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September 7th, 2013 I am now living and working in London, and I have taken a warehouse at the Park Royal Oriental Carpet Centre. Please feel free to visit me there if you are coming to London. An appointment is advisable. I have a new mobile number for the UK: +44 7747 610 248 if you are interested in 19th century and earlier oriental carpets, runners and rugs with rich colours; Also highly collectable rugs and trappings, please come by to see me, you are very welcome. The things on my website will give you a good idea of the type of stock I keep. Please feel free to write me at if you are interested in any of my listings.

  • Eagle Kazak circa 1880 in full pile but with scattered old repairs that need improving. Can be used as is. 3'7" x 6'6"
    price:  GBP £3750 + shipping

  • Early 20th century Tekke rug, clean, ends secured. Low pile. 4'11" x 7'9" / 150 x 235cm
    price:  GBP £950 + shipping

  • Velvety 3rd quarter 19th century Tekke Wedding rug, in excellent pile, with magenta silk highlights 3'7" x 4'7" / 108 x 138cm
    price:  please enquire

  • Early 19th century Karachopf Kazak in as found condition. Available as is, until my repairer can come from Turkey- very soon! 5'6" x ... read more
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Really superb Karachopf Kazak circa 1840, in full pile, minimal old repair, and new overboard sides. Has the sweetest shade of pink-red. ... read more
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Elegant 19th century Serapi Heriz in excellent, original condition. Minimal repairs, high pile. 9'1" x 11'10" / 276 x 361cm
    price:  Please enquire

  • Small And very fine Ziegler & Co rug 4'9" x 6'6"
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Fantastic full pile Karabagh runner, late 19th century 117 x 508cm / 3'10" x 16'8"
    price:  Please enquire

  • Mid 19th century Kazak prayer rug, inscribed 'Allah' twice in the prayer arch, with date 1268 or 1851- thank you to those ... read more
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Beautiful natural dyes in this mid 19th century kagizman fragment. Mostly good pile, original sends, one end is cut and shut and ... read more
    price:  GBP £475 + shipping

  • Lovely old fine caucasian, Talish-esq, but with red wefts and the field full of widgets and flowers. Unusually fine and well drawn ... read more
    price:  £600 + shipping

  • Mid 19th century Shahsavan rug fragment approx 3'3" x 8'8" / 100 x 250cm
    price:  GBP £500 + shipping

  • Lovely old tribal Turkish village kilim fragment circa 1850 approx 5' x 6' or 150 x 180cm
    price:  GBP £200 + shipping

  • Antique Meshkin rug in good condition. Showing slight wear, this rug has been professionally cleaned and had all sides secured. Ready for ... read more
    price:  GBP £550 + shipping

  • Ca 1900 Shirvan area rug, all natural dyes, good pile. Needs one short section of overbidding replacing- original sidecords are gone- and ... read more
    price:  GBP £550 + shipping

  • Big 19th century Karachopf Kazak with lovely and unusual colours. Good pile but needs some holes fixing and edge work. 5'3" x ... read more
    price:  GBP £950 + shipping

  • Really love old wreck. Not for the floor, but to be hung on the wall and admired this circa 1875 Caucasian rug ... read more
    price:  GBP £400 + shipping

  • Serab/Hamadan dated, with lovely soft camel field. Colours have come out quite strong in these pictures, the reality is much lighter and ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • Lovely 'Nim' Suzani 100 x 143cm in perfect condition.
    price:  GBP £5,800 GBP approximately $8,000 USD

  • Skyros fragments patched together. 18th century. Approx 25 x 40cm
    price:  GBP £1,250

  • Sweet small Kerman mat 60 x 81cm or 2'0" x 2'9". Very attractive mid blue ground colour, good condition.
    price:  GBP £275 + shipping

  • Mint condition antique Fachralo Prayer. Totally untouched. Brown corrosion. Original pile allover, original sides, original kilim ends both ends. Wonderful abrash. a ... read more
    price:  GBP £8,500

