buthanese textile, wool on wool, around 1900. 136 x 67 cm, 53,54 x 26,37 inches
price:  por
Fine silk and gold head cloth Sonket Sumatra around 1900
price:  £90
The original tie-dye! Pre-columbian tie-dyed cloth panel. Middle Horizon, Wari-related, Nasca area, South Coast of Peru. a.d. 500 - 800. ... read more
price:  INQUIRE
Antique Baju Mesirat (embroidered woman's vest) from Sumatra, Indonesia, Aceh Province. Currently framed. Please ask for additional photos if needed.
price:  Please inquire
Abochhini Wedding Shawl from Sindh Region of Pakistan, India,Silk Embroidery on the Cotton,C.1900. Its size is 120cmX200cm(DSC02392 New).
price:  On Request
Indigo Phulkari From East(Punjab)India Called As Mughal Buti phulkari.Rare Design.Extremely Fine Phulkari.(DSL02320).
price:  On Request
a brilliant antique silk embroidered Uzbek belt from Shahrisabz ( Shakhrisabz ) region of Uzbekistan and dates to second half of 19th ... read more
price:  On Request
Russian roller-printed cotton cloth. Produced in Russia for export to Uzbekistan. Size:107x55cm / 42x22inc
price:  On request
Very fine Naga cloth
price:  £150
Very fine and delicate pre-Columbian textile in a gauze-like weave with discontinuous warp and weft. a.d. 200 - 800. The design ... read more
price:  INQUIRE
One of the highlights of the embroidery-craftmanships ... a ceremonial luxury wall hanging, so called Haiti, Morocco, mid 1800's Golden embroidery on ... read more
price:  please ask
Antique Peru or Bolivia(3 piece), no: 165, size: 97*34cm, pictorial design, wool on wool, wall hangings.
Turkoman tent band fragman very nice colors size 1,10 x 41 cm Circa 1900
price:  275+shipping
Suzani antiqe size:250x200-cm ask
price:  Ask
Here is an interesting Laki/Kungrat embroidered wall hanging. One of those family treasurers ... read more
price:  Sold - Thanks
Pre-Columbian Coca bag, (Chuspa). a.d. 1000 - 1400. Unusual white ground ceremonial coca bag from the Chuquibama culture of Southern Peru. ... read more
price:  Inquire
Jain Book Cover with cotton and Silk Tassels,Silver(Real) And gold(Real)gilt embroidery on the Gajji-Silk,.From Kutch,Gujarat. India.C.1900.Its size is 14X26cm,Inside Embroidered Broad size ... read more
price:  On Request
textile with metal thread 77cm diam.
price:  €100 plus shipping
Very elegant Rasht embroidery
price:  £180
#7518 Ottoman Prayer Tapestry This probably late 19th century Ottoman prayer tapestry measures 3’7” x 5’5” (112 x 167 cm). The deep maroon ... read more
Nice coptic Egyptian square ca 7th c. Framed textile size 19 x 20 cm. damaged but complete piece with good ... read more
price:  Ask
Silk Brocade Shawl woven at Thatta from Sind,kutch and Western Rajasthan India.C.1920. Worn by the Maldhari Cattle.Its size is 85cm x 226cm.(DSL02310).
price:  On Request
Abochhini Wedding Shawl from Sindh Hyderabad Pakistan, India,Cotton Embroidery on the Cotton,C.1900. Its size is 146cmX210cm(DSC02382 New).
