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anadol kilim.165x112cm
price:  P.O.R
Shahsavan sumak Mafrash panel > c. 1850
Antique Anatolian Holbayn Bergama Fragment Carpet very nice piece,and good colors, size:75x55
price:  ASK
Edirne - Ottoman silk and metallic embroidery wall hanging. Janiserray and his students. Size: 18" x 19" (45cm x 48cm)
price:  O.R.
Kashmir Shawl Fragment
price:  On Request
Very rare to the market, just out of a house, this beautiful old giant Caucasian kilim has the sweetest colour and very ... read more
price:  on request
Shahsevan pack animal band. Sumak and extra weft weave on cotton. Size: 4.5" x 17' 7" (11cm x 540cm)
price:  O.R.
Antique Genje prayer rug, good age,ca 1890, with pile, original sides, some holes, very charming with the hands all natural dyes, very ... read more
Varamin sofre. 6 ft. 3 in. x 2 ft. 5 in. Wool. Dovetailed tapestry. Good colors. Near perfect condition.
price:  POR
Centrial Asia Turkmen Ersary Kirlik, for child Dress. size:42x35cm
price:  Ask Please more information
Sumak Mafrash Panel 95 x 46 cm
price:  On Request
Beshir cushion cover from 19th century
uzbek 16 Central Asian Lakai Embroidery, 19th Century 23 x 23.5 Some slight runs and stains but a very unusual
price:  POR
Northwest Persian kilim chanteh > c. 1870
Veramin, Iran, Half Saddle Bag Wool, natural and synthetic dyes 1940 45.5 x 25 inches (115.5 x 63.5 cm)
price:  $395
Afshar Bag/Chanteh complete with Kilim back - about 19" x 15"
price:  on request
An exceptional and rare antique silk embroidered Yomud / Yomut Turkoman bag , dating to 19th Century. These bags are known as ... read more
price:  On Request
Veramin Torba . Size 114x37 cm . find me in Kucukayasofya cami sokak no 7 .Sultanahmet - İstanbul ('close to ancient Kücükayasofya
Afshar Chanteh, Late 19th century, Great colors, Very good and original condition, Not restored, Size: 45 x 30 cm. 18" x 12"
price:  On request
hali magazines. Make up your missing back issues Volume 3 No2, No4 Volume 4 No1 Vol5 No2, No3 (Front missing) Vol 6 No1 Each of the above ... read more
price:  See List prices
Fine antique Afshar sumac kilim very good condition, with provenance Size:190x140cm P.O.R
Magnificent Afshar sumac kilim excellent condition , Circa 1900 with provenance Size:190x130 cm P.O.R
Antique Anatolian stripe Kilim old and nice piece.size:273x61
price:  ASK
Small antique Beshir fragment with great graphics. 50 x 50 cm
price:  cheap
a Ladik prayer rug, Central Anatolia, wool on wool foundation. Late 19'th Century. The red stepped and hooked mihrab with green spandrels, below a ... read more
price:  Price Upon Request
8 rug books: -oriental rugs - antique & MODERN,Walter a.
price:  $175.00
Ersari Kapunuk fragment. This is the top panel, minus the hanging side flaps of a Turknem Kapunuk, or door ornament. Well drawn ... read more
price:  $450
a Tent Band from Bhutan. Red dyed wool twill weave, tie dyed with black to form red circles with cross patterns. Alternating ... read more
price:  $1400
Khamseh bag face late 19th c 25" x 26" in perfect condition. Well-drawn design.
Uzbek Textile Fragment size.165x165cm
price:  por
Sahseven Bag Face Size: 55x55 cm
price:  On Request
Anatolian Wedding Dress Silk on silk embroidery,it is turkish Suzani metal and silk threads good condition.
Early 18th Century Usak Fragment Size: 220 x 80
price:  On Request
uzbek or tachic caydanlik semaver {teapot}
price:  por
Ottoman Chatma Fragment 123 x 60 cm
price:  On Request
Shahsavan sumak khorjin face, 34 x 31cms, beautiful colours and wool, some expert restoration at the edges
price:  On request
Turkmen Yomud Chuval
price:  On Request
North west persian mafrash side panel, 112 x 55 cms, 19th century, wool (very glossy), slit tapestry weave, a wide range of ... read more
price:  On request
Greek patchwork textile
price:  100 Euro
Nice an Asmalyk
price:  Sold
Turkish Dress silk and metal embroidery
Chodor Chuval, large Turkmen bagface with large well-spaced chuval guls. Saturated madder-red abrash, greens, blue-greens, and slate blue.
price:  SOLD, thanks
Ethnic Wooden Horse Head Bracket from Karnataka ( South India ). Very Good Condition , Teak Wood. Size: 16 x 26 ... read more
price:  $ 199
Ethnic Wooden Doll from Maharashtra. Teak Wood , Very good Condition Size: 8x13x41 cms Good patina
price:  $ 220
Western Anatolia kilim fragment. Aydin area. Size is cm 77x77. Second half 19th century. Great colors. See more pics on fb: https:// link
price:  pls ask
luri-bachtiar bag 104x130cm
persian carpet fragment 19th century natural dyes please contact for more information
price:  600 incl shipping
Ruby red Southwest Persian chanteh > c. 1870
a pair of old Persian windows made with Stained glass and mirrors very attractive Size:183x153cm P.O.R
Antique afshar small bag
Very good quality Qashqaee half bag Circa 1900 Size:115x65cm P.O.R
Tekke chuval .Size 103x97 cm . find me in Kucukayasofya cami sokak no 7 .Sultanahmet - İstanbul ('close to ancient Kücükayasofya mosque)
Turkmen Chodor quilted chapan silk embroidery
Indonesia - "Padung-Padung" solid cast ear ornaments, silver alloy. Karo Batak People, North Sumatra.
price:  Please Inquire
Turkmen Chirpy Silk Embroidery,
Brass Ewer. Environs of Bukhara. 19th c. h = 30 cms. Superb patina.
price:  On Request
Turkmen Chirpy mint condition silk embroidery circa 1900
Anatolian kilim, Kurdish region, with nice saturated colors, not in perfect condition with some wear and tear. Both cotton and wool white, ... read more
price:  $550
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