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Uncommon Baluch rug with “Memling gul” lattice design. Complete and all original. Circa 1870. Beautiful color and drawing.
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Majestic Antique Peking Nichols Medallion Square Carpet with Dragon, 20th Century 265 × 255 cm (8' 8" × 8' 4")
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Amazing Antique Persian Lilian Runner, ca. 1900, 530 × 92 cm (17' 4" × 3' 0")
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Mask, Nepal. 25 cm.
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Antique Tibetan mantra printing block, 19th century. 26 x 23 cm
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South Caucasian or Northwest Persian Shahsavan Fragment of a Long rug with flowers on an ivory ground - could benefit from a ... read more
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Heriz Carpet Size : 286x390 cm
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a pair of antique Ottoman Curtains with wire break size of one curtain 55x270
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Perfect condition Shirvan Rug circa 1860/70 size 126x167 cm
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Persian Bagface Size : 62x68 cm
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Soumak technique double bags - about 9” x 25”. As found but still intact
Antique Baluch Rug size 73x110
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Antique Antep/Adana Reyhanli Kilim ~ 1880 85x365cm
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Antique northwestern Anatolian nomadic chuval. Karakeçili, Yüncü or Kubaş tribe. Mint condition. Authentic selvage sewings. Dimensions: 115 cm x 70 cm.
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Ziegler-Mahal Persian knotted circa in 1895 antique. 308 x 228 (cm) 10' 1" x 7' 6" carpet id: P-4135 The black knots ... read more
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Gorgeous and massive antique Sultanabad carpet 430 x 715cm / 14'3" x 23'0" In full pile with very minor restoration work.
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Attractive antique Karabagh runner, cut and shut with patches and some light mothing, otherwise lots of good pile. 106 x 402cm / ... read more
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Kyrgyz Felt, Mid 20th Century, 6'5" x 12'5"
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Turkman nine gul chuval- about 34” x 55”. Mostly evenly low pile with some foundation showing in central area. ... read more
Antique Tent band from Asia (probably Turkmenistan/Irn) 750x8cm
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Antique anatolian Kilim fragment (probably Konya / Kappadocia area). 1880 88x243cm
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Antique Aydinli/Karakecili Kilim fragment,.1890 90x165cm
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10’ x 7’1” Hereke Turkish Mugal Floral Fine Wool Rug [129] a beautiful Hereke Turkish carpet. Featuring a Mugal floral design, this ... read more
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Beautiful Baluch Rug with great colors, 3d like field drawing, glowing wool and in good condition! Contact for details
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Antique Lori Pambak 230x170 cm Some wear, both ends complete! Good age around 1900. and great look!
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Vintage fine quality tantric Kantha from Murshidabad district of West Bengal India 1900c. Depicting the kundalini snake in the centre, ... read more
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#7582 Antique Peking Chinese Rug Size: 12’1″ x 15’8″ (368 x 481 cm) Age: Circa 1900
beautiful antique Turkish kelim fragment with sea green ground size 140 x 80 cm probably Erzurum loosely mounted amazing colours fresh from ... read more
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Circa 1890-1900 Central Anatolian Konya Yastık Size.130x64 Cm
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Kozak/Bergama rug, 1850s or so. Great classic design harkening to classical 15th century rugs. This has decent pile and a repair in ... read more
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Old, rare and large Ushak kilim (384 cm. x 355 cm.) at bargain price! Some old repairs, backed with a fabric, very stable ... read more
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Antique Timuri Baluch Rug Size 215x125Cm
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Two old Anatolian paths, woven with wool dyed with natural colors.
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Ceremonial Ramayana And Krishna , Chintz Kalamkari , Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton, From Gujarat . India. India. c.1825 -1850. Exported to the ... read more
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3 nice torbas Take your choice an ikat design Ersari, uzbek or Mad /uzbek torba all are antique with natural dyes ... read more
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