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Early northwest Persian bagface. Unusual field design paired with a nice “star and bar” ivory border. Not for the condition conscious, very ... read more
price:  $100
Antique Anatolian yastik. Interesting design. All natural colors. Rough condition as shown. Priced accordingly. As found, could use a good wash. Good ... read more
price:  $150 or bo
Antique east Anatolian yastik. Nice spacious drawing of this iconic design. Natural colors featuring a rich cochineal field and pretty greens. Somewhat ... read more
price:  $150 or bo
#7374 Antique Pao Tao Chinese This circa 1910 PaoTao Chinese rug measures 3’3” x 5’4” (3’3’ x 5’4cm). This rug is like ... read more
price:  $1500
#6688 Antique Mongolian Rug This circa 1940 Mongolian rug measures 4’0” x 6’2”. It has an idealized animal scene with a red headed ... read more
price:  $2150
The great age of this red-ground Kazak, with a classic Design with red wefts, and comparatively fine weave,Middle of the 19th Century ... read more
price:  On Request
India Very fine early block print fragment few pieces joined on thin felted panel, mid 19th or earlier Size: 80" x 9" ... read more
price:  O.R.
Aubusson - Antique French Rug Age: More than 120+ years old ... read more
price:  ask
South Caucasian This red-ground Chondzoresk displays three octagonal medallions in green and dark blue, each containing eight snake motifs arranged concentrically around ... read more
price:  On Request
Uzbekistan suzani border fragment, 19th cent.  wool embroidery wears. Size: 48” x 10” (122 cm x 25 cm).
price:  P.O.R.
Wall Hanging(Tent Decoration) Applique work from the Kathi Darbar Community of Saurashtra Gujarat. India.C.1900.Cotton with cotton  Applique work.Its size is 130cmX450cm(20200408_154430).
price:  On Request
Bakshaish Heriz Persian knotted circa in 1895 antique, collector's item, 260 x 170 (cm) 8' 6" x 5' 7" carpet id: ... read more
price:  On request
Bakshaish Heriz Persian knotted circa in 1820 antique, collector's item 186 x 171 (cm) 6' 1" x 5' 7" carpet ... read more
price:  On request
South Caucasian Karabagh Rug. In the Red field, short stems arranged in parallel rows combine into a dense repeat in shades of ... read more
price:  On Request
Late 19th Century Caucasian Sofreh It's in good condition and has great colors ıt has a lot of cecim in side of ... read more
price:  On Request
Early Anatolian yastik with spacious “saz leaf” design. All natural colors including a lovely true green. Some good pile, some heavy ... read more
price:  $225
Antique good sized ersari turkman trapping with Ikat inspired design. Mostly decent pile with some scattered wear as shown. Edges rough. All ... read more
price:  $175
Antique pair of very pretty south Persian bagfaces assembled to make a small mat. Good overall pile with a nice range of ... read more
price:  $195
Early Kazak, unusual and striking, great colors,
Antique Persian Serapi Rug Persia ca. 1900 15'2" x 9'7" (463 x 292 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #05023
price:  Price upon request
Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug Persia ca. 1890 15'1" x 11'2" (460 x 341 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #06198
price:  Price upon request
#7255 Antique India Rug Signed Ghazan This antique rug made in India in the last quarter of the 19th century is signed Ghazan. ... read more
Nice large Baluch made by Turkoman people in Khorassan. Minor condition issues (see pictures). Rare field design c. 1900. 8'10" x 5'7". ... read more
price:  On Request
19th Century Unusual Caucasian Rug Size 128 x 265 cm
price:  On Request
Fabulous Baluch/Timuri with rare ivory main border and magnificent brocaded skirt - in excellent condition with no repairs. 2.03m x 0.95m (6' ... read more
price:  Please Enquire
Yet one more Anatolian tribal culture cuval. Cm 120x156. 1880/90sh as we can see from the presence of the fuchsine. Wool, cotton ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Not really old but very colorful anatolian Döshmealti. size. 104 x 103 cm. Very good condition.
price:  please ask
heriz, 1950 - 1960, thick, heavy, high pile. good condition. 360 x 280 Cms. 12 feet x 9.3 feet. Not cleaned, little ... read more
Senneh wagireh 1880 circa,size 40x39cm
Turkmen 'Bashir' prayer rug. One from a rare camel ground group with Baluch style trees. a few leaves are drawn with blue ... read more
price:  $750
An Afshar Sirjan(south persian)saltbag about 70—80 years old.perfect condition.52x50 cm.
