david reisbord

  • Uzbek allsilk ikat chapan.Late 19th century. Sleeves 62in lenght 50 inches (158 x 127 cm) Four colors.Lined with cotton Russian block print.Excellent ... read more
    price:  On request

  • Kashmir foldover shawl. Circa 1850's.62x62 inches (158cm squared)In excellent condition
    price:  On request

  • Large Kashmir fragment.57 x 38 inches (145 x 97 cm)Kani woven.In excellent condition.One small patch expertly woven in India almost invisible. No ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Kashmir Shawl fragment.With added Persian metallic (? gold thread ) embroidery and trim. 40 x 34 inches ( 102 x 86 cm ... read more
    price:  Make offer

  • Large Kashmir fragment.57 x 38 inches (145 x 97 cm)Kani woven.In excellent condition. No holes or stains. price includes shipping in North
    price:  1500$

  • Uzbek Adras ikat panel.Circa 1900.Unlined. 61 x 51 inches (155 x 130 cm).Some stains ( see detail ) No tears ... read more
    price:  375$

  • Uzbek ikat panel.Silk and cotton.Late 19th century. Lined with Russian trade cloth.Six colors.( white, yellow, red, blue, purple and green.Dimensions 11.5x 46 ... read more
    price:  200$

  • All silk Uzbek ikat panel.Late 19th century.Lined the Russian Trade cloth.Five colors (White, blue, purple, yellow and red )Condition excellent without stains ... read more
    price:  200$

  • Aba, Syria, Early 20th century.37x47in(94x120cm) Silk. Excellent condition. No tears holes or stains
    price:  Sold

  • Persian velvet ikat. Late 19th early 29th century.No backing. 27 x 33 inches (69 x 84 cm )Good condition, slight wear, ... read more
    price:  475$

  • All silk Adras striped Uzbek ikat Kurta. Early 2oth century. Sleeves 66xlength 45in (168x114cm).Excellent silk embroidered frontal trim .Unusual 3 color (Pink, ... read more
    price:  375$

  • Persian (vs Kashmiri) Termeh .Late 19th early 20th century.Dimensions 35 x 44 inches (88 x112 cm )Condition good with minor hole(s)(see detail ... read more
    price:  200$

  • Uzbek adras ikat panel. Late 19th century.32 x 57 inches ( 81 x145 cm )Six colors Lined with spectacular printed Russian cotton ... read more
    price:  On request

  • Uzbek all silk Kurta. Late19th -early 20th century.Length 46 x sleeves 74 inches (114 x188 cm) No lining. Some color run and ... read more
    price:  150 US$

  • Huge Uzbek Ikat adras panel.Late 19th century.72 x 107 inches (183 x 272 cm)No lining .Six colors (white , red, yellow, blue, ... read more
    price:  On request

  • Syrian Aba. Early 20th century.Silk with metallic ( Gold?) thread. Width 57in x length 52In ( 145 x 132 cm) Excellent condition. ... read more
    price:  Reasonable-ask

  • Large Uzbek all silk ikat.56x86 inch(142x218cm)Late 19th Century. Lined with Russian cotton trade cloth. Six colors (white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, ... read more
    price:  Reasonable

  • a length of Uzbek Adras Ikat.Late 19th century. Dimensions 15.5x136 inches (39.5 x 346 cm) Five colors ( White, yellow, red, ... read more
    price:  100$

  • Large Uzbek silk and Cotton (adras)Ikat Panel.Circa 1890s.Lined with Russian cotton printed trade cloth. Seven colors.(White Red Pink Green Purple Yellow and ... read more
    price:  450$

  • Kashmir Shawl fragment mid to late 19th century (possibly Kerman) 39x34 in (98x87cm) With Metallic trim .Excellent condition .No stains or tears
    price:  ask

  • Uzbek Adras Ikat panel. Edged with embroidery. Late 19th century. Six colors. 58 by 34 inches. Lined with spectacular cotton Russian trade cloth. In ... read more

  • Persian Velvet Ikat.Circa 1900s. 64x43 inches. At least Six colors.Condition excellent with no wear stains or tears
    price:  1250$

  • Persian Jajim bought in Ishfahan 1990.130x82 inches. In good condition, some synthetic colors.
    price:  250$

  • Uzbek all silk ikat panel. Late 19th century.Five colors.63 x 34 inches.lined with Russian cotton trade cloth. Condition good with one tiny ... read more
    price:  500$

  • All silk uzbek ikat panel lined with printed Russian trade cloth. 53 x 41 inches.Late 19th century .Five colors. Condition excellent
    price:  600$

  • Uzbek ikat chapan.Satin weave, lined with cotton Russian trade cloth.Late 19th century.Sleeves 51 inches, length 48 in.Four colors Condition excellent, no stains ... read more
    price:  sold