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Tabriz Persian, knotted circa 1940, 215 x 328 cm, id: SL-4 The background color is ivory, all over design, thick pile, from up ... read more
price:  CHF 2'000.-
Kirman Persian, knotted circa 1935. 180 x 280 cm, id: SL-1 The knots are hand spun wool, the background color is ivory, all ... read more
price:  CHF 1'000.-
Kazak, nice rug with good colours. 240 x 120 cm.
price:  €550
Fachralo, great design, good colours size 215 x 135 cm.
price:  €950
Mid-19th Century Turkmen Chodor Main Carpet Size: 190x310 cm Please contact directly.
Antique Afshar. Low areas. 1'10''x2'5''
price:  $180
Old Kashan Carpet 8’10”x12’8” feet ( 2,67x3,87 cm ) very nice colors and nice conditions all original available if need any more ... read more
price:  On Request
Afshari, Bakhtiari, Luri?...your opinion? Sumack mafrash side panel. Cm 30x55 ca. Probably 1890 if not earlier. This bag travelled a lot in ... read more
price:  reasonable
Super velvety, saturated Turkmen rug fragment with two gul variants; temurchin guls and tauk-nuskka. This is an old one, most probably middle ... read more
price:  contact...
Size ; 160x363 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia.
price:  Ask
#7650 Antique Agra or Amritsar Oriental Rug From India Size: 9’10” x 14’1″ Age: 3rd-4th quarter 19th century
Antique Baluch prayer rug with an unusual amount of glowing blue. There's a nice aubergine with fluffy wool and a loose handle. ... read more
price:  Please ask
Antique Southpersian Afshar bagface with silk highlights in the center. Very nice collectors item. Size ca. 40x30cm / 1’3ft by 1ft' > link
price:  Please ask
An Rare And Unusual Tran-phul-bhat Patola Dupatta ,Silk Double Ikat.Probably Patan Gujarat.This Patola known as Tran-phul-bhat (there flowers design). This Patola is one ... read more
price:  On Request
Late of the 19th Century Caucasian Fahrola Rug. Size 136x170 cm. Please send me directly mail
Antique Shahsavan or south Caucasian soumak mafrach panel,42x53cm
price:  por
Allover Design Antique Mahal Carpet Size : 260x355 cm Please contact directly.
Charming example of a Shirvan Rug with an unusual border. Famed for their production of finely knotted close clipped rugs made with ... read more
Fine Persian Afshar boteh rug (Kirman area) > c. 1870-80. About 4 x 6ft. Good condition. All original, Including selvedges and kilim ... read more
Iconic Afshar chuval in distressed condition. Much more beautiful than most, however. c. 1870. Please email:
Beautiful and very fine flatweave Qashqai kilim sumac circa 1880,wool on wool all natural colors and perfect condition size 65x72cm
Anatolian Kurdish carpet 160x110cm
price:  Por
Caucasian Sumak Circa 1870’s Size: 220x275 cm Please contact directly.
Antique Persian Bidjar Gerrus long rug with Memling gul design, wool foundation. Age: 19th century, size: ca. 335x105cm / 11ft x 3'4''ft
price:  Please ask
Antique Kazak rug, Age: 19th century. Size: ca. 170x90cm / 5'6''ft by 3ft some condition problems but still a very lovely rug
price:  Please ask
Old Persian Rug 4’11”x6’3” feet ( 1,50x1,90 cm ) very nice camel Hair border and nice conditions all original available if need ... read more
price:  On Request
Laheriya Pagh(Turban) Worn During the Monsoon Fine Cotton Mull-Mull,Gold Paste.C.1900.Royals family Rajasthan India. Length 15 to 18 miter.(DSC05680).
price:  On Request
Powerful Armenian Dragon Sileh, 2nd half 19th c. a rare type woven in one piece that has four eyes on each dragon ... read more
Saryk Tent Band fragment, mid 19th century or earlier, size: 13.5" x 83". The band is in very good condition and ... read more
price:  Ask
Beautiful Antique Uzbek leather butchers knife sheath. Very rare piece. Collection piece. Offer reasonable price.
price:  P.o.r
Beautiful Antique Uzbek cross stitches belt. Excellent veg dyes colours. Perfect condition. The size is 13cm by 100cm.
price:  £149
Antique Uzbek silk wrap cotton weft Ikat panel. Good condition natural dyes colours. The size is 65cm by 185cm. Offered reasonable price.
price:  $249
Rare and primitive Pre-Columbian textile pendants. Researching the literature has yielded less than seven of this kind of textile and each ... read more
price:  inquire directly to
Tehran small rugs,
price:  €610 + shipping
Colorful Antique Bordjalou Kazak rug featuring lovely reds, greens, fine yellow highlights and a rare purple! Dynamic and beautiful. 5' x 7'
Antique Malayer carpet 10'2" x 13'6" / 307 x 416cm evenly low pile.
price:  Please Enquire
Full pile antique Karadja Serapi 11'6" x 15'10" / 350 x 483cm going for a song.
price:  Please Enquire
Size ; 105x197 cm, East anatolia, Adiyaman .
price:  Ask
Karapinar prayerrug , reentry design, in top condition, excellent colors, first half 19th
Late of the 19th Century Persian Avshar Rug. Size 110x135 cm. Please send me directly mail.
Akstafa Prayer Rug it has dated 1882 Size: 75x155 cm Please contact directly.
Early Tekke Main. Please ask for further information
price:  Please ask
Early Arabatchi or Chordor carpet fragment. You guys tell me.
price:  Email:
Beautiful 19th century middle Amu Derya region Ersari sub tribe Beshir Torba with good condition for its age.. All natural colours ... read more
price:  On request
Size ; 76 x 406 cm, West anatolia, Fethiye .
price:  Ask
Belutch Persian, knotted circa 1920 antique, collectors item, 145 x 85 cm, id: SL-7 The knots are hand spun wool, the warp ... read more
price:  CHF 325.-
This kilim has magnificent colors and was created aprox. around 1800. It is in very good condition for its age. It is ... read more
Turkman Tekke Torba Circa 1850 size 115x140 cm. Please send me directly
Early Cappadocia Fragment Size: 110x116 cm Please contact directly.
Mid 19th c. Fine Shahsavan pile bagface with very silky and lustrous wool and excellent color range. a realistic candidate for restoration.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Size ; 85 x 130 cm, Central anatolia, Konya (karapinar) Old fragment i cannot see the e-mails you send (system error). If you ... read more
price:  Ask
Rare mid-19th c Antique Bidjov Kuba Soumak. Great colors and very good condition. 5'1 x 3'1" (155 cm x 94 cm)
Caucasian prayer rug (Shirvan?), dated 1876….as shown; please check closely…. Checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred….. Thanks to rr for providing this site…..Ed Briggs Questions???…..please ... read more
price:  POR
Shahsavan Mogan Savalan sumack mafrash side panel. Cm 42x96 ca. Very rare. 4th quarter 19th century, but some say it could be ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Antique Caucasian Kuba rug from the village of Karagashli which is just north of Perepedil. link 1880. Size: 5ft 11in x 3ft 7in (180 ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Caucasian Gendje Rug Circa 1880 Size: 135x155 cm Please contact directly.
Fine antique Karabagh kazak rug. 19th century. Good condition with no repairs. Some slight corrosion to the field. Email enquiries to
Antique 'Kirman' Afshar rug of 'vase' design on an ivory ground. link 19th century. Size: 5ft 0in x 4ft 6in. (153 x 137cm). This is ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Lovely antique, small and fine Caucasian Bijov Rug in original condition and good dyes! 83X106cm.
price:  Sold
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