Large Kazak fragment c1880. Great colors (nice red, gold, greens, and aubergine) and decent condition. It is stabilized, and could certainly be ... read more
price:  sold
18th c. Karapinar Rug Fragment > Great Wool/Color.
price:  Please Inquire.
Anatolian Prayer rug,W/W,210X145 cm. Two unusually large fragments sewn together before the selvages were fixed. Former turkish owner attributed it to Gördes, ... read more
price:  SOLD
ersari or uzbek bag / trapping fragment 80x50
price:  P.O.R
Anatolian Kurdish Rug fragment Circa.1830 mounted very well on linen.size is 140x140cm
price:  650$ including shipment
Antolian Kilim Fragment Circa.1850 some white colors are cotton.mounted on linen very well,size is 290x90cm.I can send larger photos.
price:  800$ incuding shipment
extremly rare and important dragon and tiger rug fragment with great achaic look. this is the top part of a rug representing ... read more
Anatolian Kurdish Rug fragment Circa.1850 mounted on canvas very well.I can send larger images.size is 230x100cm
price:  1300$ includig shipment
Persian Mina Khani Rug Fragment > 19th c. Veramin?
price:  Please Inquire.
anatolian usak fragment 115x030
price:  150 USD
anatolian usak fragment size 115x070
price:  250 USD
Salor tent-band fragment with red and yellow silk, 19th. century, 93'' x 15''.
price:  SOLD
18th c. Karaman Rug Fragment > Full pile!
price:  Please Inquire.
Rare Turkmen tent-band fragment with unusual design, gloriously saturated colors, corrosive insect dye, cotton highlights, excellent condition, circa 1800, 78'' x 14''. ... read more
price:  SOLD
a rare and beautifull rug fragment from west gansu area , fantastic wool and blue colors, thick lustrous pile, thick camel foundation, ... read more
Early main carpet fragment, 1.31 x 0.54 m. For 8 more images and a more detailed description please click here: link
price:  1200 Euro
Mystery Rug Fragment
price:  SOLD
Perepedil fragment. 19th century. Expertly mounted on heavy linen backing.
price:  on request
antique Chinese fragment 26 x 36" showing coins, good feng shui, soft & silky, light wear, edges surged (see back), no other ... read more
price:  $300
chinese ningxia monastic bench cover fragment, rare flaming pearl border. great wool and colors. early 19th c.
Misterious & interesting silk velvet fragment - first quarter 20th century - cm 65x68 - good condition - possibly Uzbekhistan....anybody knows better? ... read more
price:  pLS ASK
Early tekke main carpet fragment (cut and shut at top, missing 1 row of guls)with a rare elem, fantastic fine wool ... read more
price:  SOLD
Kirsehir rug fragment - 1750/1800 - cm 109x169 - poor condition, but full of charme -
price:  pls ask
Ersari / Bashir Minakhani torba fragment. Great wool and colors with use of yellow and greens. (The Reds are more vibrant in ... read more
price:  SOLD
textile border fragment, silk and gold thread embroidery on velvet, france 17th c.
a very interesting and unusual Kurdish Rug Fragment from nw Persia, possibly early 19th century, 74 x 121 cm. Almost a quarter ... read more
price:  p.o.r.
Caucasian Blossom or Dragon Carpet Fragment. Great purple and green and very graphic border (2'0'' x 1'5'')
price:  SOLD
Fragment of an old and great Yomud kepse gul carpet with rich color including super saturated green and blue-green. Great handle, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Esoteric, Eccentric and Fantastic Central Asian Amu Darya area fragment. Superlative color with some yellow chemcheh minors, a few Memling minors (blue ... read more
price:  SOLD
Early nw Persian, probably Bijar, rug fragments (3)
Antique Turkmen Tentband fragment, with fantastic colors, cotton spots, unusual field drawing and outer border, size: 190x32cm
price:  SOLD
An early Indian Fragment - 3' 10'' x 7' 6''
price:  P.O.R.
Fragment of a Large-Knotted Ming Chinese Carpet, Silk Warps-Cotton Wefts, 16th. century, 20 1/2''x 30'', Full Pile. Click on Main Image for ... read more
price:  On Request
Unusual Verneh fragment. Goat wool background. Some of the animals are cotton some are wool. Great graphics. No fuchsine in the body, ... read more
price:  POR
Kutch/Sindh Fragment of a skirt length Excellent colors Mid C18th 50 x 224 cm
price:  sold
Superb fragment of a 19th century Ersari main carpet. Thick chunky pile and really nice color. a few small holes. Approx. 5' ... read more
price:  POR
1902 fragment 49"x79" Caucasion Kourd Kazak. Very nice interesting piece with unfortunate moth damage. There is no recent damage. 1902 can ... read more
price:  make an offer
Early Anatolian Yastik Fragment with original selveges. 22''x 8''
price:  SOLD
this is a very old central asian fragment showing a very rare field design, seems to be a fragment of a main ... read more
Antique Kashmir shawl fragment, early 19th century
price:  SOLD thank you
Two important ko-su Ming silk fragments depicting archaic foliete dragons about 3' x 2'
price:  sold
Antique Turkish yastik fragment. Nice older example of the type but in "as found" condition. All good natural colors. 19th c. 2' ... read more
price:  SOLD
fragment konya size 195x085
price:  SOLD
Early Kazak Rug Fragment (cut&shut) ,ca.1800,140x150cm, needs a good cleaning.
price:  sold
East Anatolian Kurdish fragment with Memling guls. Blue wefted circa 1880. Part of the missing side border has been attached to form ... read more
price:  SOLD
antique bessarabian kelim fragment. neat flat weave with vibrant natural color. good condition. late 19th c. weaving. 3' ... read more
price:  SOLD
tekke torba fragment, large scale, moth damaged, ancient
price:  SOLD
tekke torba fragment, ancient
price:  SOLD
Central Anatollian kilim border fragment 185x20 ca 1700
antique caucasian rug fragment. early example with outstanding natural colors including a beautiful deep purple. side borders original, end borders ... read more
price:  SOLD
Colorful Anatolian Kilim fragment, probably Karapinar, great colors, size: 102x80cm, take a look on my other items i have listed
price:  SOLD
beautiful old fragment of yellow chyrpy, very fine embroidery, size is 30 cm/ 9 cms.
price:  sold
North West Persian Fragment, late 18th century. Fabulous texture and colors. Stabalized and Mounted.size = 1'2'' x 3'10'' (inv. # 14444)
price:  SOLD
17th century Persian Safavid dynasty Kirman ' Vase Carpet ' fragment. size = 2'4'' x 2'10''(inv # 5466 s)
price:  SOLD
tekke main-carpet fragment, early 19th.Cent.,2'5''X 2'2''.
price:  $1200.
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