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Daghestan prayer rug. 117cm x 109cm. Late century, low pile.
price:  650 Euros excluding shipping
Rare Nabramach Kirgiz yastik 19 th century pure wool natural color . 100x40 cm
Antique World Class Lori Bakhtiari Sumakh Bag-203cmx 93 cm - all Colors Brilliant Natural Collors -wow !the dogs belong to me no- ... read more
price:  ask
#7587 Lenkoran Prayer Rug This 3rd quarter 19th century Lenkoran Prayer rug measures 3’5” x 4’11” (106 x 150 cm). To my knowledge ... read more
price:  on request
Beautiful 19th c. Ersari trapping ,kejebe ,full pile, no ,repairs ,alas chopped sides ,great colour including beautiful green and yellow . 116-37
price:  375 e + post
Turkmen Baby Bib Silk-Cotton Embroidery 20th century
Yomud asmalyk 19th c ,i have already posted the twin ,good emerald green 2 hues of blue and some cotton wefts ... read more
price:  400 e + post
a Large antique Uzbek silk Adras Ikat dating to the 19th century Bulhara or khorezm. The magnificent wall Hanging is an older silk ... read more
price:  On Request
Rare survivor, a very large finely woven 19th century West Anatolian Elmali kilim chuval.
price:  Please enquire
Turkmen Chodor / Yomut Chuval
price:  por
Rare type of striped antique Anatolian kilim made by a Turkmen weaver in the Karaman to Aksaray area.
price:  Please enquire
turkmen torba original good condition 4 rare animal picture Clean and Hand Washed Circa 1910/20 Size 1.64cm x 0.47cm
price:  ask please
Book: Scaramuzza, Carlo (ed.). Kaitag. Art for life. Embroidered textiles from Daghestan / Kaitag. Arte per la vita. Tessuti ricamati del Daghestan. Milan: ... read more
price:  28 Euro + shipping
Book: Richardson, David and Sue. Qaraqalpaqs of the Aral Delta. Munich New York London: Prestel Verlag; 2012 Exhaustive survey on the history, present, ethnography, ... read more
price:  40 Euro + shipping
antique caucasian akstafa prayer rug. Classic long narrow format with a squared mihrab. "as found", unrestored and very dirty with scattered wear ... read more
price:  Sold
Maybe..from the Borchalo / Bordjalou region. Could also be West Anatolian. Was last month in Tbilisi, Georgia, where i picked ... read more
Small Kazak prayer rug with exceptional color and in decent condition. Dated 1881. Recently professionally cleaned. Could easily be restored.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Qashqa'i Darrehshuri storage-bag in excellent condition complete with back. The brocade work is superb and the bag has goat-hair strengthening bands down ... read more
price:  POR
Baluch Balisht (pillow-bag), Mushwanni tribes, south-east Persia. Complete with red plain-weave back and in good pile all over bar a couple of tiny
price:  POR
Baluch animal band in excellent,complete condition circa 1900. All vegetable dyes - 2.14m x 10cm (7' x 4").
