Persian + South Persian Tribal

Antique Serapi design Heriz 292 x 220 cm (9ft 5" x 7ft 4") 3rd quarter 19th century. All natural dyestuffs. Condition as ... read more
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Wonderful, colorful, antique, tribal piece of art Qashqai bag. Cm 65x70 ca. In very good condition. Try to spot all the animals ... read more
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Persian Serab runner. Some very small worn areas. All natural colors. Size: 38" x 106" - 96cm x 270cm.
price:  $575 includes shipping
Small Qashqai, possibly Kashkuli subtribe, very fine and exquisite weaving, 155 x 105 cm. All original with just a little wear to ... read more
price:  on request!
#7383 Tabriz This circa 1910 Tabriz measures 4’2” x 6’3” (128 x 192 cm). It has a hunting scene on a tomato red ... read more
Serapi-- 9.4 x 12. Opulent. Please call for condition Report. Check out abundant fresh posts on our web site: link
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Afshar rug 153x133cm Circa 1900 Worn
This is one highlight of our annual Advent Bazaar: 1044 Arabi khorjin half, Khamseh confederacy, 65/61 cm, sw Persia, 1st quarter 20th ... read more
price:  Very special offer: € 395.- !!!
North West Persian Kelley very important piece cm 220x580 cm early xix th century perfect conditions
price:  por
Large antique Afshar tribal rug from Southpersia with a very well drawn Boteh field pattern. Wool foundation, good quality. Size: ca. 305x165cm ... read more
Luri Bag, 1' 8" x 1' 6", Early 20th Century
price:  POR
Old Shahsevan Carpet Size.113x205cm
price:  Por
Paired Kerman Lavar 1870 circa in very good condition size 60x60cm
This is one highlight of our annual Advent Bazaar: # 1004 Qashqai Khorjin Half, 59/110 cm (opened), Southwest Persia, last quarter 19th ... read more
price:  Very special offer: € 550.-!!!
Antique dated ( 1911 ) Malayer runner, NR End of year sale on eBay link ,18 items without reserve.
price:  Sold ty
Qasqhay Bag Complete Size: 68x113cm (2.3x3.8ft) Natural colors, made in circa 1910
price:  €175
Very cool Afshar boteh chuval. c. 1870.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Bag front, probably Shahsavan. 32 x 25 cm All wool and natural colors. Pile (symm. knot) and plain weave. More info or ... read more
price:  Please ask
a nice old 10'x 14' Bijar in excellent condition. Thanks for dropping by!
price:  $3,995.00
original 1880's world class super rare serapi 6'9 x 11'2 we sell on ebay since 15 YEARS link 1880's world class super rare serapi ... read more
price:  auction start $ 1
antique lot no. 1907 : original 1880's pictorial hadjalili tabriz pharao's palace $ 1500
price:  $ 1500
original 1890s finest rich fine serapi-karaje runner 3'5 x 14'9 link sell on ebay since 15 YEARS link
price:  sold, thank you
antique 19 c ultra rare eye dazzler chamseh afshari rug link we sell on ebay since 15 YEARS link
price:  sold thank you
Qashqai Cushion, Late 19th century, Good condition with all natural colors, Not restored, Size: 60 x 60 cm. (24 x 24 inch).
price:  On request,
Lightblue Chamseh saddle, 19th century, great dyes and quality, fine weave. a velvety example. ca. 100x70cm
price:  please ask
#1c449 Hand made antique Persian Gashkai rug 3.8' x 5.2' ( 116cm x 160cm ) c.1920
Antique persian Serab rug?? Dated... Decorative And Awesome size of 3'3''x8'
price:  $1650
Qashqai Saddle-bag, Late 19th century, Great colors and pile, In original condition, Not restored, Size: 68 x 25 cm. ( 26.8 x ... read more
price:  On request,
Antique Kurdish Hamedan Size 4'6''x6'4''... As decorative as it gets. Reminds me of a Bakhshiash Minor low areas.
