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Central-Asia Turkmen-tekke antique vintage silver tassel necklace fire gilded with cornalian original ethnic tribal jewelry Circa-1900s Height'18'-Width'18'cm-Weight'258gr' Thank you for visiting my ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Old Lilian - Armenian Carpet? - Great colors, Size: 202 x 138 cm, good condition, could benefit from a wash
price:  SOLD - thanks!
Very rare Kazak rug with memling guls. Mid 19th c. Mostly good condition with some wear areas. Certainly restorable.
price:  SOLD > THANKS!
#7318 Peking Chinese Rug This Peking Chinese Oriental carpet measures 9’1” x 15’5”.
#7592 Ningxia This antique Ningxia measuring 4’1” x 7’2” (124 x 219 cm) has 5 - five toed dragons on a silk ground ... read more
Antique 19 c. Heriz Small Rug $1 starting Ebay Auction, Online Bidding: link 19 c. Heriz Small Rug with the most amazing colors, ... read more
price:  $ 1 start
Antique 1890's Heriz $1 starting Ebay Auction, Online Bidding: link 19 Century Heriz, 9'1 x 11'1, used areas, great rich colors
price:  $ 1 start
Antique Palace Agra on $1 starting Ebay Auction, Online Bidding: link 19 Century Agra, Amritsrar or nw Min a khani Design, Palace Size ... read more
price:  $ 1 start
324 x 161 cm is the size of this antique east-turkestan carpet khotted in the OASIS of khotan arount 1900/1920. This piece is ... read more
price:  on request !
Laheriya Pagh (Turban) Worn During the Monsoon Fine cotton Mull-Mull Early 20"Century. Royals family Rajasthan India.Length 15 to 18 miter.(DSL01980).
price:  On request
Luri,Lohri,Luristan . Full piled ,wool on wool, most of the wefts are goathair, ca. 330 cm. x 136 cm. Good overall condition. ... read more
price:  Euro 795,oo
Very old Afshar bags, pair. Size: 60 x 80 cm. Natural colors. Good condition.
price:  please ask!
fragment of a very rare tantric rug depicting the tibetan sky burial. baotou/zuoqi area for the tibetan market.
Antique Swedish cross stitch, no: 205, size: 28*29cm, wool on linen, Great color.
Central-Asia From Afghan-turkoman filigree antique vintage silver double size tassel pendant original ethnic tribal jewelry Circa-1900s Size- Height'14'-Width'13cm'-Weight'91gr. Thank you for visiting ... read more
price:  O.R
Antique Persian Qashgai Oriental Rug. size 4'10''x7'7''.condition very good .
price:  1200.00
Uzbek kilim 1/2 khorjin. 33" x 66". Wool. Circa 1900. Saturated natural dyes. Excellent condition. Ex m. Craycraft.
price:  $300 incl. shipping in USA.
Gendje rug, Caucasus, Late 19th century, 4.5 x 6.7 Ft - 135x200 cm
Uzbek kilim khorjin. 163 cm. x 83 cm. Early 20th c. Wool. Bright natural dyes. Excellent condition. Published in Besim's "Mythos und ... read more
price:  POR
An Outstanding Antique Caucasian Gendje Rug with pleasing colors. Lustrous even medium wool pile and well preserved condition. 4'5" x 5'9" ... read more
price:  reasonable
Classic small and very colorful Kazak rug. Dated 1881. Reasonable condition with wear areas. Clean. Restorable.
price:  SOLD > Thanks.
19th century Middle Amu Daria Torba or Trapping. Probably Beshir group. The piece has an explosive design complex with Persian ... read more
price:  inquire
bh0613 Cloudband or so called Chonderesk Kazak. This piece is fresh to the market having been in the same local collection for ... read more
price:  good
Beshir Baluch with Mina Khani design, as found condition, some moth damages, 179 x 99 cm
Antique Central Anatolian Karapınar Tülü Camel wool Size.300x135cm
price:  Por
#7510 Kazak This circa 1880 Kazak runner measures 3’2” x 8’3” (97 x 252 cm).  It has six diamonds up the center in ... read more
#7414 Kuba Runner This circa 1875 Kuba Runner measures 3’2” x 13’2” (97 x 401 cm). This is an interesting long rug. It ... read more
worn wool on wool karaja rug solid rug beautiful colors no dry rot 3' x 10' 11" 325.00 plus shipping sold thanks
price:  SOLD
Turkmen Chodor tribal ceremonial hat. silk emrboidery on quilted cotton, lined with plain and Russian printed cotton.Circa- 1920 -1930s size 7. 1/2" ... read more
price:  O.R.
