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Old Turkmen chawdor in very good condition, complet piece with very fine embroidery, the back ikat is a cotton ikat not silk
price:  sold
Bergamo bag face,320 x 46 cms. fuscine colour detail.
price:  USD$100
Antique Caucasian Prayer Rug, circa 1870-80. This completely charming little prayer rug, though not far away physically, is a great distance away ... read more
price:  SOLD
Kurd bag. Late 19th century, circa 1900. Perfect condition. Original salvages and closures. Full pile and all natural rich saturated color with ... read more
price:  SOLD
Kazak runner, 4th quarter 19th century, 3'5" x 8'6". Even pile throughout, no foundation visible (has some very old repairs and some ... read more
price:  SOLD
End of 19th century Uzbek Lakai, in very good condition, very standard desinge
price:  sold
Early Red Ground Baluch Rug,98x155cm.
price:  sold
Africa, Mali,Bamana doorlock for grainery houses. Figure represents ancestor for protection of the harvest. very good patina. 24" high
price:  US$900
Africa, Fon, Benin Asen or Asentan Staff made of iron to comemorate Kings and high ranking persons of power. approx: ... read more
price:  US$1200
Early 19th century Ladik Prayer rug,W/W,100x200 cm, mounted on linen. Saturated, vibrant colors, as powerful now as they were then. See ... read more
price:  sold
1880 Hadji Djalili Tabriz Rug,130 Years old, lightly damage, nice Colours. ( I'm German People. Please forgive my bad English.)
price:  best Offer
Superb and unusual Kurd bagface. Full pile with great colors. Never seen this design before. Approx. 26" x 28".
price:  POR
#104 Akstafa fragment Dated 1862
price:  sold
An Antique Caucasian Karachov Kazak Rug. late 19th Century, 71x40 inches (180x103 cm), very good condition, good pile and beautiful colours. ... read more
price:  por
Amu Darya/Ersari. Very old bedding bag face. (Chuval). Early to first half of the 19th century. 38'x58'. Good condition, with acceptable losses. ... read more
price:  SOLD
small North Indian tempura painting on textile with lotuses and fish. Perhaps Kotah? circa 18th century?
price:  SOLD
a rare Agra Jail Kilim Durry ,Circa 1900,14'x7'8",minor restoration
price:  3500 USD
18th century Mughal Indian silk textile fragment with stitching in 2 colors of insect dye.
Late Safavid silk textile fragment with boteh and chrsanthamum on a blue ground. (detail is of the back).
price:  SOLD
Central Anatolian carpet with lustrous wool, approximately 7'9" x 3'10", small reweaves, pile to knots in field and isolated ares of reknotting, ... read more
price:  SOLD
rare 7 sided yomud asmalyk,early 19th.CENTURY,4'2"x2'2"
price:  P.O.R.
Antique Baluch prayer rug, great soft wool,fantastic colors, size:144x105cm, take a look on my other items i have listed
price:  SOLD
Mughal Indian silk textile fragment of a garment or sash end with beautifully drawn plants. Probably 18th century, (perhaps earlier?)
Borneo, Sarawak baby carrier. Wood with deeo relief carving. Eyes inlayed with rd heart trade beads. circa 1920
price:  US$2200
Borneo, Dayak, Mandau head hunter sword. Deer horn handle with wood carved scabbarb and animal horn fob. Very good condition ... read more
price:  uS$1750
South Africa, Ndebelle Jacolo worn by women for ceremonial occasions. It defining one's marital status. this style was reserved for married ... read more
price:  US$750
Africa, Nigeria, Yoruba, beaded divination bag worn. beadwork on leather. circa 1900
price:  US$ 350
Africa, Nigeria, Yoruba beaded crown circa 1900
price:  US$650
Borneo - Dayak, Ibani Ratton sleeping mat. Upper Rajang River, Sarawak island.
price:  US$500
hand painted kimono fragment, Japan, late Meiji (circa1910’s), 89x30cm. This is a fragment from a hemp (asa) summer kimono. The ... read more
price:  SOLD
Red Rust Silk embroired Chinese robe, with ten five claw dragons chasing a flaming pearl, embroired in couched gold thread . 19th ... read more
price:  SOLD
two shibori oshime CLOTHs, Japan, early Showa (circa 1930), cm 133x34 each. Japan's blue-and-white cotton textiles are regularly associated with its traditional ... read more
price:  SOLD
s/n: n0094 antique ninghsia rug circa:120years 0.69 x 0.72 m (27in.X 28in.)
