Murat Unal

Sharing our love and appreciation for handmade textiles. We collect and sell mostly antique Caucasian rugs, but old Anatolian rugs or kilims also stop by at our shop to find their new homes. Please feel free to contact for any questions you might have or for additional photos of rugs you are interested in. We appraise, buy and restore old rugs. Send us an email if you would like to learn more about your rug or if you need your rug resotored. We prefer to keep an open communication channel while restoring your rugs, keeping you well informed of each step of the procedure. Feel free to visit us at our physical location in İstanbul. Our address is: Yeniçeriler Caddesi, Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi 36/13 Beyazıt, Fatih.