Old Baluch rug with four large Salor guls, traces of wear and oxidation but complete, 103 x 198 cm
price:  Sold - thanks.
collection of old and antique hand made rug weaving tools from persia, anatolia, afghanistan and uzbekistan. All used but still in workable ... read more
price:  euros 240.
Caucasian pile bag face, rare and unusual drawing, all wool, all good colours, cleaned, warp depression, blue wefts, 61 x 48 cms.
price:  On request
Saudagiri Trade Textiles of Kutch Gujarat, Block Printed On Cotton Khadi From Kutch Gujarat, India.C.1900.Its size is 66cmx925cm(DSC05689 New).
price:  On Request
Central-Asia Antique turkoman teke silver box with cornalian On the back size of the box is writing Islamic for good-luck! Circa-1900 Height'10cm'-width'10cm'-Thickness'1cm'-Weight'120gr' ... read more
price:  O.R
Antique Swedish Kilim, no: 215, size: 135*40cm, is the wall hangings, Great color.
antique kazak - excellent pile - 3 minor sewing repairs - 4 x 8 ft size- both ends secured as shown - ... read more
price:  1250 BO
No.CL051 * Chinese Antique "Door Curtain" Rug .Origin: Baotou Shape: Rectangle Age: 19th Century.Size: 99x169cm (3'3"x4'7").Background Color: Blues. It was door curtain ... read more
Karakalpak - Kirgiz saddle rug with partly warp and weft camel hair. Size: 23.5” x 23.5” - 60 cm x 60 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
Turkmen bag face or head wear fragment. Silk embroidery on broad cloth. Size: 17" x 18" - 43 cm x 46 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
#6471 Antique Kuba This 19th century antique   Kuba measures 3’9” x 6’4”. It has latch hook medallions in red, ivory, yellow, green ... read more
Central Anatolian Angora Tulu Rug 127 x 201 cm / 4'2'' x 6'7''
price:  On Request
Central Anatolian Angora Tulu Rug 132 x 192 cm / 4'3'' x 6'3''
price:  On Request
Antique Caucasian Zeyhur Rug.Size:285x100cm
price:  Por
Persian Kurdish Bag 1880's size 69x55 cm
price:  reasonable
Central Anatolian Tulu Rug with a medalion in agora 105 x 174 cm / 3'5'' x 5'8''
price:  On Request
antique anatolian kutahya keles 1.45 x 0.95 1830/1850
Indian cotton hand quilted and embroidered bags. Size; Small one; 9.5” x 10” - 24 cm x 26 cm and larger ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Uzbek kilim khorjin. 140 cm x 70 cm. First 1/2 20th c. Wool and cotton (white). All natural dyes. Excellent condition. Published ... read more
price:  POR
19th Century Large Size Unusual Design Shirvan Rug As Found It Size 155 x 295 Cm
price:  Reasonable Price
Colorful Ersari main carpet (348x248cm), as found condition, extremely dusty with holes, all visible on pictures. Cheap restoration project for a very ... read more
price:  150€+ship!!!!!!!
Turkmen Yomud camel trapping fragment. Size: Height 21" - 53 cm x width 17" - 19" - 49 cm- 43 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
Tibet wool thread, about 1900, the size of 182Cmx140Cm, relatively heavy and heavy, about 6kg, the damage is in the picture, the ... read more
Antique Anatolian Mucur Carpet Fragment Size 150x122
price:  Ask Please
Fine Baluch Bagface Size: 47x47cm Natural colors, made in circa 1910
price:  SOLD
Antique Caucasıan Shirvan Marashali Carpet Prayer size 140x100
price:  Ask Please
Shahsavan side panel, Khamseh region of northwest Persia, 31" x 18" (78 x 45 cm), again, brilliant color is the salient feature ... read more
price:  On Request
Beluch size 180x103 cm
price:  Por
Persian Kurdish Carpet size 300x94cmö
price:  Por
Persian Gazvin talaghan Carpet size 210x150cm
price:  Por
Central Asia - From turkmen Karakalpak antique tribal silver necklace with cornalian ethnic turkmenart jewelry Circa-1900 Height '19cm'-Width-'15cm'-Weight '247gr Thank you for ... read more
price:  O.R
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