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Beauitiful Antique Persian Senneh Warp Silk Rug, ca. 1900, Already land from wonderland, 197 × 130 cm (6' 5" × 4' 3")
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Beautiful Sofreh (a), ca. 1950, 112 × 123 cm (3' 8" × 4' 0")
price:  €750.00
Prayer-Field Antique Turkish Ghiordes Rug, 19th Century, 175 × 130 cm (5' 8" × 4' 3"),
price:  POR
Signed and Dated Beautiful Antique Khamse Rug, ca. 1900, 200 × 143 cm (6' 6" × 4' 8"), Sign/Firma: Ordred by Mr. … The ... read more
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Small 18th c. Central Anatolian kilim fragment.
a "best of dogra" American market kani woven black center rumal. Fine weave, larger pieces, and broad palette without fade. ... read more
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Imo this piece is from the first half of the 19th c. The octogons are designed perfectly, there are plenty of colors ... read more
East Anatolian Yörük Yastık
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Ersari group Ensi in pretty good condition. Floor worthy for those who want to put rugs there. Hard to get colours right on ... read more
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Very colorfull Afshar bagface in good condition, all good natural dyes, complete, very reasonable, 19th c, 86 x 54 cm
Shehrisabz antique suznai fragment, several pieces put together, Size : 44" x 23" - 112 cm x 59 cm
price:  O.R
Persian Heris medallion fragment, size : 47 " x 32 " -- 120 cm x 81 cm
price:  O.R
Anatolian Kilim Fragment
price:  por
Turkmen Kızılayak Chuval
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Feraghan rug, Late 19th/early 20th century. Extraordinary colors, crisp design and pashmina-like wool. In perfect condition. 135 x 195 cm
price:  POR
Fine Tekke Turkmen Chuval, 70x113cm
price:  por
Antique Armenian Lori-Pambak . Size 230x205 cm Some wear!
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Antique Turkmen Tekke Rug Size 215x280 cm
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Tekke Engsi Turkoman very good condition, Size: 148x120cm
price:  450€
Original, rare embroidered headdress, with beading, silver coins and ear pendants. Kurdish , Khorasan , Northeastern Iran, Southern Turkestan. Note ... read more
price:  POA
Eastern Anatolia Malatya wedding kilim strip. Size is cm 88x372. Datable end 19th/early20th c. In mint condition. Great, natural colors. Lots of
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Shirvan, late 19th century, 4' x 8' 1"
price:  POR
Tampan Ritual Cloth Lampung, Indonesia Handspun cotton Natural Dyes Supplementary Weft Late 19c Perfect condition
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Likely mid nineteenth century Yomud Juval fragment…cut and in middle
price:  Ok
East Anatolian tuzluk( salt bag) Size=40x35 cm
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Antique ottoman turkish textile from İznik most likely 19th century 147x84 cm
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19 thc Anatolian turkish velvet yastık Size=96x42 cm 96x42 cm two pieces
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Swedish röllakan kilim, size: 42*31 cm
price:  280€ + shipping
#7491 Antique Serapi Persian Rug 9’5″ x 13’4″ Size: 9’5″ x 13’4″ (289 x 406 cm) Age: Last quarter 19th century
#7716 Antique Bakhtiari Persian Rug Runner 3’8″ x 16’3″ $4,800.00 Size: 3’8″ x 16’3″ Age: Circa 1890
Original 1860 edition of: a Practical Treatise On Dying and Calico-Printing Including the Latest Inventions and Improvements. This book is a ... read more
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Size: 180x423 cm, Central anatolia, Konya (Hotamis). I learn new information every day on this beautiful platform where i have been actively involved for ... read more
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Catalogue - Eberhart Herrmann Good condition. If you wish to see images with shots of some of the contents, please ask. $95 including ... read more
Antique Anatolian Bergama size 100x100 cm
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East Anatolia Kurdish sumak bag face with angora tufts, size 20 " x 19 "- 51 cm x 49 cm
price:  O.R
Antique Bordjalou Kazak - 242x137cm
price:  POR