Ref 1410 Bergama - Karakeciler - Black Goat nomadic Turkmen. 4'2 x 4'10 127 x 147 Before 1850 In good condition with very ... read more
price:  $5,000
Turkoman Juval. Very good condition. No holes, or other damage. Good pile overall. 44" x 31". Price on Request
price:  POR
Nice older Turkoman Yomud Juval. Excellent condition with one glaring reweave(?) Nice wool and color. It measures 50" x 31" por
Six Gul Tekke Torba circa 1860 size 44x117 cm
price:  On Request
Nr 39017 Tekke, several prayer rug, tachte arus, 126x109cm
price:  por
Yomud Asmalyk 100x81 cm
price:  por
19th century 9 gul Yomud juval with shared warp knotting. 3'7" x 2'3"
price:  £575 GBP + ship
Fine Yomud Tentband fragment, great drawing, ca 1850. 1'2" x 6'3"
price:  £1,200 GBP
Tekke Turkmen Main carpet - mid 19th c. - 6'3 x 8'3 - 190 x 250 with kilim ends.
price:  Sold
Yomut chuval . 4' x 2''10"
price:  Por
Yamout Djuval 1.08m x 0.75m, 3'6" x 2'6". sold -thank YOU link
price:  SOLD Thank you
Turkmen Yomud felt Saddle cover. Natural colors Circa 1920 Size : 33" x 38"
price:  O.R.
Tekke medium size (rare) rug. 220x160cm. Natural colours. Late nineteenth century. Inquiries: info@pleijsierproductions.nl
price:  On request
19th Century Fine Turkmen Cuval Size: 113x74cm (3.8x2.5ft) Natural colors
price:  €275
Yamut chuval , 114 x 66 cm
Mystic star constellations over the ersari turkmens... raw and archaic tribal example, not a commercial piece. Butterflies all around... 3x2m, deep, saturated, ... read more
price:  % SALE %
Ok bash - yamut 19 th century
price:  P.O.R
extremely rare Ersari Beshir Kapunuk in excellent condition. Wonderful drawing, it has a very good wool quality, good pile allover, don't have ... read more
price:  SOLD.
Kizil Ayak main carpet Turkmenistan, wool on wool, vegetable colours, condition used, Hand washed, size 3,73 x 1,98 m
price:  1500 €
a tour de force of Turkoman weaving with Yomud influence. 10' x 18" with both handspun cotton and wool shots of weft. ... read more
price:  ask
Tekke large chuval 1890-1910 Very nice and decorative, wear in places and small damages. Othervise good condition
price:  ask please
yomud - yomut with arabatchi shrubs in the skirt full pile- no repairs $650
price:  SOLD
Tekke "dowry" rug. First quarter 20th century. 140x157cm. Shiny wool. At places low pile. Inquiries: info@pleijsierproductions.nl
price:  €410,00
Yomud Chuval, 117x70 cm, lustrous wool, full pile
price:  por
#1b173 Hand made antique collectible Turkoman Saryk rug 4' x 5.2' ( 122cm x 158cm ) c.1850
Yamut torba 19 th century
price:  P.O.R
Yamut torba 19th century
price:  P.O.R
Yamut torba 20 to century beautiful colors &perfect Colors .
price:  P.O.R
yomut or tekke mafrash Late 19 th century
price:  P. O .R
Torquman , okbash Mid 18 th century Resonable price
price:  P.O.R
Turkmen Yomud chuval. Size: 30.5" x 48" - 78cm x 122cm.
price:  O.R.
Turkmen Yomud flat weave Sumac Tent Band 19th Sizes 13 35x50
price:  P.o.r
Very good pile Kizil Ayak or Ersari main carpet. Perfect for floor use, end of 19th century piece. 3 m x 2,35
price:  SOLD
Yomud joval. Full pile, very good condition (the used border is an added protection edge). Golden red, soft and bright wool. Supple. Note ... read more
price:  On request, please
The beauty and the beast in one.... not the finest, not the oldest, even with a hot red, but one of ... read more
price:  % SALE %
a very rare antique Turkmen / Turkmen silk bag made by the Yomud confederation tribes. This exceptional example dates to the 19th ... read more
price:  Good price
Beshir turkmens launching spaceships to their inner universe... Ersari/Beshir rug, end of 19th century, 185x105cm, allover eshme-gül design, which usually appears on ... read more
price:  % SALE %
Yomut small rug. Cm 105x180 ca. Early 20th c. Great condition, full pile. Dyrnak gul pattern, Yomut eagles in the elems. a ... read more
price:  please inquire
Early 19th Century Yomud Engsi size 133x178 cm
price:  On Request
Rare antique white ground Ersari main carpet with star and lattice design. Late 19th century. Origin: North-Afghanistan. Size: ca 280x190cm / 9'2'' ... read more
Turkmen Silk Sofra Textile size.165x155cm
price:  por
Tekke Chuval, very fine and thin with silk highlights throughout. Multiple (30) mafrash gul field with abstract tree pattern elem. Certainly old ... read more
price:  moderate
Ersari chuval fragment, 19. c., 70 x 140 cm
price:  Sold - thanks.
Turkmen Ensi Size: 140x189cm (4.7x6.3ft) Natural colors, the condition is good, made in circa 1910
price:  SOLD
Ersari Carpet 135x250 cm
price:  por
Tekke Ensi, 19th Century, 3' 7" x 4' 5", very fine
price:  POR
Bashir / middle Amu Darya bannded chuval, silk highihgts, fragmented at the sides with some vissible old repair. Nice colors, weave, and
price:  por
18th century Salor Torba
price:  POR
Late 19th century Turkman yomud chuval Very good condition and good colors Size 77x135 cm
Yomud "Dyrnak" main carpet, 310x170 cm, 2nd half of 19th century, fine weave, good colors, different blues , greens, yellows.... graphic ... read more
price:  % SALE %
My latest project. Ersari Beshir with ikat patterns professionally mounted on canvas. The picture on canvas is on sepia color, to give an ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Ersari "ikat" chuval, ca. 3rd quarter of the 19th century (maybe earlier?), Central Asian/Middle Amu Darya area, 170x105 cm, large scaling, eyedazzling ... read more
price:  % SALE %
Turkmen pile band. Asymmetrical knots open to right. Size: 5" x 86" - 13cm x 219cm
price:  O.R.
Turkmen Yomud Salachak prayer rug. All high quality fine wool. Small old repair on the skirt area. Size: 45" x 41"(114cm ... read more
price:  O.R.
Turkoman 12 x 41 inches. Nice old piece in fine condition. $20 ups to Lower 48. Check out recent finds @
price:  $345
Yomud 17 x 41 inches. Honest early in piece in fine condition. $20 ups to Lower 48. Check out recent finds ... read more
price:  SOLD
Old Saryk chuval, 1,33 x 0,80 m, white pile is cotton. Evenly worn. Some tiny old repairs.
price:  800 EUR
Ersari Main Carpet 1900, lovely colours, good condition with good pile. Size is 366 x 301 cm or 12 x 9.11 ft
price:  Sold, Thanks
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