  • Floppy, early Ersari-Beshir juval with Ikat design. Delightful colour and handle. An exceptional rug sadly worn, cut and missing both sides. However, ... read more
    price:  GBP £600 + shipping

  • Richly coloured antique Kurdish juval face, with a wonderful chocolate-purple ground colour. Thick, lustrous pile, zero repair, a joy to the ... read more
    price:  GBP £1850 + shipping

  • One of a pair of beautiful antique Ghiordes kellehs in perfect condition 160 x 339cm / 5'0" x 11'6"
    price:  GBP £7,500

  • Very fine antique Ersari chuval fragment. Lovely red and light blue. Small highlights of yellow. Good pile apart from the missing ... read more
    price:  GBP £200 + shipping

  • Small 19th century Lesghi star Kazak with attractive, crisp colours. 3'7" x 4'4" / 109 x 133cm
    price:  GB £175 + shipping

  • 19th century Karabagh Kelley in excellent condition 195 x 590cm
    price:  GBP £12,000 (inc sales tax)

  • Very fine Mid 19th century Yomud Tree Asmalyk, in excellent condition. 127 x 77cm
    price:  GBP £3,950

  • Superb Shah-savan bagface, early 19th century.
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Antique Oushak 11'10" x 16'1" / 361 x 490cm in great condition
    price:  please enquire

  • Memling Gul Kazak runner, in full pile, with fuchsine. 108 x 282cm / 3'7" x 9'4"
    price:  GBP £2,750 inc VAT or £2,290 export (Approx $3,200 USD)

  • Attractive Heriz circa 1910/20 in good condition 9'9" x 12'10" / 298 x 390cm
    price:  please enquire

  • Big piece of the field of a beautiful Ziegler-Mahal carpet. Worn, with some colour run from something else around the edges. Professionally ... read more
    price:  GBP £600 + shipping

  • Rare and beautiful blue field Chelaberd Kazak, in good condition. 4'9" x 6'2" / 147 x 186cm Please email for more pictures If you ... read more
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Early 19th century Turkish Kilim fragment approx 80 x 60cm
    price:  GBP £250 plus shipping

  • 19th century Kuba long rug approx 3'5" x 8'10" restored and in showroom condition now. Please enquire for more pictures and information, ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • 17th Century Game Park Tapestry approximately 9' tall by 8' wide. Beautiful colours, lined and ready to hang, Please contact directly at ... read more
    price:  contact directly at

  • Gorgeous antique Oushak 11'3" x 15'7" / 343 x 475cm Please email me at as i do not always receive RugRabbit messages, ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • Fine antique Bidjar Kelleh, 5'7" x 11'9" / 171 x 358cm
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Soft coloured Karaja runner circa 1920 3'6" x 17'7" in great condition, clean, flat & straight, ready for your floor.
    price:  GBP £1600

  • Delightful Yellow silk Chyrpy sleeve fragment, mounted. Frame 13" (at widest point) x 38"
    price:  GBP £950 Plus shipping

  • 19th century nw Persian runner in excellent original condition. 14'8" x 3'3"
    price:  GBP £2,200 plus shipping

  • Very decorative Heriz carpet (yes, really!) 12'2" x 18'11" / 370 x 576cm
    price:  GBP £22,500

  • 16th century 'Feuilles-de-Choux' tapestry fragment, mounted. With thanks to all my customers and wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
    price:  Not For Sale

  • Green field Talish area Caucasian long rug, sold in situ.
    price:  Sold

  • Narrow Gorevan runner, full pile, looking great in a small hallway. 2'3" x 8'4" Available, please enquire for more pictures and pricing information, ... read more
    price:  sold, thank you

  • 19th century Karabagh Kelleh with cochineal ground colour and marvelously abrashed light blue border. 7' x 20'6" In low pile with minor ... read more
    price:  Please enquire