ... read more
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Antique East Anatolian Yörük Rug Size 220x115 cm
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Turkish Anatolian toros mut kilim Size=183x90 cm
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#7531 Antique Kashan Persian Rug 9’6″ x 19’10” Size: 9’6″ x 19’10” (292 x 609 cm)” Age: Circa 1920 Oversized!!
Very Antique Konya Oriental Rug #7806 Price on Request Age: early 18th century possibly mid-17th century Size: 4’5” x 6’8” (137 x 207 cm)
#6983 Antique Art Deco Chinese 4’7 x 7’4 Size: 4’7″ x 7’4′ Age: Circa 1925
Early 19th century Bergama rug size:130x190 cm
Kazak runner circa 1840 size:90x395 cm
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19th.century East Anatolia Çuval sıze: 106 x 170
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antique Uzbekistan Ghudjeri Tribal Kilim Woolend wool natural colors Size 2,50 x 1.50 Early 20th Century
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Very Fine Quality Ikat chapan, Silk and cotton Uzbekistan.With Roller Print Inside. late 19th century. Its size is W-85cm, L-115cm,S-27cmX60cm(20220418_152815).
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Tunisian Tunic of Ceremony - Ottoman Period possibly 18c.Beautiful Tunisian wedding ceremony tunic dating back from the Ottoman period before 1878. Flat ... read more
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Printed Chintz Palampore hanging- India's Coromandel Coast for the India Company Circa 1750. Some weaknesses, very small holes and a bit stains, ... read more
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Antique Chelaberd/Sunburst with date inscription 1261=1874. Size 286x190cm. Needs repairing on few areas.
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Africa, Kuba Kingdom, Showa region, Dem. Rep. of Congo,22 x 52 inches, mid 19th century. This panel is atypically large so may ... read more
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Cambodian silk shawl with resist dyed patterning, 32 x 88 inches, late 19th century. Excellent condition. The main image only shows about ... read more
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Africa,Ivory Coast, Dida tribe woman's tubular ceremonial garment of rafia fiber, 14 x 42 inches (each side), condition: overall some small holes, ... read more
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Antique Kazak 42" * 53" Needs cleaning. Colors are better than the images posted
An extremely rare and very important antique Turkoman / Turkmen talismanic silver jewellery known as ok-yoy. Attributed to the Ersari Tribe, this ... read more
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Saryk ensi, it still has the flowers of the early type, but the elem shows a design which reminds of the late ... read more
Persian Feraghan Sarouk circa 1880 original excellent condition
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Anatolian Kilim Part
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Antique Caucasian Fahrola Rug
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Antique East Anatolian Kilim Chuval
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Cheriyal Scroll Painting on the Cotton From Telangana South India. This are epic Storytelling paintings which is showing different kind ... read more
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Colors! Graphics! This kilim strip is a marvel of colors and graphics. East Anatolia, most probably Reyhanli tribal group. Cm 77x289. Mid ... read more
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East anatolia, Antep region !
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Circa 1860 nw Runner natural dyes and fine woven also it has mixed (wool-cotton) warps and wefts. Need some repairs at sides ... read more
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nord west persian kurdish rug color full good pile cm 2,35 x 1,35 19th century 1860/80 circa natural colors ... read more
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