Black magic rug. Cm 300x150 ca. Ft 9.8x4.9 Woven 1920/1930 and dyed (twice) in black in 2006. This rug has got a fantastic aesthetical outlook! That's why we call it "black magic". Modern art, contemporary art, tribal art collectors and interior designers were since long time asking for rugs that would not be in clash with their paintings, their wood, iron, etc. art pieces. We first proposed the "Kil Culs", blackish and brownish flatweaves, mainly used by nomads for their tents, but still they were not really happy. After a couple years of researching we tried to dye old/antique pile rugs from Anatolia. They had to be in good condition, with very good wool and even pile. And the dyer had to be a real master! Finally we succeeded and now they can have wonderful, velvet shiny pile rugs that fit perfectly for their/your purposes. Armani would love them!
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