• Moghari kilim from east Afghanistan, 340x130cm, beginning of 20th century. Handspun wool, all natural colours. Perfect condition, no repairs.
    price:  €450,00

  • a Baluch beauty, 162x88cm, 19th.....
    price:  € 250,00

  • Small Tekke Wedding Rug, 120x117cm, beginning of 20th century. Cat not included.
    price:  Sold

  • Tulip Ladik Prayer Rug, 3. quarter of 19th century, 192x120cm. Condition as to be seen on the pictures.
    price:  € 400,00

  • Werner Grote-Hasenbalg: Der Orientteppich - Seine Geschichte und seine Kultur Berlin, Scarabäus-Verlag., 1922
    price:  €250,00

  • An interesting Persian Mafrash panel,90x78cm,good condition, circa 1880. The light pink, probably fuchsine, together with a yellow shade went walkabout hand in ... read more
    price:  €280,00

  • a quite rare Qashqai horse cover, 137x108cm. The warp-float patterning technique in the two outer pannels is often attributed to the Darreshuri ... read more
    price:  € 350,00

  • Chiyi Palaz,circa 1870 or older, 310x188cm, most saturated colours, extremely fine weave. The Chiyi Palaz is considered as one of the main dowry ... read more
    price:  € 1500,-

  • Antique Baluch, Mina Kani, 185x98cm, symmetrical knot.
    price:  €380.-

  • a beautiful, small Chinese rug, 75x147cm, about 120 years old, perfect condition, full pile, all endings original and intact, tenderly washed
    price:  € 450,00

  • Bakhtiar from the village Âbâdji, circa 1900, 200x143cm, rare border, saturated colours, including beautiful pistachio green, good pile all over, damage in ... read more
    price:  € 350,00

  • Yomut Tschowal in need of a good home, 145x85cm, beginning of 20th century, good pile all over, no repairs,glossy wool and wonderful ... read more
    price:  $ 490,-

  • Looking for a good home to add warmth and character.... Ersari main carpet,300x220cm, circa 1900, with original kilim ends,all natural colours, an old ... read more
    price:  sold