price:  On Request
Lovely Phulkari, Bagh
price:  £450
Antique Anatolian Ottomania Textile size:96x94
price:  Ask Please
Antique Anatolian Ottomania Textile, Hagia Sopia Dizayn size:37x38
price:  Ask Please
a beautiful Ottoman silk and gold wrapped thread Lampas fragment (Kehma) ca 1570-80 probably Istanbul. size 24 x 17 cm stretcher Mounted ... read more
price:  Ask
17th Century or earlyer China silk brocade Panel fragment with bats and clouds Orginal selvedges 80 cm x 60 cm
price:  $por
Sashiko Noragi - Shonai Step and Weave One of the most visually arresting sashiko jackets from my collection. This sashiko noragi is from ... read more
price:  $1480
Sakiori Kotatsugake - Edo Era Indigo Rug Indigo sakiori kotatsugake, or hearth cover. 'Sakiori' is a woven fabric that is produced from worn ... read more
price:  $1500
Interesting Turkmen tent band, flat woven wool on cotton, 270 x 20 cm, 106 x 7.9 inch
price:  £150
An exceptional and fine example of antique silk and gilded metal embroidered Imperial Chinese Qing Dynasty (often pronounced Ching or Tsing dynasty ... read more
price:  On Request
Vintage real Zari brocade skirt from Benaras Uttar Pradesh India c.1900 rarely comes in pink colour usually comes in blue.the size is ... read more
price:  On request
An antique Ersari Beshir chuval face with scarce Ikat design. Good natural dyes and honest original condition with traces of slight wear ... read more
price:  POA
Banjara embroidery,ceremonial square Called As Dhavalo From Karnataka, Telangana,India.C.1940.Cotton,embroidered appliqué,cowrie and shisha work.Its size is 47cm x 48cm.(DSL02300).
price:  On Request
Antique Kirgiz felt,42 x 40 cm . link
Antique Suzani size 160x226 cm
price:  On Request
Paracas pre-columbian chancay Jaguar head band fragment size circa 3 cm / 36 cm any question please ask
price:  $300
Russian roller-printed cotton cloth. Produced in Russia for export to Uzbekistan. c.2nd quarter 20th century. This fabric was used either as the ... read more
price:  SOLD
Russian roller-printed cotton cloth. Produced in Russia for export to Central Asia. c.2nd quarter 20th century. This fabric was used as the ... read more
price:  #1: $60; #2: $150; #3: $125
An exceptional antique Central Asian silk embroidered horse blanket / saddle cover. Dating to the third quarter of 19th Century, this ... read more
price:  fair price
very beautiful throne seat from the qianlong era mid 18th century
Anatolia Istanbul Ottoaman talismanic Bokhca. silk couching embroidery on fine cotton. talismanic verses emrboidered as borders. Great colors and condition. minor tiny ... read more
price:  O.R.
Small fragment of Egyptian tapestry weave from 6-7th century. Human figures and some mythical animals are designed and woven in a small scale.
price:  Good price
19th Century Unusual Beshir With Great Ikat Design.Untouched One.Completely Original.Size 135 x 250 Cm
price:  On Request
Small saddle blanket carpet with basic cross pattern . Native American measures 28w x 41 l
price:  POA
Ikat panel 150x107 cm
price:  Por
a rare 17th century Chinese carpet measuring 10'10" x 9'. Battered but still retaining much of it's majesty. Dragons galore!! Please visit our ... read more
price:  por
antique Macedonians embroidery,size 30x27cm
Coptic tapestry weave fragment from Egypt, ca.6th century. I am not quite sure the iconography of this period, but it seems that it ... read more
price:  On request
Syrian silk dress with metallic embroidery. Circa late 19th Century. It has some small tears and one larger one about 5" - ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Phulkari from West(Pakistan)Punjab India Called As Rare Chand Bagh.Rare Design.Extremely Fine Phulkari.(DSL02290).
price:  On Request
a Cretan embroidery fragment. 19th century. Silk and metal thread on linen. Cm 45 x 38.
price:  380 €
Indonesian textile (Sumba), warp faced weave with design in supplemental warps, 137 x 43 cms (t013)
price:  USD190 including shipping
Ottoman praying felt. Wool and metallic embroidery on felt. Some small moth damages. Size: 37.5" x 63" - 96 cm x 160
price:  P.O.R.
Did cloth detail, Ivory Coast, entire cloth approx. 70x80cm poa
Zardozi kalabattu embroidery work velvet(real Zari) small carpet used in the royal nawabs families of Bhopal city of Madhya Pradesh India c.1900 ... read more
price:  On request
a beautiful antique Chinese Qing Dynasty silk textile with two dragons, dating to the 19th century. It is a very intricately woven ... read more
price:  On Request
Lecture: Saturday, April 7, 2018, Los Angeles: “More Was Lost: The Ottoman Turkish Influence on Austro-Hungarian Textiles and Costumes" with ... read more
Greek embroidery from Argos in Peloponnese, 19th c.89X27 cm. Cotton embroidery on a hand loomed cotton. Price 225 euro, plus shipping. sold
price:  225 euro, plus shipping
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