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One of the highlights of the embroidery-craftmanships ... a ceremonial luxury wall hanging, so called Haiti, Morocco, mid 1800's Golden embroidery on ... read more
price:  please ask
Caucassian Kasak carpet wonderful colors and excellent condition full pile all original size 3,95x1,96 cm Circa 1890-1900
price:  On Request
#7399 Konya This very antique possibly circa 18c? Konya measures 3’11” x 4’10” (120 x 150 cm). This rug is all things Konya. ... read more
Turkoman tent bant Fragment wonderful colors size (52x16 inches) 1,34x41 cm Circa 1900
price:  350+shipping
Antique Peru or Bolivia(3 piece), no: 165, size: 97*34cm, pictorial design, wool on wool, wall hangings.
Amazing Colors ! Middle of the 19th Century Shirvan Rug Size 122 x 150 cm
price:  On Request
timuri beluç entak size 145/95
price:  800 dolar
Antique Caucasian Borjalı Rug Size.254x126 Cm
price:  Por
Tekke chuval 1.33 x0.66
price:  ask
Colors ! 19th Century Shahsavan Reverse Sumac Size 49 x 50 cm
price:  On Request
19th Century Small Heriz Rug Size 140 x 185 cm It Has Great Colors.
price:  On Request
18th Century Anatolian Kula rug Size 130 x 175 cm.It's in good condition and has great wool.The back is extra fine like
price:  On Request
Arizona Indian weaving circa 1950/60 – 127 x 81 Price upon request
Tibetan Mongolian ? circa 1900 - 170 x 90 Price upon request
19th Century Kuba Sumac Size 180 x 225 cm
price:  On Request
Early 19th Century East Anatolian Sivas Şarkışla Rug Size.170x124 Cm
price:  Por
Turkoman tent band fragman very nice colors size 1,10 x 41 cm Circa 1900
price:  275+shipping
19th Century Turkmen Torba Size: 100x32cm Natural colors (except the apricot color is a little bit faded)
price:  SOLD
Suzani antiqe size:250x200-cm ask
price:  Ask
Antique Caucasian Genje Bagface Size.44x43cm
price:  Por
sarouk feraghan 1.47 x1
price:  270 euros
#1b413 Hand made antique Persian Kurdish rug 4.1' x 7.6' ( 125cm x 231cm ) 1880.c
price:  $4600
An early 18th century Ningxia rug with a very rare design and color palette . 5’5” x 3’.
price:  Por
antique Tekke trapping bridal camel cover,size 175x155cm
Qashqai complete khorjin bag. Open is cm 74x116, closed: cm 58x74. Late 19th or early 20th c. Lovely, colorful pile front, great ... read more
price:  please inquire
Konya prayer rug fragment. Early 19th c. Conserved & professionally mounted on linen.
attractive Afshar bag beginning 20th century, good condition although there are traces of use and there is some corrosion. colors are natural, ... read more
price:  € 165
Afshar Bagface Size: 81x74cm Natural colors, made in period 1910/20
price:  €175
Superb and very rare antique Bergama prayer rug mid. 19 th. century 103 x 135 cm. ... read more
price:  POR
a lot of antique afghan turkmen at torba. Pieces in very good condition. Carpets knotted by tribes ersari, chodor, bashir, TEKKE. Ask for othe ... read more
price:  ask please !
Kashgar palace carpet antique In very good condition. Full pile no koles, repils, restors. Size 396 x 210 cm. Xinjiang Oasis of east-turkestan.
price:  ASK
255 x 142 cm Antique Armenian karabagh gol farangh pattern. In very good condition Wool on wool. Dated 1341 = 1922 ... read more
price:  on request !
Old Baluch. Size: 33 x 60 inches.
price:  $500 or offer
Central-Asia Ethnic Turkmen silver pretty necklace fire gilded with cornalian and turquoise Turkoman silver accessories jewelry Fine condition ! Circa - 1920 ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Pre-Columbian Coca bag, (Chuspa). a.d. 1000 - 1400. Unusual white ground ceremonial coca bag from the Chuquibama culture of Southern Peru. ... read more
price:  Inquire
An antique village rug, probably nw Persia or Kurdish Bijar on wool. 190/117 cm. Perfect condition, original endings allover, high pile.
price:  Por
Amazing Caucasian Moghan Rug circa 1870 size 128x265 cm The piece in perfect condition
price:  On Request
Late 18th Century West Anatolian Bergama Rug.Size 160 x 185 cm
price:  On Request
Second half of the 19th Century Shahsavan Sumac Size 60 x 60 cm.All original untouched one.
price:  On Request
Mid 19th Century Caucasian Chi-Chi Rug.It has good pile on it and has great colors.Size 110 x 153 cm
price:  On Request
Antique Baluch Prayer Rug
price:  por
Afshar Rug, 57x75 inches (145x191 cm), very good condition, all original.
Anatolian prayer rug, 144x201 cm
really old camel ground baluch rug, shirazi has open parts and some areas are worn, no restoration, as found, 157 x 92 cm, ... read more
price:  por
1870's? Makri / Turkish rug, measuring approx. 3.3 x 4.8. It has a lot of wear, so please check closely. Checks drawn ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Caucasian Kazak Rug
price:  por
Kurdish kilim fragment,1870 circa size 72x33cm
moroccan berber tent bag. Known as "Anoual", this type of piled bag acts as a cushion or pillow and is usally part ... read more
price:  euros 390.
Jain Book Cover with cotton and Silk Tassels,Silver(Real) And gold(Real)gilt embroidery on the Gajji-Silk,.From Kutch,Gujarat. India.C.1900.Its size is 14X26cm,Inside Embroidered Broad size ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique Caucasian Talish Kazak Carpet size: 246x150
price:  Ask Please
Antique Shahsavan Horse Cover Size.168x165 Cm
price:  Por
Antique Caucasian Talish Kazak Carpet size: 188x107
price:  Ask Please
Antique Chinese Wooden Eye Glasses Case: Nice old glasses case, carved from a single piece of wood, good original wood and clear ... read more
price:  $60.USD
Turkish Oushak, circa 1880-90, 9-1 x 10-11 (2.77 x 3.33), good condition, good pile, slight wear, wool foundation, few old repairs, clean, ... read more
price:  $8500.00
Shahsavan sumack Size 105x15 cm
price:  900 USD
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