price:  $1500
$ 1 auction antique 1880's world class trans lori pampak - karachoff link sell on ebay since 15 YEARS link
price:  $1 starting bid
a large, 19th century Bakhtiari salt or tobacco bag with in tact and interesting back, lovely saturated color and shiny wool.
price:  $600
Antique Shekarlu Qashgai fragment amzing colors and wool size 90x45 cm Circa 1875
price:  250 $ incldng shpng
Persian Veramin "eye dazzaler" kelim size 2.00x1.30 excellent condition and colours.
price:  on application
Persian Quashgai tent band approx 13.00m long with stylized animals
price:  on application
Persian Afshar Saddle bag approx 1950's size approx 1.00x .50 excellent condition
price:  on application
Persian Afshar saddle bag age approx 1930's in excellent condition and a beautiful shinny wool size approx 1.00 x .50
price:  on application
Persian Shahsavan Mafrash Cradle, excellent colours, design and condition
price:  price on application
Antique Khemel design Malayer rug wonderful colors and excellent condition all original very good wool Circa 1900
price:  On Request
Persian Qoom rug wonderful colors and excellent condition all original and very fine ,size 3,20 x 2,28 cm Circa 1910-1920
price:  On Request
Antique ivory ground Southpersian Afshar rug, size: ca. 133x109cm / 4'4''ft x 3'8''ft little worn spots in the middle, otherwise good condition,
This is one highlight of our annual Advent Bazaar: 1024 Qashqai Khorjin, 56/108 cm, Southwest Persia, ca. 1900, complete double bag, outstanding ... read more
price:  Special offer: € 590.- + shipping!!!
Senneh Kilim 2,00 x 1,30 m, wool on Cotton , natural dye, very good condition
price:  600 €
Berber women's shawl cod. 0397. One of the items from my new website link Wool, cotton, traditional dyes. Supplementary patterning. Djlass Berber ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Pretty, colorful and finely woven South persian bag, approx. 48cm x 52,5cm, asymetrical knots opened right.
price:  160€
Persian Senneh Panel, Late 19th Century, 2' 1" x 3' 5"
price:  POR
.Small Southwest Persian Khamseh khorjin or saddle bag. Beautiful colors from all natural dyes. Symmetrically knotted. Size is 13" x 31" (34 ... read more
antique complete set of afshar bags with beautiful dragon and phoenix design. In good overall condition for an older example with original ... read more
price:  Sold
Luri - Qashqai pack animal band. Great full pile and silky high altitude wool. Size of the pile part 4" x 50" ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Antique Afshari 150 x 210 cm Natural Colors some wear ... read more
price:  130,00€+ship
Antique nw persian or kurdish rug 111x320 cm
price:  por
Persian Isfahan block print. Size: 32" x 35" - 89cm x 83cm.
price:  P.O.R
Antique Sumak Afshar kilim Fine quality Vegetable dye's Circa 1900 Size: 273x 157 cm P.O.R
Persian mini Afshar pile bag face. Great Variation natural colors. Size: 8.5" x 10" - 22cm x 25cm.
price:  P.O.R
Isfahan block print. The revenge of mukhtar". Size: 4" x 6.5" - 120cm x 200cm.
price:  P.O.R
Kamseh Bagface Size: 64x62cm Natural colors, made in circa 1910, there are moth bites at some small areas
price:  SOLD
Kuba large section fragment dated 1230 ah (1816 ad), 40" x 38". This example uses a Hamadan border motif which i have ... read more
price:  1250
Antique Persian Heriz carpet, very decorative, fine and clear knot quality. Size: ca. 411x307cm / 13'5''ft x 10'1''ft , this carpet has ... read more
antique northwest persian or kurdish rug. As found, very very dirty but mostly good pile and beautiful all natural colors. Old moth ... read more
price:  Sold
Saruk or Kirman, 19th c, damages, 79 x 56 cm
Small purple malayer 102x123 cm
price:  por
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