Ulrich H. Ahlheim

After several years of studying "Visual Arts" and "History of Art" at the famous "Kunstakademie Düsseldorf" in Germany (those were the days of Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Richter e. a.), Ulrich H. Ahlheim worked since 1976 as a visual artist and as a lecturer for arts and education. Thirty years of experience in collecting Kurdish textiles and more than twenty years of dealing especially with Persian tribal rugs made him one of the leading experts for "Kordi". Since 1992 he is organizing two exhibitions in spring and in autumn each year.

Published article:

  • # 539 Rare Kordi rug, 157/268 cm (unusual size!), Khorasan, Northeast Persia, early 20th century, full pile, good colours, no comparable piece ... read more
    price:  € 990.- + shipping!

  • # 1067 Baluch Khorjin Half, 77/77 cm, West Afghanistan, ca. 1900, rare field motifs, beautiful Blue, nice striped back side! For more offers ... read more
    price:  € 675.- + shipping!

  • # 296 Great Kordi main carpet fragment, 145/330 cm, Darreh-Gaz region, Khorasan, the upper borders and the original selvages are missing, some ... read more
    price:  € 1.600.- + shipping from Germany!

  • 978 Khamseh Khorjin Front, 70/58 cm, Southwest Persia, last quarter 19th century, beautiful natural dyes. For more outstanding collector's pieces please visit ... read more
    price:  € 750.- + shipping!

  • 956 Rare flatwoven Jaf / Sanjabi khorjin, 66/125 cm, Kurdistan, late 19th century, outstanding natural colours. For more outstanding collector's pieces please look ... read more
    price:  € 1.350.- + shipping!

  • # 886 Unique Kordi namakdan, 35/45 cm, Khorasan, 1st quarter 20th century, good condition, one of the most interesting salt bags with ... read more
    price:  Sold!

  • # 844 Fantastic Kordi rug, 156/206 cm, Khorasan, Northeast Persia, ca. 1900, good condition with traces of wear, free interpretation of a ... read more
    price:  Special offer: € 2500.- + shipping!

  • 902 Rare Kurdish village rug with a never before seen design, 125/181 cm, Northwest Persia, 19th century, good condition, fantastic natural colours ... read more
    price:  € 1950.- + shipping!

  • 901 Kordi rug, 135/210 cm, Esfarayen area, Khorasan, Northeast Persia, 1st quarter 20th century, interesting design variations, natural colours only, some small ... read more
    price:  € 1.500.- + shipping!

  • # 789 Antique Kordi rug with "turkmen guls", 125/203 cm, Khorasan, late 19th century, full pile, few restorations, original selvages, good natural ... read more
    price:  Special offer: € 795.- + shipping!

  • # 811 Kurdish cuval, 103/153 cm (unsewn), Malatya area, Southeast Anatolia, ca. 1900, very good condition, cf. Landreau, No. 21! For more offers ... read more
    price:  Very special offer: € 495.- + shipping!