North Syrian or Kurdish clothing

Apologies for the removal of the associated image of a waistcoat which has now been sold .

With the current turmoill adding to what is little known of Syrian Kurdish , Turkmen and Christian clothing my featured waistcoat in kilim technique incorporated a  silk warpface satin ikat fragment as edging around the neck area. Such silk weaving can be recognised as still made today (although in synthetic material) and available via the Istanbul Bazaar. The presence of this fragment offers a clue to the origin of the waistcoat to the Syrian/Turkish border region close to Gazianatep. The rich use of insect dye and metal emphasises the celebratory nature of the little waistcoat whose identity remains unconfirmed altrhough the style is what might be seen as Aleppo.

Upated 13 Feb 2013

Clive Rogers ∑1/2011∑