Rare Afshar bagface. Circa 1870.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Persian Malayer Bag Face size 48x60
price:  350$
Early 20th Century Persian Bakhtiari Runner size 110x338 cm
price:  650$
a lovely antique karaja fragment rug. Made out of a longer rug one end has been rewoven. Great colours including an early ... read more
price:  $750
Afshar on Blue Ground, and a couple of people .
price:  On Request
Antique Persian Bidjar Gerrus long rug with Memling gul design, wool foundation. Age: 19th century, size: 335x105cm / 11ft x 3'4''ft Good ... read more
antique karaja heriz oriental rug measuring 7' 11" x 11' great condition couple of minor issue as shown solid rug great even ... read more
Antique Afshar Rug - 4'2 x 6'1 / 127 x 184 cm.
price:  on request
Old/Antique kurdish Senneh rug - probably around 1910, very elegant/ signs of use size: approx. 190 x 130 cm great Colors/ with an ... read more
price:  SOLD - thanks!
Antique Senneh Kilim. Fine weave. All original sides. 7 colors. 6’7” x 4’4”. Delicately hand washed.
price:  POR
Antique Senneh Kilim. Fine weave. All original sides. 8 colors. 6’4” x 4’1”. Delicately hand washed.
price:  POR
Very long Heriz runner circa 1940s 535x90cm or 17.5x2,8 feet Good condition with some wear&tear but no damages nor repairs
price:  SOLD
27 Persian Mahal kelly wool Size 14x5.5 ft
price:  POA
Antique Persian Bakhtiary tribal rug from the 19th century, wool foundation, beautiful natural colors. size: 405x190cm / 13'3''ft x 6'3''ft
Serapi Heriz Persian circa 1910 antique. Collector's item, Size: 312 x 224 (cm) 10' 3" x 7' 4" carpet id: ... read more
price:  On request
Karaja Heriz end 19th.c., 400 x 324 cm., 13'1" x 10'7". Nice one with wear.
price:  sold, ty
Heriz 378 x 299 cm., 12'5" x 9'9" , with some wear around the center. Heavy and tightly knotted piece, 52 kgs.
price:  sold, danke
#7558 Antique Heriz Persian Rug This circa 1910 antique Heriz Oriental Carpet measures 6’10” x 13’9” (210 x 423 cm). This to ... read more
Antique Persian Heriz Runner 3'4''x10'8''. Handsome colors including a army green border and a navy/black field. Excellent condition. Very ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Antique Persian Bakhtiary rug from the 1920´s with a classical garden design, size: ca. 205x155cm / 6'7''ft x 5'1''ft
Antique Heriz rug from 1880, 180 x 145 cm(5.90 x 4.75 feet). Price: 1100 euro(1230 dollar)
price:  1230
Lovely small antique Persian Malayer poshti, size: ca. 75x60cm / 2'5''ft x 2ft
Antique Heriz rug from 1880, 185 x 145 cm(6.06 x 4.75 feet) Price: 1300 euro($1450).
price:  1450
Two old small rugs in good shape. a Afshar with 90/45 cm and a Kirman with 55/55 cm.
price:  por
antique heriz serapi rug 8' 8" x 12' 6" in poor condition restorable as shown nice design and rare colors no dry ... read more
Handmade antique collectible Persian Jaf Kurdish bag face 1.4' x 1.6' (43cm x 49cm) 1880s - 1b565
price:  $490
Luri - Baktiyar Nomadic bag face - Thick pile with saturated natural colors. a minor hole restored. couple warps/weft breaks have secured ... read more
price:  O.R.
Persian saddle bag.Full pile and good condition.
price:  por
Late 800s Seneh 147 cm x 227 cm
price:  ask to seller
Kashan, Persia, ca. 1880, 6ft. 8 in. x 4ft. 2 in., Starting bid € 800, Auction May 18th at 4pm, https:// link
price:  Starting bid € 800
Antique Luri bagface with animals in each corner and a rainbow kilim, size: 55x50cm / 1'8'' x 1'6''ft nice collector´s item.
Fine antique Persian Sarough rug, rare white ground color. Size: ca 145x100cm / 4'8'' x 3'3''ft
Afshar bag face size 45x55 cm
price:  Por
Antique Lavar Kerman. Has some low areas more towards center. Measures 3'3''x4'8''
price:  $450
Bakhtiari Gol Farang "Foreign Flower" decorative rug. 7'x 4'-5". Very good condition with good pile. All the colors of the rainbow with ... read more
price:  SOLD
Small Persian ? Size:80x58-cm please ask
price:  Ask
Kerman embroidery, 19th Century. Apricot wool ground cloth. Intricate workmanship. 90 x 90 cm.
price:  POR
Northwest Persian shah sevan bag
price:  Ask
Interesting 'ru asbi' (horse-cover) possibly Khamseh of Zanjan with metal thread woven in as seen in the close-up images 1.40 x 1.20m ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Village Kurdish Bijar rug dated 1339 Beautiful Kurdish village rug from the town of Bijar. a child-like, art primitive rendition of the ... read more
price:  inquire
Early 100% rare Silk Ferahan.
price:  por
a Sensation gold ground early Persian Ferahan. measures 4'-4" x 6'-3".
price:  por
An Attarctive 100% antique Silk pile Persian Kashan, measures 7; x 10'. It is in amazing condition.
price:  por
Antique Handmade Persian Karaja Rug,all in natural,some old repairs,Low pile,ca:1920,size:6.3 ft by 4.9 ft,190 cm by 144 cm
Rare Northwest Persian Shahsavan rug. (3ft x 7ft) Circa 1850-70. Mostly even, medium pile. Great saturated color!
Bijar small rug, vase design, all natural color.
Antique Rasht Resht Textile 4'7''x7'8''. In very good condition. Has a little staining.
price:  P.O.R.
Animal trapping woven by Luri-Bakhtiary tribes, size: 60x17cm / 2ft x 0'6''ft
Early 20th century collectible Persian Isfahan rug 5 x 7ft approximately some low pile areas,
price:  $4900 USD
Very good condition antique Persian Kurd Bidjar, measures 3'-5" x 11'.
price:  por
Very Attractive Luri Bakhtiari Hallway runner. Is in awesome condition for its age. Measures 3'-6" x 16'-10".
Antique Heriz, 8' x 10", Good condition except for a 12" section of side edging that has pulled loose, Needs a bath. Ask ... read more
price:  SOLD
Persian afshar size:194x157-cm please ask
price:  Ask
Handmade antique Persian Lilihan runner 2.7' x 23.3' ( 84cm x 712cm) 1910s - 1c452
price:  $4200
Antique doublebag or so called Khorjin, Baluch? Veramin area?? Not sure about the origin. 125x53cm / 4'1''ft x 1'7''ft
Outstanding, antique and colorful killim from Shahsavan, absolutely gorgeous with some sumac weaving as well, all colors are fantastic.
price:  POR
This 1st quarter 20th century antique Isfahan Persian Oriental rug #7751/7752 measures 4’9 “ x 7’3”. It is one of a matching ... read more
Great, small and unusual Lori rug with fantastic colors ca. 170 x 112 cm. Repiling to central medallion, and in a few ... read more
price:  BO
Great, old, thin Senneh kilim ca. 197 x 128 cm. Perfect condition.
price:  BO
nw Persian (Kurdish/SaujBulagh?) runner in full pile, great colors. Email for more info.
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