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Tibetan three medallion rug. Luminous and lush with a delicate subtle, palette - the rug is old. a so-called Wangden type rug ... read more
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Islamic calligraphy. Nishapur bowl, 10th century. Nastiliq calligraphic work on paper. Sassanian Glass bottle 5th century. Nishapur Ceramic bowl. North ... read more
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Rare Heriz Bag Panel ,Persian , With animals. No restorations. 110 cm. x 51 cm. Wool on wool with cotton wefts. ... read more
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Antique and very original gendge Caucasian runner rug, 1920 (Caucasus) Good condition 11,7’ x 3,8’ (355 x 112 cm) Wool and cotton (entirely handmade)
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Antique persian qashgaÏ chiraz carpet, 1940 (Persia) Good condition. 9,6’ x 4,10’ 294 x 126 cm
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44x 71cm bagface? yastik? beautiful natural color and pile obvious border damages. the inner guard border is going around so it is ... read more
Persian Hallach tribal salt bag. Double side warp face woven. Circa 1920. Mostly natural colors. Size: 32 cm x 47 cm (12.5" ... read more
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Mid 19th Century Caucasian Chayli Rug Aksafa Borders Size.274x110 Cm
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Central asia- Uzbekistan 19th century suzani Size 64" x 39" -- 163 cm x 100 cm
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Fine and original Caucasian shirvan rug, 1880 (Caucasus) Good condition 5.9’ x 3.7’ (180 x 115 cm)
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Sumatra | Batak Ikat Shoulder-cloth (Bintang Maratur) Indonesia, Sumatra, Toba Batak, Silindung Valley; mid 20th C Commercial cotton, natural and commercial dyes, warp ikat, ... read more
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Late 19th Century North West Persia, Heriz Rug.The antique Small-format carpets woven in the Heriz region of North West Persia feature simple ... read more
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18th Century This small fragment is from a very old kilim probably woven by Cappadocia. kilim originally consisted of two long panels ... read more
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19th Century Unusual Nord-West Persian Rug. It's in Very Good Condition. It has great colors. Size 107 x 184 Cm
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Middle of the 19th Century Persian Rare North-West Colorful Rug Size 117 x 214 cm It has great colors and rare border.
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Shahsavan Kurdish saddle bag size 54x28cm
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Rare Shahsavan bag size 40x40cm
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Turkish yastık, circa 1900-1920
Antique Chinese carpet. Good condition. Size 5.2 by 3.2 feet.
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Minimalist Turkmen rug from Turkmen Sahra. It is little over 100 years. The date on it reads 1340, we are in 1442. ... read more
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Nazca tie dye, large (approx 4' x 6') possibly a mantle. 400 - 800 ad. Impressive early textile. With proper mounting ... read more
Antique Shahsavan Sumak Panel
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Antique Caucasian Şirvan Kilim
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Antique East Anatolian Yoruk Yastık
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Early anatolian kurdish rug in perfect condition 265 x 115 cm . link
Cute Antique Schirvan 0,87*1,50
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Shahsavan. Khorjin bag face. Interested? More infos, photos, etc. on rq.
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Ghiordes for anyone?
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Antique Yamud Klim Torba Size.80x40 Cm
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Antique Persian Bahtiyari Bagface Size.65x55 Cm
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Antique Turkmen tribe knotted with a very fine knot. Good condition and washed for this main carpet . This carpet has the 2 kelims ... read more
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Serapi Heriz Persian, knotted circa in 1880, antique, collectors item, 262 x 242 cm, carpet id: P-4765 The black knots are oxidized, the ... read more
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Belutch Persian, knotted circa in 1918, antique, 105 x 183 cm, carpet id: LUB-14 The black knots are oxidized, allover design, thick pile, ... read more
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Afshar Persian, knotted circa in 1905, antique, 163 x 195 cm, carpet id: BRDI-39 The black knots are oxidized, geometric design, thick pile, ... read more
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Anatolian yastik - about 19" x 39" "as found".