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Yomud chuval - sixteen gul with interesting secondary gul. Even pile with small stain.
price:  SOLD. thanks.
Manastir kilim yastik. 3'4" x 2'4". Wool and cotton. Late 19th c. Excellent condition. Ex Adil Besim.
price:  POR
#7145 Antique Art Deco Chinese Rug This circa 1925 Art Deco Chinese rug measures 12’0” x 17’8”. It has an orange autumn leaf ... read more
#7144 Senna Saddle Oriental Rug This 3rd quarter 19th century Senna saddle cover measures 3’0” x 3’3”. It is in excellent condition.It has ... read more
price:  $6500
Antique Qashqaii Kamse Bagface
price:  por
antique tribal middle Amu Darya Ersari Bashir animal trapping 124 x 46 cm, 2nd half 19th century. all natural dyestuffs. condition: very ... read more
price:  ON REQUEST
"Flowers grow out of dark moments." Corita Kent. Rare 'Duh-Göl' baluch balisht, 19th century. In perfect condition, full pile. a simplified version ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Kurdish Jaff Bag Face Rug
price:  por
Phulkari Swatti Shawl From the Swat region of Pakistan. India.Silk embroidery on cotton,Circa Mid-20th century.Its size is 105cmX208cm(170903).
price:  On Request
Beauty Besserabian Kilim It's in good condition and untocuhed one.Size 180 x 265 cm
price:  On Request
Ming Dynasty Beads: Strand of Yuan to Ming Dynasty white “milk” glass trade beads excavated from the Tak Hilltop burial site along ... read more
price:  $200.USD
Uzbek ikat design torba. 20" x 34". Wool. Circa 1900. Excellent original condition with full pile. Beautiful natural dyes. Fine weave. Favorable
price:  POR
Antique Kashmir shawl, hand woven twill tapestry weave, khani cloth, pashmina wool, Northern India, ca.
price:  $395.00US
Namakdar Baktiar Persian circa 1910 antique. Collector's item, Size: 73 x 50 (cm) 2' 5" x 1' 8" carpet id: ... read more
price:  On request
Qashqai kilim Persian circa 1905 antique. Collector's item, Size: 328 x 178 (cm) 10' 9" x 5' 10" carpet id: ... read more
price:  On request
Quirky Central Asian embroidery silk on wool cloth. Possibly unfinished?? All dyes natural.
price:  INQUIRE
Vintage African mask, hand carved wood and pigment, Lega People, Congo, Lega mask, the mask has an old collection tag in Italian, ... read more
price:  $125.00US
Superb Hungarian pillow from the early 20th century, in very good condition. Origin : Hungary Period : early 20th century Size : 60 x 45 ... read more
Ancient costume element probably from Romania or the Balkans. Origin : Romania/Balkans Period : early 20th century Size : 60 x 39 cm Material : embroidered ... read more
Art deco tissue roll, 1930, France. Old stock of a textile seller. Origin : France Period : around 1930 Size : 15,5 x 1,3 m Material ... read more
Old Caucasian kilim (Verneh) embroidered around 1880. Very worn with stains and lacks. Origin : Caucasus Period : around 1880 Size : 185 x 144 ... read more
Old embroidered kilim from the Caucasus, woven in two parts. Origin : Caucasus Period : middle of the 20th century Size : 265 x 148 ... read more
Old caucasian kilim, 1900 or before. Origin : Caucasus Period : 1900 or before Size : 370 x 172 cm Material : wool on wool Oxidized black, ... read more
Antique mongolian kilim, 3,34 x 1,20 meter , one small damage
price:  on request
#7147 Antique India Amritsar Rug This circa 1900 fabulous India Amritsar rug measures 9’11” x 13’10”. It is extremely finely woven with ... read more
Size : 193 x 220 (cm) Middle anatolia (cappadocia), Natural undyed wool kilim.
price:  580 €
Malaya Shawl from Sindh,Pakistan, India.It has been used by man in Hajj time.Its size is 190cmX196.Its fabric is silk and Banana mix.Very ... read more
price:  On Request
Ref 1466 Balouch bird bag with scintillating colours in good condition just some reweaves in the kelim back. 4'7 x 2'3 - ... read more
price:  please enquire
Turkmen Yomuth Chuval, silk. Fine knotted. Apart from one small moth spot min very good condition.
