Bags and Trappings

Rare Persian nomadic piece. probably southwest 32"x16"
price:  POR
Mafrash, Shasavan 100 x 86 Cm. Mid 20th century. Fine condition.
price:  on hold
Click on this detail of an important Incan bag to compare with other published examples of the type. Dating to a.d. ... read more
price:  Inquire and learn
Bag, Afshar, 83 x 66 cm. 2,7 ft. x 2.2 ft. Mid 20th century. In perfect condition. Kelim back.
price:  $ 300,00 plus shipping
One of the smaller pieces i will be showing at this weeks icoc on Washington dc. a beautiful anatolian kurdish cuval face. ... read more
price:  ICOC
Really Fine Shahsavan Sumak Circa 1860s size 49 x 54 cm
price:  On Request
Shahsavan fragmand Small bag size 18x24cm
price:  Por
Very cute 19th century Khamseh weaving. 48cm x 46cm Beautiful colours and great wool. Is it a bagface or a wagireh? Available.
price:  please ask
Middle of the 19th Century Lovely Tekke Torba ıt's in perfect condition and all sides are original Size 40 x 108 cm
price:  On Request
#2052 Tibet saddle rug, orange background with a peony flower with lucky clouds around. The water beads spurted out from the sea ... read more
price:  Sale
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  por
Shahsavan sumack khorjin bag with original back. Cm 60x60 ca. End 19th century. Great colors, great weaving details. a very beautiful bag, ... read more
price:  please inquire
This small, finely woven Incan period tapestry bag has different designs on each face. It has a subtle checkerboard background with two ... read more
price:  INQUIRE
Wonderful, charming, wrecked East Anatolian heybe/saddle bag. Size is cm 68x136, open 68x270 ca. First half 19th century. To be more precise i would ... read more
price:  please inquire
Shahsevan saddle bag size 26 x26cm
price:  Por
Caucasian Sumak Mafrash Panel 63 x 103 cm / 2'0'' x 3'4''
price:  On Request
Afshar chanteh bagface, 40 x 36 cm. mid to late 19 th. century, Probably Aqta. Natural colors incl. cochineal red. Some old repairs ... read more
price:  $100
An Afshar Chanteh bag, 40 x 25cm. Circa 1900. Attractive double boteh design. Natural colors. 225 euros plus 25 p&p
price:  225 EUR
Luri Qashqai khorjin all good colors and in very good condition,size 130x55cm
Shahsavan sumack mafrash long panel. Cm 44x107 ca. Late 19th or early 20th c. Great Eagle pattern. Wonderful, saturated natural colors. In ... read more
price:  please inquire
Nomad Luri Bag Complete Size: 53x40cm Natural colors made in period 1910/20
price:  SOLD
Shahsevan sumak mafrash panel, 3'3"x1'5" link
price:  $1850
Ersari chuval in very good condition. 5’3” x 3’2”.
price:  Por
Kizyl Ayak Turkmen chuval, very old and much larger than most with a great weave, floppy handle, great spacing, and rich saturated ... read more
price:  $1200
#2049 Tibet horse saddle, moon blue background with group flowers pattern, around eight treasures of Buddha selvage. Good age and quality. Wool ... read more
price:  Sale
Shahsevan small bag 15x17cm
price:  Por
Antique Baktiyar Kilim
price:  por
Qashqai mini khorjn 1870,with metal wire in the center of the stars,The white cotton background is a plain weave warp-faced while designing ... read more
a full pile Yomut or Karadashli Turkmen Chuval (detail).115x77cm. Minor damage in one or two small areas. 19th Century or earlier.
price:  Please ask
#6737 Antique Chinese Saddle This late 19th to early 20th century Manchu dynasty Chinese saddle measures to 2’ 1” x 3’ 5 “. ... read more
price:  $650
Old Qashqaii Qamse Bagface Rug
price:  por
compelete dated(1330) khamseh saddlebag in perfect condition,Size:130 x 60 cm
price:  Please ask
Rare complete Baluch mina khani pile khorjin, 68" x 31". Circa 1910. Full pile in natural colors including several shades of blue. ... read more
price:  POR
Rare antique complete Yüncü kilim (farda) heybe. Late 19th c. Wool. Saturated patinated natural dyes. Very good condition. Published in the bible ... read more
price:  POR
Old Kuba Sirvan Bagface Rug size.45x40cm 45x40cm
price:  por
Old Kuba Sirvan Bagface Rug size.50x45cm
price:  por
qashqai chanteh in fine condition,Size:26 x 27 cm
price:  Please ask
Shahsavan Small bag size 16x16cm
price:  Por
Caucasian saltbag. Size: 14.5" x 21" - 37 cm x 54 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
Colors ! 19th Century Shahsavan Reverse Sumac Size 49 x 50 cm
price:  On Request
Fine Pre-Columbian tapestry bag. Nasca Culture a.d. 400 - 800. Stylized interlaced zoomorphic figures. Size: 7 x 9 inches.
price:  Inquire
Eagles. Shahsavan sumack mafrash end panel. End 19th, early 20th c. Great pattern great colors, great condition. Ask 4 more pics &
price:  please inquire
Wonderful rare type 19th century Turkmen Arabatchi three-gul chuval. 80x152 cm (31.5 x 60 inch). Magnificent color and wool quality. In full ... read more
price:  SOLD. Thanks!
East Anatolian open cuval. Cm 105x160 ca. Late 19th, early 20th c. Great natural dyes. Archaic, interesting pattern. Good condition.
price:  please inquire
Baluch bag face.Good colors and condition
price:  Por
Shahsavan khorjin face, good old piece with lots of animals, even in the border (which is unusual), soft floppy handle with glossy ... read more
price:  On request
Caucassian Shirvan bag face wonderful colors and very good condition size 47 x44 cm and Circa 1900-1910
price:  On Request
Qashqai khorjin complete. fine weaved kilim and sumakh; soft colors, crisp design. some little spots without pile.
price:  P.O.R
Very nice small mixed technique bagface, lovely!
price:  320€
Antique Veramin Saltbag Rug
price:  por
Lovely small Bagface
price:  250€
Shahsavan mafrash long panel . Cm 46x104. 2nd half 19th c. Weft float brocading weave. Great colors. Good condition. See Tanavoli, plate
price:  please inquire
Pair fine shahsevan bags aria Kurdistan circa 1880,made with wool cotton and silk all natural colors- very good condition-size93x45cm
Very finely woven 19th century Turkmen Tekke chuval with wonderful Salor guls and charch-palak secondary guls. Measures: 86x126 cm (34x49 inches).
price:  Upon request
Shahsavan sumack mafrash panel.
price:  please inquire
Veramin Mafrash 45 x 105 cm. early 20 th. cent. In excellent full-piled condition.
price:  350 EUR.
Afghanistan-baluch tribal Animal trapping 16x160 cm
price:  por
Turkmen Teke Chuval 81 x 100 cm / 2'7'' x 3'3''
price:  On Request
Antique Anatolian Yöncü Bergama heybe Sadlebag size: 125x42
price:  Ask Please
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