Persian + South Persian Tribal

Small Bidjar kilim. Ground light brown color is camel hair and has very small repair in it. Size: 23" x 33" - ... read more
price:  O.R.
Avsar Bird Rug size.170x130cm
price:  por
antique Mahal rug ca 1920 with gul Farangi type design size 203 x 141. Very good pile few old moth damages original kelim ... read more
price:  $500 + shipping
Shiraz Qashqai Bagface original piece very nice. size:47x50
price:  ASK
Persian Jaf Kurd bag face, 1-10 x 1-10 (.56 x .56), good condition, late 19th century, nice colors, i washed this piece.
price:  $450.00
Persian Heriz, 8-11 x 12-3 (2.72 x 3.73), circa 1920-30, very good condition, thick full pile, original twisted fringe(warps), original edges, one ... read more
price:  $2000.00
Persian Sarouk, Painted, 3-5 x 4-11 (1.04 x 1.50), circa 1920, very good condition, full pile, original knotted fringe, ends have ... read more
price:  $700.00
Antique Persian kerman rug low in pile no repair 210x130cm
price:  ask abut this
South Persian Afshar Rug Fragment 100 x 80 cm
price:  On Request
September Sale : Two very Charming Lori bag face from the same bag , C,19th
price:  270 euro
Old Afshar saltbag. Size: 46 x 50 cm. Very good condition.
price:  please ask
afshar fragment in an extremly rare condition! but with an interesting early design and saturated colors......
Qashqai or Shiraz large bagface with very nice colors and design,soft shiny lustrous pile,all original.E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 150.
Antique Luri pile bag face 18 in. x 18 in. All wool. Natural colors with beautiful blue-black indigo ground. Central medallion with ... read more
price:  POR
very nice small Kerman boteh design fantastic colors and Fine-textured,size 74x56cm
price:  Please inquire
Pair of small Heriz rugs circa 1920 with full pile and natural colors. Approx. 5x7...Will add size soon
price:  Ask please
Antique Persian Heriz carpet. Size: 8'x 11'8"
price:  Ask please
Antique Quashgai khorjin pair, in "as-found" condition. Silk highlights. 24in by 90in
price:  sold
Persian Kirman Shawl Fragment 45 x 38 cm
price:  On Request
Persian Tile, Qajar Period, 19th c. 10" x 10", center medallion and border details in high relief
Baktiari Salt Bag ca.early 20th cent. 14"x28" complete and original no repairs. Perfect condition with original handles. (rare)
price:  inquire
a beautiful antique Persian Resht embroidery. Dating to late 19th century, it is chain-stitched silk embroidered on a red wool ground. Resht ... read more
price:  On Request
This is one highlight of our current Autumn Exhibition sign and shelter ii: # 1040 Very rare Luri khorjin, ... read more
price:  On request!
Old persian Luri Gabbeh. 116 x 209 cm. Good condition. Ends open. Shirazi damaged.
price:  please ask
Malayer pushti, 92x64cms, from about 1930, soft colours, excellent original condition with even high pile throughout.
price:  650 euros incl. post
Qashqai large migration bag. One of the surviving old ones. Many of these and brocade and twill weave blankets are cut and ... read more
price:  O.R.
Heriz Serapi antique +100 yrs. Top condition Size: 4.00 x 2.95m (13.12 x 9.68 ft.)
price:  P.O.R.
Antique Bidjar / Iran +100 yrs. old. Top original condition with no areas of Restauration Size: 6.50 x 3.73m (21.33 x 12.24 ft.)
price:  18.300 EUR
Qashkai- Khamseh – small Kelleh rug. Great colors and condition. Saturated natural colors. Still has original ends and sides. Some camel hair ... read more
price:  O.R.
