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Uzbek silk ikat adras, 1980s, 25sm x 92 sm
Uzbek silk ikat adras, 1910s, 27sm x 110 sm
fragmented Tekke Turkmen Ensi with silk highlights (and one knot of cotton)Very soft handle.
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17th century Lotto fragment. 94cmx18cm.
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Antique Khotan rug. 235cmx117cm. Early 19th.c. please email for more info.
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small symmetrically knotted Baluch rug with fantastic color (including three greens, several blues, pink, orange, purple and chocolate brown) and a simple ... read more
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Old/Antiq Banjara Indian textile known as a "Galla" used as a part of a woman’s headpiece to cover the back of her ... read more
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Rare Antique Afghan (Tora Bora?) Embroidered Wool Coat. Heavily embroidered all over with a black running stitch to produce a beautiful textured ... read more
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West Anatolian Cicim Kilim.All naturel colors and good condition.
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Antique Tibetan Wangden, warp faced back technique, meditation rug. Beautiful old colors that appear natural, in thick full file. 33 x 33 ... read more
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nice antique Baluch bag, late 19c. all wool and natural dyes mostly full pile original selvedges partly rebound, light and dark brown ... read more
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asa katazome noren, Japan, Meiji (circa 1880), cm 147x60. ‘Asa’ is akin of linen, and is the general term used in Japan ... read more
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South Persian Luri Tasheh Early 20th c. 3'3" x 2'7" With kilim, soumak and pile weaving.
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South Persian Tasheh Early 20th c. 3'3" x 2'6" With kilim, soumak and pile weaving.
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Tartary Kilim, Afghanistan, early 20th. century, size:5'9 x 14'9 (175 x 450 cm) Probably woven by an Uzbek group in northern Afghanistan. ... read more
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a good and very old Indian Amritsar carpet in 2 halves, apprx. 16' x 14'
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19th Century Lakai Embroidery Book cover (posh Quran), all embroided with naturel colours and Petit point (gul sheraz) a lovely piece, very ... read more
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Antique Anatolian Milas, with fantastic drawing,in good condition, and beautiful colors, size: 161x119cm take a look on my other listed items
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Antique Caucasian Akstafa, 19th Century, in very good condition and brilliant colors
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pre columbian basket highland tiahuanaco ca. 500 a.d. only known example with skull very good condition approx. 5" high
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pictorial navajo rug ca. 1910 , bisti-gallegos area excellent condition approx. 4' x 6'
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mapuche poncho chile , ca. 1900 natural,undyed sheeps wool excellent condition
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Silk Brocade, Chinese for Tibet, 18th. century, size: 2'1 x 2'9 (64 x 75cm), mounted Found in Kathmandu and probably from a ... read more
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antique mapuche poncho,chile ca. 1900 , undyed natural sheeps wool; very good condition
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Shirvan long rug,3rd-early 4th quarter quarter 19th century. 9'9" x 3'7" Even wear, rewoven ends, small repiled spots. Unusual blue background.
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Old Uzbek Lakai, very good condition, nice colours, very rare designe, size is 60/56 cms
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Old uzbek Lakai, in great condition, very fine embroidery on red felt, great condition, size is 62/42 cms, complet piece with its ... read more
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Safavid Silk Sash Fragment, Persia, circa: 1650, size:0'10 x 1'11 (25 x 58 cm) The textile came out of Tibet via Kathmandu. ... read more
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Pre-Columbian Nazca Poncho, Peru, 6th.-8th. century ad, size: 3'1 x 3'5 (92 x 103 cm) The piece is complete. It has been
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An Other Yomud Juval with Abstract Floral Elem & Erre Minor Guls
Early West Anatolian fragment, Bergama?, great graphics and color, professionally mounted on linen.
Ottoman 19th century or earlier brass safertas or food container. Cm 17x23h. Heavily decorated. Rare & beautiful. Few similar examples found in ... read more
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seljuk 12/13th century glazed ceramic bowl cm 14,5 iran/turkey very good condition -
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Ottomanian Chatma wonderful colours and very good condition size:1,24 x 0,61cm (2''0 x 4''1 foot) circa 1820
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Bordjalou Kazak, late 3rd-early 4th quarter 19th century. 8'2" x 5'10"; warm color palette. Even wear throughout, no foundation visible. One end ... read more
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