Very old and finest Ersari Torba! Size: 160 x 43 cm. Perfect condition. Great wool.
price:  please ask
Kizyl Ayak / condition, condition, condition Dyrnak Gol Torba, mid 19th c. Condition; Excellent, with no Restoration at all. MINT! Very good dyes with ... read more
price:  To SELL!
Antique Saryk chuval. Silk highlights, no cotton pile.84 x 122cm. Edge losses.
price:  P O R
Antique Yomut turkmen chuval. Circa 1860-80. 94 x 79cm. Edge losses and a hole in the skirt. Otherwise decent condition.
price:  SOLD, thanks
Turkmenistan about 1890 Tekke main carpet 324 x 225 cm, areas of low pile, condition good.
price:  2500 €
Found in an old English country house, a large 9-gul Kizyl Ayak Chuval - complete with plain-weave back - reasonably good pile ... read more
price:  SOLD
19th Century Universal Design Turkoman Camel Trapping Size: 51x136cm (1.7x4.5ft) Natural colors
price:  €175
Yomut tent band fragment. Mid 19th.c. 192 x 24cm.
price:  P O R
Middle Amu Darya Turkmen Ersari? Banded Chuval. Great color including a double dyed aubergine and classic nine band drawing with trees, carnations, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Absolutely stunning, early Tekke main carpet fragment. Circa 1825. 10'10" x 4'8" / 330 x 148cm. In full velvety pile, with the ... read more
price:  enquire
Antique Yomut second half 19 c Size: 280 x 160 cm
price:  please ask
Yomud Mafrash/Bag - asymmetrical knots open right, good age, great colors & wool, a bit of moth damage but it is a ... read more
price:  on request
Turkmen bag face or head wear fragment. Silk embroidery on broad cloth. Size: 17" x 18" (43cm x 46cm)
price:  O.R.
Yomud Mafrash Bag - deep purple ground, yellow highlights, washed once but could use one more bath - 27" x 12" - ... read more
price:  on request
Ersari maincarpet 310 x 216 cm / 10'2" x 7'1" 19th century in very good condition
price:  POR
9 Gul Yomud chuval first half 19th century
price:  sold
yamut ocak başı.128x93cm
price:  P.O.R
Lot #166, Tekke embroidered asmalyk, 4ft. 7.5in. x 2ft. 3.5in. (141 x 70 cm), Turkmenistan circa 1820, Condition: very good, some losses to embroidery, wool ground ... read more
antique tekke rug. Unusual minors and differing skirt panels. All good natural colors including small yellow highlighhts. Beautiful little example in almost ... read more
d_12 Turkmen Embroidered Bag, 6 x 5 inches, Silk Embroidery on cotton
price:  SOLD
d_11 Turkmen Embroidered Bag, 6.5 x 5 inches, Silk embroidery on cotton, original tassel cord
price:  $300
d_10 Turkmen Pendant, 14.5 x 10 inches, Silver, Cowrie Shells, Glass Beads, Thimbles, Agate, etc
price:  $400
antique yomut turkmen main carpet with kepse gul design, circa 1900 link Size: 10ft 8in x 6ft 8in (324 x 203cm). Antique Yomut ... read more
price:  Please enquire.
Antieke Yomut Turkman Mafrash,around 1900 jh. size;40x60 cm
lovely Tekke ensi size 146 x 120 cm. Many interesting and early features including amulets and a great elem. Very grubby will ... read more
price:  £360
Jomud Chuval, Nr. 1948, 114 x 68 cm orientgalerie.ch
price:  por
Teke Chuval. Very fine weave… excellent condition, shiny soft wool, amazing color. This piece has always been hung. 2’ 11” ... read more
price:  Ask for more info.
Yomut Turkmen Chuval, very fine weave, symmetric knots, elongated proportions and well spaced. very readable condition but with rip in upper right ... read more
price:  $850
Kizyl Ayak Ensi with great Dyrnak elem and strange phallic-looking human figure. Great color, sides and bottom complete, missing at top, wear ... read more
price:  on request
Tekke Wedding Rug / circa 1880 Size: 33" x 38" The rug has one small area of old repair, about 2" x 3", ... read more
price:  solD!