Turkmen Yomuth chuval 78 x 118 Cm. Silky wool, very fine knotted, 64 nkn/Cm. Old repairs.
price:  € 550,00 plus shipping
This late 19th century Indochinese #7106 carpet measures 12’3” x 15’10”. It has a round medallion composed of several renditions of foo ... read more
#7050 Mahajaran Sarouk Antique Persian Rug This circa 1910 Mahajaran Sarouk antique Persian Oriental Rug measures 9’1″ x 11’10”. It has the ... read more
Antique Caucasian Kazak soumak panel, sumak, the end panel of a rectangular bedding bad, Mafrash, bands of countered and un-countered extra weft ... read more
price:  $185.00US
South persian 18"x 38" (approx.) mixed technique khorjin. Considerable ethnic wear and some moth damage on one piece, but still ... read more
price:  $45
An Ersari minakhani chuval with grand scale and light blue silk highlights. Fantastic wool and color which are difficult to capture with ... read more
price:  SOLD
New shipment, Kuba raffia cloth, Congo, about 2ft x 2ft, $69.00us each, additional photos on request, shipping is extra
price:  $69.00US each
Size : 140 x 400 (cm) Middle anatolia (sivas) , Over 100 years old, Natural dyes .
price:  600 €
avar daghestan kilim Most likely 19th century. Still has most of the braided/plated warp endings intact. Great colors ... read more
price:  POR
19th century Anatolian kilim fragment,205 x 82 cm
Rare antique Kordi flatwoven khorjin.1’8-1/2”X4’2”. Circa 1900. Wool. Saturated natural dyes. Knotted weft wrapping from Lain district of Khorasan. For comparable example ... read more
price:  POR
Shasavan a pair of mafrash panel,54 x 50 cm
Senneh kilim size 195x125cm
price:  Por
Antique Anatolian Kurdish prayer rug rug wpnderful colors and nice condition size 1,33x79 cm Circa 1880-1890
price:  On Request
Beautiful antique kashmir Long shawl Indian 19 c Good condition Some Small Hole Size 289cm*137cm Colour is Good Fine Quality
price:  POR
Antique Avsar Bagface Rug
price:  por
Antique Timuri Baluch Bagface Rug
price:  por
Azerbaijan. Stars & stripes. Shirwan kilim fragment. Cm 100x170 ca. Second half 19th century. Big & beautiful. Black stripes completely oxidized.
price:  please inquire
a very rare complete antique Uzbek silk atlas satin weave Ikat trousers dating to the 19th Century. This highly collectible ethnographic garment ... read more
price:  SOLD
Nice collector´s item: Antique flatwoven doublesided Baluch saltbag or so called Namakdan.
price:  300 Euro + shipping
Aubusson tapestry, hand-printed at the Robert Four manufacture, according to a cardboard made by Rene Fumeron. Origin : France Period : 20th century Size : ... read more
Aubusson tapestry, woven by Hamot, France. Origin : French Period : around 1950 Size : 140 x 105 cm Material : wool and silk on cotton Perfect ... read more
Aubusson tapestry, woven in the 19th century, in the style of tapestries from the end of the 17th century. We have a ... read more
#6685 Antique Art Deco Chinese Rug This circa 1920 Art Deco Chinese rug measures 8’9” x 11’4”. It has a deep dark ... read more
price:  $7500
18th c. central Anatolian kilim fragment. Professionally conserved and mounted on linen.
price:  SALE PRICE
Konya Hotamish Valley antique long kilim panel, saturated colors survived in great shade. Size : 412 cm x 76 cm - ... read more
price:  O.R.
Turkmen Yomud Chuval, symmetric knots, very fine wool with saturate colors, tiny hot red center of "Guls", full pile with a ... read more
price:  O.R.
Uzbekistan Lakai suzani - silk Chain sticth on hand-loomed cotton - kharboz. Traditional Islimi motifs.Adras ikat facing with printed backing. Couple tiny ... read more
price:  O.R.
Small flatwoven tribal zigzag bags probably Kurdish. Coarse weave and all natural dyes. Each bag measures approx 82x38cm.
price:  sold
Rare and beautiful 19c Shahsavan kilim bagface, approx 42cm x 35cm. I thought this was a chanteh but now realise it was part ... read more
price:  $300
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