price:  POR
Timuri Baluch Prayer Rug. Last Quarter 19th Century. Silk highlights in bird columns. Possible dowry rug? Condition: ... read more
price:  POR
antique baluch bagface. Bold, somewhat unusual design. All good colors. Heavy brown oxidation. some wear and edges rough as shown. Original closure ... read more
price:  Summer sale $99
antique small soumak carpet. Classic design with some charming tribal elements including 12 rockects and 6 tiny people. Nice older example in ... read more
price:  on request
Detail - "Ersari" Chuval (large storage bag face), Central Asia, 19th C. Inquire for more information/images/price
Turkmenistan - Chodor ethnic Silk ikat ceremonial quilted hat. Turkmen groups living in south Uzbekistan. Ceremonial silk chain stitch embroidered quilted hat. ... read more
Uzbekistan – Bokhara antique Silk adras Ikat chapan. Saturated yellow and light cocheneal colors are used in a harmony. Lined with printed ... read more
Kurdish Bag face with full pile. Circa 1900. Size : 24" x 26"
Turkmen Silk Embroidery Kaftan begining of 20th century
yomud asmalyk 154- 55 cm , worn and losses on both sides , very 5th weft is cotton ,2 shades of blue ... read more
price:  400 e + post
Japanese Indigo Cotton Boro. a real piece of boro (when boro was boro) - bought in Japan in the 1970s directly from ... read more
price:  SOLD
Japanese publication complete in two volumes, with title Momengire shu (Collection of cotton fragments). Compiled by Okamura Kichiemon (1916-2002). The two ... read more
price:  Euro 1800
Japanese portfolio Mingei shima (Mingei striped textiles), complete with fifty numbered plates with fifty tipped-in samples of handmade folk textile with decorative ... read more
price:  Euro 850
Antique Sarkoy Kilim size 220 cm 100 cm
Konya area rug fragment with screaming color > full pile > third quarter 19th c.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Old Qashqaii Siraz Bag Face size.50x65cm
price:  por
Antique tribal Baluch bagface 64 x 48 cm (2ft 2" x 1ft 7") last quarter or 19th century. Natural dyestuffs complemented with ... read more
price:  ON REQUEST
Turkmen Hat Silk Embroidery 20 th century
Summer Sale ! Continues with this antique Beshir Juval with striking 'Ikat' design. Condition as seen, red is possibly fugitive. 5'0" x
price:  £200 GBP + shipping
Tibet ritual knife. Pre tourist production, datable 1850/1900. Height is cm 40 ca. Weight is kg 2.2. Bronze in lost wax technique. ... read more
price:  pls ask
Yomut Turkmen wedding bridle - excellent condition with a nice brocaded band sewn on to the base to contain the tassels. 1.20m x ... read more
price:  SOLD Thank you
Interesting Timuri prayer-rug with highlights of silk and yellow cotton in the central stars. The yellow border is wool and there is ... read more
price:  SOLD
Beautiful balisht (pillow-bag) made by the Baluch of Sistan circa 1900. Mint condition with complete original back in un-dyed natural wool plain-weave.
price:  POR
Turkmen Tekke Torba, 95x33 cm
price:  por
Shahsavan horse cover, sumac woven with panels. One of the arms is missing half way. Circa 1900s. Size : 35 " x ... read more
Central Anatolian Kilim Fragment, great colors incl. a rare dark Aubergine, first h. 19th, 267 x 107 cm
price:  SOLD thanks!
Afghnaistan - chodor Turkmen mini bag. silk embroidery with natural dyes and printed cotton lining. Natural colors. Circa 1900-1920. Size : 8" ... read more
Turkmen chodor tribal pouch. silk chain stitch embroidery on both sides. natural colors. Russian printed cotton lining. Circa 1900 Size : 7" ... read more
Turkmen Silk Embroidery Kaftan 20 th century or enf of 19 th good condition.
7'10"x 8'4" 1880's antique Soumak in need of restoration. Having said that, rug is beautiful and is all there. More pics ... read more
price:  Reasonable
20th century Egyptian wool tapestry Wissa Wassef Garya Mahmoud "Market Place" leben in harrania - purchased 1990s former german private collection mint condition ... read more
price:  please ask
Early tekke chuval with rare elem
price:  por
Nice Mut kilim in excellent condition, 19th c, dowry piece, 80 x 130 cm
Veramin Mafrash, Late 19th century, Complete with ecxellent condition, All natural colours, High pile, Not restored, Size: l:105 cm. (41.5 inch) | ... read more
price:  On request,
Caucasian mafrash panel > cotton whites > c. 1870
Antique finely embroidered skirt from Gujarat ca 1900 with wonderful colour size 205 x 75 cm. Silk thread for this satin silk, ... read more
price:  Ask
Mid 19th Century Yomud Cuval size 75x94 cm
price:  On Request
Mid 19th Century Anatolian Sivas Heybe size 42x109 cm
price:  On Request
rare antique balkan sarkoy kilim. second half 19. century 247 cm x 217 cm MOUNTED on linen
price:  P.O.R.
Turkmen Baby Bib Silk Embroidery 20 th century
Qashqai kilim, Circa 1900, Top condition, All natural dyes, Not restored, Size: 268 x 165 cm. (105 x 65 inch). link
price:  On request,
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