Antique Turkoman Tekke chuval, early 19th Century, with rare and interesting drawing, and beautiful colors, size: 116x070cm
price:  SOLD
An unusual turkmen rug, with two rows of chuval guls and quirky secondaries. Probably middle Amu Darya area, dating to late 19th ... read more
price:  nice
indigo tsutsugaki panel, Japan, Late Meiji (circa 1910), cm 168x33. Lovely panel of tsutsugaki hand-drawn rice-paste resisted indigo cotton, dating to the ... read more
price:  SOLD
Luri Ghashghai Double Bagfaces, End 19th Century, Complete Bag with 2 Faces and Kelim Back, Mint Condtion, All natural Dyes Size:230x63cm ... read more
price:  950,- Euro
Animal Baluch Bagface, Early 20th century, Ends missing, But Stil a Nice and Colectable Bagface, Size: 64x54cm
price:  sold thanx
Mid 19th Century Nurata Suzani, Fantastic Condition and Colors, a real Colectors Piece, Size: 230x140cm (7.5ftx4.6ft)
price:  sold
Antique 19th century Baluch Rug, Very nice soft wool, nice natural dyes, Original Sides and Kelim Ends, Few Spots of moth damage ... read more
price:  580,- Euro
Nicer than usual old Baluch octogon bagface w/ great color. Floppy handle. Silky wool. Sides compromised, but what you see is what ... read more
price:  SOLD
Worn but venerable Baluch prayer rug 133 x89cm
price:  cheap
Pair of Sha shavan sumakh bags. 19th.c. Good condition and colours. Email for pics and info.
price:  SOLD
Antique Khamseh rug. 210cmx150cm. 19th.c.100% veg. dyes.
price:  SOLD
indigo shibori koshimaki, Japan, early Showa (c.1930), 116x62cm. The common Engl:sh translation of the Japanese word shibori is "tie-dye"; however, a more ... read more
price:  SOLD
a very nice old Kurdish mafrash panel, nice naturel colours, size is 40/35
price:  75 USD
s/n: n0095 Chinese square circa:120 years 0.61 x 0.66 m (24in.X 26in.)
Antique Hamadan-Malayer 7'x4'4"..Beautiful design, great saturated colors, nice condition: ends intact, no repairs, medium pile, and lustrous wool.
price:  por
s/n: n0096 antique ninghsia rug circa:120years 0.63 x 0.67 m (25in.X 26in.)
red & black chequered karapinar area full pile yatak rug - 1920/1930 - cm 142x354 - good condition - nice, very ... read more
price:  PLS INFO
antique dutch carpet. a magnificent example of late 19th century work from the workshop in Deventer in Holland. This piece ... read more
price:  €2,250.
red-brown-blue memling baluch thrasher
price:  SOLD
p72 Tibetan Khaden 37"x63";An elegant open lotus flower design with bats in the border, cotton warp
price:  Sold
#4325 Jaf Kurd Fragment Northwest Persia Mid 19th Century or earlier 2-3 x 3-11 ft.
price:  $750.00
Yomud Asmalyk, 19th Century. Mint Condition, Reminance of braunish Kelim Ends at both Ends. Original Ends and sides. Nice natural dyes. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Southwest Persian 53 x 97 inches. excellent condition with flat weave ends. 2 day return.
price:  SOLD
Central Asian carpet. Gulli gol design. Ersari or Uzbek .19th. c.Good condition.Aprox 10x7.
price:  SOLD
Super fine Senneh [Maliyer design with single weft] Dozar sized. a beautiful and decorative rug.Please email for more pics and info.
price:  SOLD
t1346 Esari Trapping 4'9"x1'; Late 19th century, Graphic Ikat Design; entire perimeter overcast with one end loose;satisfactory condition with a few low ... read more
price:  SOLD
Gördes ( Ghiordes ) Prayer rug.c.1900 Excellent condition for its age ,full pile, original headends and selvages. a few minor thin ... read more
price:  SOLD
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