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An interesting and unusual tribal east Anatolian kilim from the Kars Kazigman or Van Hakkari area.
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Kilim, Balkan, Bulgaria 19cc 140x90 cm
price:  POR
Antique Qashqai kilim, 172x274 cm
price:  por
19th century susani with lot of surgery but got still beauty and charm. size is 220 x 143 or 7.3 x 4.8
price:  1800 $
Suzani Tashkent,19 cen. 240x200cm.Has good repear at basic txtil
price:  3500$
Kilims from the Caucasus Mountains & adjacent areas North of Persia circa late 19th century up to 1900. 1. Shirvan Kilim Dazzler 4.5' ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Baluch salt bag. Extremely good condition. Nice wool; good color. Original goat-hair joins intact (except for one side ... read more
price:  175
Nice a Tekke Chuwal 120x80cm
price:  POR
Yomud asmalyk 120x66cm in good condition
price:  POR
Antique Indian Kantha Embroidery Quilt. From the West Bengal region of India. 65 x 45 inches. This kantha has it all – horse ... read more
price:  US$650 plus ship
Baluch Mina Khani; first half 19th c.; part of a small main carpet; 50 x 128cm (1`8" x 4`2"); double wefted; it ... read more
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very fine Qashqai Bag>1870.all fantastic natural dyes.size 106with taken the kilimx60cm
Tekke torba with pure old color and dense velvety wool. c.1860. Full pile and excellent condition. Scattered knots of repiling and some ... read more
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Turkomen Yomud bag face, 1-2 x 1-6 (.36 x .46), earl 20th century, very fine weave, very good condition, nice green/blue, i ... read more
price:  $200.00
Caucasian Daghestan Prayer rug, 3-11 x 4-8 (1.19 x 1.42), late 19th century, good condition, original knotted fringe, original edges, i washed ... read more
price:  $1850.00
small alpan kuba rug. bagface ? very nice ! 68cm x 45 cm
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Persian Jaf Kurd Bag Face, 1-9 x 2-1 (.53 x .64), Late 19th century, good condition, small pencil hole, interesting design, i ... read more
price:  $350.00
Very Archaic rare 19 th century Turkoman Trapping.
price:  on Request
Kyrgyz napramash . 65 x 65 cm . Please visit my rr shop and find me in Kucukayasofya cami sokak no 7 ... read more
Caucasian verne kilim . 210 x 118 cm .wool brocading on cotton ,good condition natural color .
Uzbek Bag Face, n. Afghanistan, circa 1900, 2’6” x 2’3” Weavings of this type are known as “Tatar” in the Afghan marketplace, a ... read more
bachtiari colors run. 150 Euro +Shipping.91x 73cm
price:  150 +
Afshar Jabel Barez salt bag, flatwoven, circa 1900. 24 in. x 17 in. Exquisitely drawn and executed in weft substitution weave with ... read more
price:  POR
Persian Saddle Cover, no colors run, very fine,102x 100 cm
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Anatolian Willage Prayer Carpet
price:  on reguest
nw Persian Rug Fragment 100 x 213 cm / 39.3 x83.8 inches
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Kandilli Block Printed Bokhca 88 x 56 cm / 34.6 x33.8 inches
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Belüçh Carpet and Kilim
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Tekke Turkmen Mafrash, complete with back, original hanging cords, tassels. 12" x 30" (30cm x 76cm). Last quarter 19th century, the early ... read more
price:  SOLD, thanks!
Turkoman spindle bag, 54 x 31.5 cm. Click on this link: link for price, condition report, and detail images.
Kyrgyz napramash . 90 x 40 cm . Please visit my rr shop and find me in Kucukayasofya cami sokak no 7 ... read more
Saryk chuval .19 th century .168 x 100 cm Please visit my rr shop and find me in Kucukayasofya cami ... read more
Luri Complete Khorjin, 39" x 24". Full pile. Very meaty weaving with soft handle. a nice range of ... read more
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9 gul Yomud Chuval.1850.size106x81cm
Baluch Animal Trapping/Band, se Persia, 19th c., 4” x 5’3” Complete trappings of this age are nearly impossible to find these days, and ... read more
Classic Saryk Chuval with chuval guls, white wool and cotton, pink silk, flat back, very rich and lush without being tarty.The real ... read more
price:  POR
a great Tekke ak chuval. c.1870. Brilliant natural colors. Magenta knots are silk. White flat weave is cotton. Very fine. Mint condition ... read more
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authentic antique Bashir Central Asian fragment ikat design/ diamond Nineteenth Century
price:  POR
Manastir prayer kilim, 19th century. 43" x 43". Excellent condition. This is one of the most beautiful of these that ... read more
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Not the work of the Baluchi, but perhaps the Afshars of Kalat-e-Naderi, a complete Khordjin from the early 20th century purchased in ... read more
price:  Sold
Kurdish bag for the Jaf collector. c.1890. Remarkable 100% natural dyes and fleecy lustrous wool. Great condition with plenty of pile (corroded ... read more
price:  on request
18th century Herat border fragment > full pile!
Turkmen Yomud Tobacco Bag 14 x 7.5 cm
price:  ON Request
Anatolian Kilim Fragment
price:  on reguest
Odhani Cotton, Tie-Dyed Rajasthan, Perhaps Jodhpur Distric, India ,Its size is 100cmX210.Contion is very Good(DSC08585 New).
price:  On Request
Karabag kilim 19th size 358cmx130cm
price:  ask
Bagface with even pile, nice graphics, wool on wool. Would benefit from cleaning.
Old Baluch with wear and oxidation. Interesting placement of additional column in field. Still retains kilim ends, sides in tact. ... read more
16 gul Yomud Chuval. Excellent 100% natural colors, silky wool, good pile, good condition. c.1870. Granular, dry back with tight handle. Washed. ... read more
price:  on request
19th century southwest persian khorjin, Interesting inner border. Thick lovely pile. Hand washed , ready to go. 22' x 26". Ask about this
price:  $125.00
Varamin Kilim,.all fantastic natural dyes(the white part are all of Cotton),very good condition without any repair.size320x156cm
Old all wool Soumac bag. 1.8 x1.9. no hole rips or tare. Contact for more Information or pictures.
price:  $150
Caucasian Verneh. Cm 61x83. Probably early 20th century. Wool brocading on cotton. Lovely workmanship. Wonderful, soft, natural dyes. Great pattern. In good ... read more
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Armenian kilim....dated and inscribed 1931....excellent condition....6'8" x 8'2" (203cm x 250cm ) many vegetal dyes , some aniline dyes...nicely rendered stylized horse and ... read more
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Armenian kilim...dated 1937....excellent condition....mostly aniline dyes..... 5'4" x 9'6" ( 162cm x 290cm )...wonderful abrash and artistic drawing as shown.
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Caucasian kilim....Shirvan.....late 19th C....excellent condition....6'x 10' (185cm x 300cm ) vegetal dyes
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Shahsavan Moghan khorjin. Cm 42x120 ca. Early 20th century. Wool & cotton. Positive/negative dragon. simple, abstract, very minimalistic design. Except for two ... read more
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Booshong raffia skirt fragment with classic graphics. 70in by 28in An older piece, some very fine weaving in sections. Some minor old stains.
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Shahsavan khorjin face. 21in by 21in
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