Adil Besim

The first address for Orienal-rugs in Austria located in the heart of Vienna for over 60 years.

The Adil Besim team offers competence and Oriental-carpet know-how in tasteful living, designer carpets and antique carpets. We have also published a book series "Mythos & Mystique“.

Please view our website: with more than 300 carpets and the collection Ferdi Besim

If you are visiting Vienna, you should definitely come to our store in the city:
Adil Besim KG
Graben 30
A-1010 Vienna

  • Very interesting Gaschgai-bag with a zick-zack-motiv, high pile, goood condition, end of 19 century, size 50 x 37 cm. One of a ... read more
    price:  USD 1.600,--

  • This is a very interesting Tekke-main-carpet. It shows the "Salor-Gül'" also with the "Tschowal-Gül". The ends are original only some parts are missing on ... read more

  • Seven corner Ersari-Asmalyk from North-Afghanistan. Very rare in design and form. Light ground with stars. Mint condition, no restaurations, beginning of 20 century. ... read more
    price:  EUR 3.500,--

  • Yomud tent bag, Nordafghanistan, Amu Daria area. Very unusual design, Sumakh technique, wool and cotton material. Collector item! Around 1900. Perfect condition, no ... read more
    price:  EUR 2.500,--

  • Original saddle bag from the Kuba area. Very unusual design, kilim and verneh technique, perfect condition, no restaurations. End of 19 century. Size. ... read more
    price:  EUR 2.100,--

  • Smart, little Beludj Timuri prayer-rug with original kilims on both sides, soft and silky wool, great colours, perfect condition, no restaurations. Around 1910, size: ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Wonderful Ersari Beschir Tschowal with striped design. Archaique tree-of-life in elem, great colours, good condition. 19 century, size: 148 x 119 cm. Price: on request. ... read more

  • Very rare west-iranian animal rug, Malayer, circa 177 x 128 cm, fine weaving, some repairs, even low, very unusual. Middle of 19 century. Price: ... read more

  • Chinese Paotu 152 x 81 cm with landscape design, animals, birds, vases and symbols. Perfect condition. Price: on request, more information: link

  • Very unusual middle anatolian Mihalic prayer-rug, circa 160 x 120 cm, Pile in tiftik-mohair-quality, all natural dyes, good condition, produced around 1920. Provenience: ... read more

  • 12–Gül Kisilayak-Tschowal, circa 143 x 85 cm, orgininal sides and ends, lot of green, blue and light-red colours. A decorative piece, middle of ... read more

  • Beschir Djollar with Ikat design middle of 19 century, circa 143 x 57 cm, lot of yellow and green colours, original ends ... read more

  • Extremely large and fine Jomud Asmalyk, circa 128 x 83 cm, Turkmenistan, in beautiful colours, blue, red, green, white and others. An ... read more

  • Extremeley fine Tekke Ak Tschowal in Nimbaft-quality, circa 115 x 74 cm, part knotted and Kilim, 19th century, perfect condtion, nice, bright colours. Price: on ... read more

  • Excellent Bordjalu, Caucasian, second half 19th century, circa 224 x 167 cm. The red of the fund is a shining light for clear ... read more

  • Antique Tekke Djollar in excellent quality, Turkmenistan, middle of 19th century, circa 123 x 38 cm. Formerly was this Tekke Djollar a ... read more

  • Tent-main-carpet mit the taok-nuska-symbol, Turkestan, ca. 300 x 162 cm, excellent condition. Price: on request More information: link

  • Very fine silk-carpet, West-Persia, second half 19th century, circa 184 x 133 cm. This carpet shows a bright Myth with detail-pictures of ... read more

  • Ning Hsia, horse settle cover with two tigers on the ends. Very good condition. Original piece. End of 19 century. Publisehd in the ... read more
    price:  EUR 3.500,--

  • Konya Kelim, Centralanatolia, light colour background, beautiful design, very good design, end of 19 century. Size: 303 x 147 cm Published in the book ... read more
    price:  On request

  • East Anatolian Kilim, prayer rug, dated 1265 = 1847 Good condition, very rare-border-design.
    price:  5.100,--