price:  150€
Antique Baluch balisht with full thick pile and good natural colors. Original selvages. Reasonably clean. Nice little weaving. ca. 1900. 17” x
price:  Sold
Antique Anatolian yastik. Nicely drawn “saz leaf” design with overall good even low pile. Likely Kersehir. Some heavy brown oxidation. Original selvages, ... read more
price:  $200 or bo
Antique Anatolian yastik. Interesting folky tribal design. Mostly full pile with original selvages. Ends unraveling. Somewhat odd palette with vibrant yellow and ... read more
price:  $175 or bo
Rare Russian Silver Brocaded Silk Ikat Kavanat, 1.10m x 1.17m ( 3ft 7 inches x 3ft 9 inches). This beauty dates to ... read more
price:  Please Ask
An old Turkish rug about 80-90 years old,172x107 cm,very soft wool,some old small repirs,one end rewoven.
price:  380€
Karachov Kazak Rug 2.08m x 1.64m, last quarter of 19th century. Great colours and design. Some old repairs but generally in good
price:  Please ask
One nice old jaff about 80 years old,44x40 cm,in a very good condition,very good shiny collors.
price:  180€
Antique Persian Sultanabad Ziegler Rug Persia ca. 1890 15'0" x 11'7" (458 x 354 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #06136
price:  Price upon request
Antique Persian Tabriz Rug Persia ca. 1900 14'11" x 11'3" (455 x 343 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #07133
price:  Price upon request
Antique Turkish Oushak Rug Turkey ca. 1890 14'11" x 12'4" (455 x 376 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #04063
price:  Price upon request
a complete Baluch camel neck-band in excellent full-pile condition and with highlights of silk throughout.
price:  Please Enquire
Rare and beautiful 19th century Timuri namakdan with deep indigo-blue field and a wonderful use of green in the outer ... read more
price:  Please Enquire
a Baluch khorjin enjoying the Cotswold sun today. It's wonderful to see these deep, sumptuous colours glowing in the sunshine, where they ... read more
price:  Please Enquire
Caucasian Fachralo Rug circa 1870 Size 105 x 134 cm It's in perfect condition all original untouched piece.
price:  On Request
21X30inch Turkish village Good pile
price:  POR
a very nice antique Ferdows Baluch rug, size: 210x125cm / 6'9''ft x 4'1''ft, age: 19th century, very nice collector´s item. Some corrosion ... read more
Symmetrically knotted Baluch rug with a Mushwani type diamond design. Some wear and old attempts at restoration. Dynamic and fun with nice ... read more
price:  $750
Beautiful white ground Leshgi star Kuba with excellent color, and great age for the type. Condition issues as visible.
price:  POR
Anatolian kilim fragment. Cm 130x150 ca. Datable back to 1850sh. Imho could be from Karapinar area, Central Anatolia. Ask for more infos ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Size : 130 x 360 (cm), Middle anatolia, Konya (karapinar) .
price:  Ask
Afshar Chanteh. Small bag. size: 22 x 27 cm. Full pile. Fantastic collors and wool.
price:  please ask
Likely an early 20th century Kazak with large Akstafa medallions in a very good condition with some wear and tear but outstanding ... read more
price:  600 usd
Exquisite bijar kilim with minimalistic design, Circa 1940 , size 300 * 116 cm
price:  Por
Early turkman weaving. What remains of an ersari or beshir torba or trapping? Lovely field drawing paired with a beautiful, unusual yellow ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Caucasian Zeyhur Small Rug Size.78x65 Cm
price:  Por
Very Antique Konya Oriental Rug #7806 This early 18th century possibly mid-17th century Konya antique rug is incredibly beautiful and certainly belongs ... read more
price:  on request
Antique Turkish Bergama 4’5” x 6’8” #7890 This circa 1880 Turkish Bergama measures 4’5” x 6’8” (137 x 207 cm). It is drawn ... read more
price:  $1250
Khorasan Dorodkhsh saddle cover fragment, 19th cent. Great condition with natural colors. Moth nibbles on back side but it has been to freeze. ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Antique Turkmen Kızılayak Chuval
price:  por
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