Persian + South Persian Tribal

Fine antique Persian Bidjar kilim with roses pattern, size: 200x140cm / 6'6''ft x 4'6''ft
Antique Persian Bakhtiary runner with a beautiful tree design, size: ca 335cm x 107cm / 11' x 3'5''ft
Afshar bagface - 29" x 26" - 74 x 66 cm.
price:  on request
Northwest Persian kilim Size 385x125cm
price:  Por
Khamseh pile rug with "Gol Farang" motifs. 8'9" x 4'6". 19th c. Excellent condition with good pile and retained kilim ... read more
price:  POR
Doppelgänger Galloping Gazelles 3' 1" x 4' 5" West Persian Village Rug. Single white cotton wefting is intertwined with brown or ... read more
price:  $1700
1920s 2' 8" x 4' 11" Lilihan, "factory painted" Quote Includes Ship/U.S. 3 day returns
price:  $375
Small Heriz rug 298 x 208 cm., 9' 9" x 6' 10".
price:  Sold ty
Heriz rug 375 x 275 cm., 12'4" x 9' ,ca. 1900.
price:  Sold ty
Heriz rug with unusual border, 384 x 275 cm., 12'7" x 9', ca. 1900.
price:  Sold ty
Persian Saddle in good condition .70 x 67 cm
price:  $220
19th Century Persian Sarap Runner Size 106 x 380 Cm
price:  Por
Shahsavan sumack mafrash end panel. Cm 40x52. Datable 1870/1880. Great color, great pattern. Condition issues as you can see from the pics.
price:  pLs inquire
10-8x12-8 Bakhshayesh/ SultanAbad very good condition gorgeous border very good dining room rug.
price:  POR
14-2x15-9 antique Kerman Lavar cut from the center Reduced length, has some random wear area.
10x14 real Sultanabad Some worn area needs repiling gold border and gorgeous designs
price:  $3500
Charming Mid 19th Century Persian Tabriz Very Rare Rug. size 9'5''x7'2''. condition great all original with no repair.very soft and lustrous wool. circa ... read more
price:  POR
#1b442 Hand made antique Persian Kurdish runner 3.4' x 12.3' ( 103cm x 375cm ) c.1900
Gorgeous Afshar Rug circa 1870-80 size 141x172 cm
price:  On Request
3' 0" x 13' 9" Northwest Persian, in excellent pile condition. One small area of moth trailing and another small area ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
19th Century Persian Luri Salt Bag size 44x48 cm
price:  Por
Super fine and thin Southwsest Persian bagface. One of the oldest i have ever seen. Simply sublime colors. "Velvet" wool quality. 1850 ... read more
Glowing Qashqai square rug, 112 x 112 cm., 3'8" x 3'8", ca. 1900. Full pile, without any wear. Great saturated dyes, ... read more
price:  Sold ty
Afshar circa 1890, unusual patterns, low pile, size is 177 x 130 cm
price:  POR
Luri Bagface, 48 x 59 cm., 19" x 23". Full pile, no wear, with well saturated all natural dyes and goat-hair ... read more
price:  € 250,-
a group of Basket Weave Containers possibly from Yemen or Saudi Arabia
price:  On Request
Khamseh pile rug. 50" x 81" 19th c. Full luscious pile. Retained kilim ends. Striking design with beautiful borders. The best saturated ... read more
price:  POR
Persian pile gashgai bagface, size 60x54cm
price:  250€ or best offer
2' 9" x 8' 9" Hamadan Quote includes shipping/U.S. 3 day returns
price:  750
17th Century Isfahan with shah abbasi flowers mounted on canvas size
price:  POR
Antique qashqai saddlebag in perfect condition,with gezel geychi pattern as qashqai's call it,Size:110x52 cm,
price:  Please ask
Antique Shahar Mahal Bachtiari rug round 1900 132 x 207 cm. All natural ... read more
price:  Sold
qashqai saltbag,in fine condition,needs a wash to showes better it's shiny colores.Size:60x45 cm
price:  Please ask
Persian kilim size 330x150cm
price:  Por
1890's special unique mahal collectors runner 3'4x15' 1890's special unique mahal collectors runner 3'4x15' Direct Contact Info: Bernard Zarnegin Interiors, Seestrasse ... read more
price:  starting bid $ 1.00
Shahsavan 280x118 cm
price:  Por
Old nw Persian rug measuring 5'6"x 13'6" that has been reduced in size, the two roughly 1'x 5'6" pieces that were removed ... read more
price:  Hmmmm
Old Qashqaii Qamse Rug Size.175x135cm
price:  por
Beautiful 19th century Music for the eyes Luri/Bakhtiar Sadle Front Bag Stunning mostly fullpile soft wool. Eye catcher Purple and other Natural colors. ... read more
Varamin Corridor rug 3.83m x 1.15m (12' 7" x 3' 9") in good overall condition and nice abrash. Price includes shipping.
price:  £750 GBP
19th Century Really Unusual Persian Melayer Rug.Which Is Great Ground And Border Colors Are Purple Not Black.Really Small Size 100 x 125
price:  Por
19th Century Persian Avshar Rug With Good Pile And Good Animal Details.It Has Sweet Small Size 117 x 162 Cm.Completely Original And ... read more
price:  Por
Afshar weft-float Chuval,pure wool natural color,124 x73 cm
Unusual Sarab Vaghireh. Great condition, camel ground, amazing shape and size cm.314 x 223 p.o.r. .
price:  p.o.r.
qashqai prayer gabbeh,Size:56x42 cm,not washed
price:  Please ask
Lori chanteh in fine condition needs a wash for a better shiny colores.Size:26x28 cm
price:  SOLD.thanks
Qashqai bag with charming colores and very strong tecknique.2 small repaires in corners of back kilim.Size:27x27 cm
price:  Please ask
Persian Pillow 125 x 65 cm
price:  On Request
a nice Malayer with nice pattern, size is 208 x 127 cm
price:  Sold, Thanks
Collectors Bakhtiyar rug, Early 20th century, size is 210 x 138 cm
price:  Sold, Thanks
Very thick and heavy Kurd Bidjar Kelleh circa 1900. Worn and a little raggedy around the edges, with some original selvedges on ... read more
price:  £575 GBP + ship
Antique bijar rug,around 90 years old,cutoff,size:530cm by 327cm
Fine Qashqai bagface. Good pile, better colors! Early example c. 1870. However, ragged all around. Certainly worth collecting.
Afshar bagface. Nice tulip design with an open field. 16" x 26", brown wool wefts; mixed wool and cotton warps.
price:  SOLD
Small Persian Tribal Serab rug - 3'6 x 5'1 - 107 x 155 cm. - all light brown pile is camel hair ... read more
price:  on request
Persian Heriz Runner - great size - 2'11 x 9'3 - 89 x 282 cm. as found - inexpensive!
price:  Sold
50 inches x 78 inches lovely old farahan-fereghan -feraghan- with a stain - not dry
price:  ask
Persian Mazandaran kilim size=285x120
price:  ask
12'x16' Lovely Antique Persian Bakshiesh Rug. size exact 15'6''x 11'9''. circal 1870.. very good pile all over ,no repair,no touch up.all original. ... read more
price:  POR
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