Very nice and old Chuval form the Yomud (maybe Abdal)! 105 cm x 76 cm. Please ask for Information and pictures! reduced
price:  REDUCED
Antique Turkoman Ashmalik all overs perfect good colors very nice piece.
price:  ASK.
Old turkoman Saddlecover. Size: 61 x 48 cm. Good condition.
price:  please ask
Tekke Turkmen Camel Trapping. Very good condition, c.1900. All handwoven striped patches; backed with handwoven cotton block-prints and other handwoven cloth; black ... read more
price:  $375
Turkmen Asmalyk,Wedding. shipping worldwide.
price:  best offer
Very nice and colorful Yomut Chouval circa 1850 100% vegetable natural colors,evenly low pile few old repairs.Good collectible tribal art..Check this ... read more
price:  on request
Music for the eyes 19 th century Yomut, make your day colorful.. symetrical and asmetrical knots. beuatifull purple, blue..and more
price:  SOLD thank you!
Old Ersari Fragment Main Carpet size.200x200cm
price:  por
Two Beshir chuvals, late 19th c, both about 3 plus by 5 plus ft. Finely woven, but with wear, a few old ... read more
price:  POR
Ersari Juval, 92 x 129 cm, 19th century
price:  POR
Karadashli Torba, 40 x 79 cm, 19th Century
price:  POR
Ersari Beshir Jollar, 57 x 192 cm 19th century
price:  POR
Antique Turkoman Beshir Rug with an uncommon design and natural dyes including an exceptional lemon yellow. Warps are goat hair. Some minor ... read more
price:  SOLD
Centrial Asia: Turkmen Tekke Silver the Pair Neck, Gold playded and carnelian stone. 632 Gram Size: 25x17 cm
price:  Please ask for more information
Star Ersari, very old. Size: 215 x 167 cm. Perfect condition. Looks like sky by night. Special turkoman carpet.
price:  please ask
antique tekke turkmen ‘dowry rug’ of small square size, late 19th cent link Size: 3ft 7in x 3ft 6in (109 x 108cm). Antique ... read more
price:  Please enquire.
antique tekke turkmen main carpet, salor type minor gul, late 19th cent link Size: 10ft 7in x 7ft 0in (322 x 213cm). Antique ... read more
price:  Please enquire.
Yomut Torba with single Kepche Gul 76 x 34 cm
price:  $300
Fine Tekke Torba 82 x 25 cm Early 20th century Excellent Condition
price:  POA
Saryk Juval with shrinking Guls. Circa 1900 151 x 87 cm
price:  $450
Yamut chuval size.68x106cm
price:  por
Yomut saddlebag 47x32 first half 19th century. Unusual design (unique,?). Good pile and no repairs. Missing bottom of elem (about 5 cm.).Very ... read more
price:  P O R
antique Ersari chuval . Size 1,42 x 0.90
Antique large ersari ensi. Some notable design features. All natural colors. Overall good pile with slight center wear. Nice original kelim ends. ... read more
price:  sold
Quirt (horse crop). Yamut, Turkoman, Central Asia. Wood, silver, turquoise, carnelian, leather, gilding. 25" (64 cm) long. 19th century. #9773
price:  SOLD
Tekke Turkmen Camel Head ornament.19th.century 48 x 42 cm
Turkoman 1 ft 5 inches by 4 ft 2 inches. Ersari? Excellent thick condition. $15 us shipping.
price:  sold
Yomut/Igdir okbash 56x61 cm. first halve 19th cent. read more about this item, David Reuben pages.
price:  P O R
Tekke Animal Tree Ensi. 5' x 3'11". Generally in good condition. Not square. Sides re-overcast, bottom end slightly reduced. ... read more
price:  SOLD
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