Baluch Bag, Very fine quality, Shiny wool, 60 x 56 cm.
price:  SOLD
Baluch Bagface, 19th century, 78 x 74.
price:  SOLD
Luscious Arab Baluch Rug with Floating Chemches. Saturated soft wool with all natural colors. Good color shift from vibrant madder red to ... read more
price:  SOLD
Fine Belouchi Bagface, 19th century, 73cm x 70cm 2'4" x 2'3". This bag has wonderful wool and good colour. Interesting 'totemic' motifs ... read more
price:  SOLD
Persian /Blouch pair big bag face,size 75cmx70cm,all natural colors,wool pile on wool foundation some parts been worn out at kilim parts and ... read more
price:  Sold Thanks
Antique Baluch rug with Tekke Gul design. Interesting collector´s piece. Size : ca 197cm x 102cm
price:  350 Euro
Antique camel ground Baluch rug with animals. Origin : East Persia , Khorossan province . Nice collector´s piece . Size : ca ... read more
An ealy Baluch Flatweave Kilim,very supereb desigen,very fine weave good colours,Some old repairs,Size 7'1"*5'4".E.mail for more info,Please see other itmes also.
price:  P.O.R
yello belüç rug size:140x88
price:  POR
baluch rug 218 x 120 cm
price:  SOLD
Baluch Saddle Rug. Second half 19th c. 2'11" x 2'6" For further description see page 93 in "Vanishing Jewels: Central Asian ... read more
price:  $2500
Baluchi rug circa 1900, 3'2' x 5'8" in over-all excellent condition with some minor corrosion of the brown. High color saturation with ... read more
price:  SOLD
Camel-Ground Baluch rug . Perhaps Bahluli according to recent research. (see the current issue of Hali) Colorful latch-hook border (interestingly, there are ... read more
price:  SOLD
Baluch Rug,ca.1900,110x230cm,beautiful rug with great qualities and condition issues.
price:  SOLD
Lovely silky wool Balouch balisht, or large storage bag, with a nice range of soft natural colours including baby blue, aubergine and ... read more
price:  SOLD
Baluch with silk, a cat in the center. Size: 95 x 62 cm.
price:  SOLD
baluch prayer rug 160 x 110
price:  SOLD
baluch timuri rug 185 x 100 cm
price:  SOLD
a quirky Baluch with extremely rare "monkey wrench" design (or are they animal heads? or chess pieces?). Open right on a handspun-cotton ... read more
price:  SOLD
Aimag Belutsch, Taschenfront, Afgahnistan, um 1910
price:  100 €
late 19 Century Baluch Balisht very nice kilim
price:  sold
Minakhani Baluch Rug, Depressed warp Khorossan type. Very finely drawn with vivid color and finer than most of this genre. The skirts ... read more
price:  SOLD
Pair of Baluch Bag Faces 19th Century Inv# 1447: 31 x 28 1/2 inches Inv# 1448: 29 x 29 inches The color is electric and varied, ... read more
price:  $1500 for the pair (reduced from $2200)
Quite cool and unusual Baluch. Full pile , thick, camel field.
price:  SOLD
Baluch camel field rug with "tobacco-pattern" design, and star-and-checkerboard border, excellent condition, nice flatwoven/supplemental-weft detail at both ends, good saturated colors. ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
nice baluch prayer rug with really nice colors and design 19th centery and there is some repair on the field.
price:  850.00
Beluch Saddle bag.
price:  sold
Baluch Blue Ground Prayer Rug 19th Century wool with silk highlights 47 1/2 x 33 inches approximately 126 KPSI inventory #1450
price:  $1800 (reduced from $2500)
#277. beluch rug. 2'8"x2'9". early 20th century. good condition. price on request
a very fine Baluch bag face with unusual design and good dyes. 19th century. nibbled around edges.Needs cleaning. Price includes shipping.
price:  SOLD
Baluch Doktar-i-Ghazi Prayer Rug size 145x110
price:  SOLD
Nice Beluch from 1860. Camel Backround and perfect condition.
price:  650 USD
link rare, early 20th century pair of belouch bag faces from the region of Firdaus in north east Persia. They are ... read more
price:  Euros 750 each.
Belutsch Timuri Pillow Size 0,50cm x 0,95cm
price:  700 USD
Baluch rug, deep, rich & lustrous 34 x 63" mini khani variant. some edge wear along the selvage.
price:  $900
Baluch face 26" square every picture tells a story
price:  $275
Baluch Mushwani, or Hazara, long rug, 83 x 38" (211 x 96cm) with a seldom seen white ground. Field design is diagonal ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Small Baluch rug 61 1/2 x 31" ( 156 x 78cm )SOLD This rug shows the classic khorosan structure with a moderate warp-depression. ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Enigmatic Baluch? weaving. Probably a Poshti but perhaps some other sort of bag or bridge. It is symmetrically knotted using a design ... read more
price:  SOLD
baluch circa 100 years low pile size:94*147 cm
price:  SOLD
beluch arrow bag - 181 x 11 cm
price:  SOLD
Baluch Mushwani bag with back 21 x 24" meaty
price:  $225
Baluch balisht 17 x 31"
price:  $200
Baluch bag with back 23 x 24" keep something in it
price:  $375
Baluch face 23 x 24" ram horn border
price:  $275
Baluch pair of faces each 16 x 25", some oxidation
price:  $475
41" x 75" Baluch, Saryk flavor, for the velvetarian, fine condition
price:  $2200
Baluch minakhani bagface ( khorjin fragment ) with saturated color and interesting features for the structurally inclined including alternating bands of Turkish ... read more
price:  SOLD
Baluch Rug, 206x111 cm, Excellent Condition, no repairs or issues whatsoever, late 19th century. link
price:  SOLD
Belouch or Anatolian? a classic rentrant keyhole pattern in (apparently natural) colours, though not ones typical of Turkey. Symetrical knotted wool on ... read more
price:  500 usd
Singular Baluch prayer rug, with 159 snowflake stars in a staggered repeat on the camel field. 34 x 54 inches. Each star ... read more
price:  SOLD, thank you!
sold Charming small Baluch prayer rug; 19th cent.; 4ft x 2ft7ins. Nice wool , good condition, "truly tribal"
Magnificent Baluch rug...Beautiful and happy colors...5'9 by 2'10 ft...Skirts are almost perfect...The rug is in good condition in general...Some oxidation and wear,thats ... read more
price:  poa
Baluch rug...5'3 by 3 ft...Pretty colors,attractive design...
Baluch rug...5'3 by 2'7 ft...Camel hair background and almost perfect skirts (kilims) Good and bright colors
price:  price on request
Baluch rug...5'7 by 3'2 ft.
price:  price on request
#1604 Sistan Belouch rug with good pile and intensely saturated colors-- including a very intense dark true aubergine. Turn of the 19th century. (Dimensions ... read more
price:  Best Offer
#3376 Diamond lattice design Belouch with supple wool and intact kelims from the early 20th century. (Dimensions 3' x 4')
price:  SOLD
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