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Antique Central Anatolian Obruk jijim yastik, very good condition, 56 x 97 cm.
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Antique Baloch balisht, very fine weave, great colors, silk highlights, 22 x 36 inches. Probably 19th century
price:  most reasonable
Very unusual Medjedieh style antique Anatolian yastik, 20.5 x 33 inches. Good pile. --See Brian Morehouse yastiks no.c 97 and 98
price:  reasonable
Unique Antique Central Anatolian vagireh yastik with Crivelli medallion. Probably first quarter 20th century
price:  reasonable
Antique Central Anatolian yastik with saturated colors and good pile. Probably Konya region, late 19th/early 20th century
price:  reasonable
English textile with Sardinian design. Probably late 19th/early 20th century. 46 x 65 inches (117 x 165 cm). Silk chenille-like insertion on ... read more
price:  Reasonable
Antique Caucasian Khila rug from the Baku region of the Eastern Caucasus. link Circa 1890. Size: 5ft 5in x 3ft 8in (165 x ... read more
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Kazak prayer rug, for restoration or enjoyment at a very fair price. Size: 134 x 104cm. link
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Navajo saddle blanket with unusual colors and strong graphics. Please ask for additional photos.
price:  375.00
Antique Persian Veramin (Varamin) torba in lovely condition. Please ask for additional photos.
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Antique Persian Veramin (Varamin) torba, complete with original flat woven back. In excellent condition. Please ask for additional photos.
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Victorian Kashmir Shawl around 1900 The Colours are gorgeous,vary good condition Size: 330X160cm Ask about this
Beatifull Turkmen Tekke Rug
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Anatolian Kilim Fragment
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Caucasian Dagıstan Avar Rug
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16th Century Safavid Silk Lampas panel with lavish gold thread. Good condition. Museum piece. Some red thread remains on the edges from ... read more
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Antique Persian Heriz rug, small size: 190x140cm / 6'3''ft x 4'6''ft
a charming antique Persian Bakhtiary tribal rug with animals, size: 195x120cm / 6'4''ft x 4ft
Classic Persian Khamseh design bagface (27"x 26") with characteristic silky wool and deeply saturated color. Very good condition, all original. Circa 1880-90.
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Antique Caucasian daghestan prayer Rug 19th century
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Wonderful Caucasian fine Kilim Panel 19th century All Natural dyes 31''x45''
price:  $450
Ushak region carpet fragment of a large mosque prayer carpet with three rows of three prayer niches, late 18th century, 400cm high ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Baluch rug. Late 19th century. Charming stripe graphics.
price:  £385
Classic red wefted Bordjalu Kazak Rug. Circa 1850-70.
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Antique west anatolian Aydin kilim. Organic dyes and complete with only a few small holes.
price:  P O R
Happy 2020 fresh arrival: Antique square like Oushak or Amritsrar 10'4 x 8'9 or in europe 321 x 272cm $ 3125 + $ 99 ship
price:  $ 4115 + $ 99 ship
Central Anatolian (Konya) Chuval Size:142x120cm /4'8"x3'11"
price:  On Request
Phulkari From West(Pakistan)Punjab.India.known As Wedding Thirma(Pink)Bagh. Showing the Rare Influence of Lahariya Weave Design of Garden Embroidery of Punjab. c.1900 (dsc07204).
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4686-Shirvan carpet 217x140
price:  p.o.r
Antique lory in good condition, not full pile but all original sizes and ends, no holes or restors. Maybe a nomadic KHAMSEH-Fars. Wool on wool ... read more
price:  reasonable
Fine and rare large conch shell pendant from Central Thailand Bronze Age, Ban Chiang or Lopburi cultures circa 300-500 ce. Superb condition ... read more
price:  $400.USD
Antique cotton blanket section, from the Chinese Tujia minority, circa late 19th/early20th century. All hand spun threads with heavy weave and undyed ... read more
price:  $150.USD
antique sarouk fereghan - in beautiful condition with nearly full pile and no dryness at all - 9 x 12 ... read more
price:  ASK
Kordi/Turkman khorjin, early 20th c. ne Iran. 50”x21”. All natural dyes and soft Kurk wool. Finest weaving skill. Colorful pile strips on ... read more
price:  POR