Amazing Niriz Afshar rug,,all natural colours,,size:119x92 cm 3.11x3 ft
very unusual near pair of mazlaghan rugs ca 1920 sizes 134 x 80 and 130 x 79 good condition they even have most ... read more
price:  ask
Senneh-- 3 ft 10 x 5 ft 5 inches. I'm thinking maybe 75 years old (give or take). Like most Sennehs finely ... read more
price:  SOLD
Luri (?) bag face-- 17 x 18 inches. Slightly rough but an honest and pretty little thing for not a lot ... read more
price:  SOLD
Northwest-- 4 ft 4 x 6 ft 10 inches. unusual piece but consensus opinion is that it is nw. Weave ... read more
price:  $375
September sale : Charming South Persian Nomadic bag face ( Afshar ! ) With Turkic culture's Tulips… very fine rug . Old.
price:  120 euro ! shiping included.
beautiful antique heriz serapi persian oriental rug.perfect colors great drawing full room size.for more info please send me an email.thanks
Hamadan Village-- 3 ft 2 inches by 4 ft. 9 inches Possibly from around Tuisarkan area. Attractive geometric medallion w/ soft ... read more
price:  SOLD
West/NW Persian-- 4.4 x 6. 8. Heriz area colors; weave is like Karaja. Good even pile; excellent condition. great all natural dyes. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Luri Bag Face-- 17 x 18 inches. At least i think this is Luri. Interesting old piece. Note that the little ... read more
price:  SOLD
Northwest Persian/Caucasian pile bag face, rare and unusual drawing, all wool, all good colours, cleaned, warp depression, blue wefts, 61 x 48
price:  On request
Bag face. Veramin area. circa 1900. Cm. 51 x 48. Very good condition.
price:  P.O.R.
South Persian Bag 33 x 18 cm
price:  On Request
Fereghan bag face. 16 x 21 inches. This was mistaken for an Afshar. That aint what it is. Note blue weft ... read more
price:  SOLD
West Persian Tribal rug 4 ft 2 inches x 6 ft 0 inches. Can anyone identify this strange smiling animal? Looks like ... read more
price:  HOLD
Saveh area Pomegranate rug-- 2 ft 5 inches x 4 ft 0 inches. My Persian friend tells me the world's best pomegranates ... read more
price:  SOLD
Very decorative antique Tabriz rug, good quality, beautiful navy blue ground color. Size: ca. 425x335cm / 14ft x 11ft link
Northwest Persian rug. 120 x 252 cm
price:  sold
Antique Qashqai size: 310 x 158 cm (10´1´´ ft x 5´2´´ft),
price:  On Request
The Rug Pickers find as found: a very uniformly thick 1930's (maybe older) Persian Sarouk, unmolested, mint...the thickest bugger I've ever ... read more
price:  $350.00 sold
Tabriz-- 6 ft 6 in by 9 ft 2 inches. Finely woven, Circa 1920s with vibrant, warm natural dyes. Arabesque design harks ... read more
price:  HOLD
Antique Qashqai kilim with a so called "eye dazzler" design. size: 315 x 175cm / 10'3''ft x 5'8''ft link
This last quarter 19th century Serapi measures 9’5” x 13’4” (289 x 406 cm). It is really beautifully drawn and the colors ... read more
price:  on request
Tribal Avsar Carpet size.300x190cm
price:  por
Luri Bakhtiyar Large Camel Bag,with all natural colors and nice design,good condition.Original backing and hooks.Size 4'4"*3ft.E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 300.
Lovely little Bidjar (Wagireh / sampler rug?). Beautiful drawing. size: ca 120x75cm / 4' x 2'5''ft Age: circa 1900 link
Decorative antique Luri rug from Southwest Persia with a large Size: ca 310x160cm / 10´2''ft x 5´3''ft link
Antique Serab Rug size.240x110 cm
price:  por
Antique Persian table cover Silver embroidery on velvet 130x130 cm p.o.r Thanks
Qashqai half khorjin, circa 1900, beautiful flat-woven back, some wear in the center. Please ask for additional photos.
price:  $225
Seneh bag face size: 42 x 53 cm
price:  P.O.R
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