Persian + South Persian Tribal

Qashkai tribal kilim migration cargo bag end panel. all wool with natural colors. Circa :1920s size 39" x 18" - 99 cm ... read more
price:  O.R
Northwest Persian Salt Bag, almost certainly Heriz district, circa 1900. An uncommon Northwest Persian salt bag. The multiple cotton wefts and flat, ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Afshar Saddle bags, complete! Weft substitution technique in the front panels and plain kilim back with some designs in felt-float brocading. - ... read more
price:  on request
Bahtiyar rug size 265x155cm
price:  Por
Bakhtiari tribe soumak saddlebag with a knotted-pile panel along the bottom of each West Persia, Circa 1890 size ... read more
price:  850-usd
Malayer 6'10 x 4
price:  Por
Bidjar Size 8 x 4'5
price:  Por
Bidjar Size 8'2 x 4'4
price:  Por
Bidjar, Iran, app 1900, 219 x 140 cm
price:  DKK 50.000,- (app US $ 7.300,-)
19th c. Lovely Small Afshar Bag size 30x34 cm
price:  On Request
Persian Heriz samplers. Size: 5" x 16" - 12cm x 41cm and 5.5" x 23" - 14cm x 59cm.
price:  P.O.R
small Afshar boteh bag with a kind of 'kufic' border, good condition with a few traces of use. 56 x 47 cm.
price:  sold
Antique South persia 205 x 172 cm. All vegetal color, good condition.
price:  POR
Antique Persian Kerman... Fine Weave... Fine colors.. Decorative. Minor low areas.
price:  $575
#1b431 Hand made antique Persian Kurdish runner 3.3' x 11.7' ( 100cm x 356cm ) c.1900
i think an arab khorjin from mish mass of varamin about 90 years old some small repaires can be seen in images.
price:  Please ask
Old Persian Bahtiyari Carpet Size:198x118cm
price:  Por
Good quality antique senneh carpet. Aprox. 8 x 5foot. Needs border repair but very beautiful. 19th century.
price:  650$ plus post.
Bidjar kelim with superb colors and unique array of animal motifs. Missing top border replaced by sewn blue denim.
price:  reduced to $950.-
Luri Bakhtiyari khorjin, 1'10" x 3'1", Circa 1900-1910. Wool and cotton. Natural dyes. Excellent condition. Front with brocaded tulip designs, striped back. ... read more
price:  POR
Super quality antique Afshar bagface. Circa 1875.74 x 46cm. Lovely colours and the best afshar wool. No repairs but some minor edge ... read more
price:  400$ plus post.
Beautiful Old Qashqai rug 9' x 6'.9". Good natural colors with classic three medallion design. Good condition with some low pile in ... read more
price:  SOLD
Qashqa'i double bag, shisha derma technique.
price:  Reasonable OBO
Fine Antique Oriental Rugs 6, The Azadi collection, Lot 122, Senneh carpet Persia, first half 19th century, 7ft. 10in. x 5ft. 0in., Condition: ... read more
Antique Persian Qajar period Textile with gold and silver thread,size 56x58cm
Unique Sarouk, 3' 5" x 4' 11", circa 1900
price:  POR
Kamseh Bagface Size: 65x53cm (2.2x1.8ft) natural colors, there is silk, made in circa 1910/20
price:  SOLD
Luri (Lori) bag face, 28" x 28" (72 x 71 cm), a kaleidoscope of brilliant color brings life to the simple floral ... read more
nice old kerman kirman. neeeds a nice wash. good condition and square size of 4 1/2 x 6 feet. useable on the floor ... read more
price:  $1000 OR B.O.
Persian Sarouk, early 20th century, 3-5 x 4-11 (1.04 x 1.50), very good condition, full pile, original knotted fringe ends, ends overcast, ... read more
price:  $700.00
This is a detail of a Qashqai jol-e-asb or ru-asbi (horse cover), with very strong iconography and provenance. Private viewing only, please.
price:  Please inquire
Very good Qashqai Tribal horse cover, size: 153 x 145cm excluding tassels.
price:  Please contact for further details.
Antique Persian Bidjar Halwai quality with a unique design, top dyes and wool, and excellent condition. Size: 4'8" x 6'10". Age: 1900-1910. ... read more
price:  please ask
Pair of khamseh bag faces in perfect condition,Sizes:60x83 & 58x75 cm
price:  on request
#1b189 Hand made antique collectible Persian Khamseh rug 6.4' x 9.9' ( 195cm x 301cm) c.1870
South West Iran Lori vanity bag. Sumak weave with saturated colors. Size: 12" x 15"(31cm x 38cm).
price:  P.O.R
Wonderful Persian Runner excellent condition all original size 4,90 x 0,95 cm Circa 1900
price:  On Request
Terrific old nw Persian piled mafrash panel. Very good pile. Super colors and cleaned by Bob Mann. Ready for the wall!! Approx. ... read more
price:  POR
Old Persian Pushti. 24 x 34 inches. Lovely old ivory ground piece of uncertain origin and i won't hazard a ... read more
price:  SOLD
Old super-fine Pushti. 21 x 22 inches. Genuinely old Persian piece of uncertain about origin and i won't hazard a guess. ... read more
price:  $285
Sarouk Fereghan Pushti. 21 x 31 inches. Fine. Thick. Minty with no apologies for condition. Little cutie. $20 ups to ... read more
price:  sold
Large bag. 30 x 26 Genuinely old Persian piece of uncertain origin. Maybe South. Double wefted on wool foundation. Thick. Plush. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Silk Persian Antique Brocade woman Cape.Size 160X104cm
Antique Heriz, 329 x 216 cm., 10' 10" x 7'1", ca. 1900. with soft colours. Missing its outer guard border and ... read more
price:  Sold ty
Afshar rug, ca.1880. Mint condition, kilim ends intact. 173x125cm. Inquiries:
price:  On request
Sumac bakhtiari big mafrash,not washed and needs small repaires.Size:108 x 55 x 68 cm
price:  Please ask
persian rug antique kashan good condition size 212x136
#1b223 Hand made antique Persian Shiraz rug 3.2' x 5.9' ( 97cm x 180cm ) c.1920
19th century Fine Afshar Bagface Size: 47x28cm (1.6x0.9ft) Natural colors
price:  €225
Beautiful bijar gol farang antique size 270x160
price:  1900 euro
antique veramin bagface. Nice large size and iconic drawing including little animals. High quality glossy wool. Couple little dime size holes and ... read more
price:  $225 or best offer
Afshar bag 1900 circa all color is good Size: 82x60cm
Sw persia nice lori basket ,Size:30 x 20 cm
price:  on request
Persian rug with prayings from Quran. Wool on cotton and some silk areas. Size: 4' 6" x 6' 8" - 138cm x
price:  O.R.
Kashan, wool, c.1900-1920 (?), Excellent condition, minor end wear, 82" x 52. Price on request
Beautiful 19th century Tribal Afshar Bagface as found very decorative and original without repairs..size 67 x 76 centimeters without back withback ... read more
price:  135 Euro
#1b430 Hand made antique Persian Karadjeh runner 2.10' x 8.10' ( 89cm x 272cm ) c.1920
Lori basket in fine condition.Size:30 x 20 cm
price:  on request
Afshar rug early 20 century. Good condition. Wool on cotton. Please ask for high defenition images. Measurements: ca. 208cm x 152cm.
price:  please ask
# 1088 Beautiful Qashqai Khorjin, 63/128 cm, Southwest Persia, last quarter 19th century, sides cut, some repairs, but full pile with wonderful ... read more
price:  € 1.400.- + shipping!
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