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September 7th, 2013 I am now living and working in London, and I have taken a warehouse at the Park Royal Oriental Carpet Centre. Please feel free to visit me there if you are coming to London. An appointment is advisable. I have a new mobile number for the UK: +44 7747 610 248 if you are interested in 19th century and earlier oriental carpets, runners and rugs with rich colours; Also highly collectable rugs and trappings, please come by to see me, you are very welcome. The things on my website will give you a good idea of the type of stock I keep. Please feel free to write me at if you are interested in any of my listings.

  • Mid 19th century or earlier 'Snake' Beshir rug, reduced in size, patched and with old repairs. Very handsome devil though, with the ... read more
    price:  ebay

  • Antique Bergama rug ca 1900, nice pale colours and square size 4'10" x 5'6" / 147 x 168cm. With wear and some ... read more
    price:  GBP £600 / $720 USD plus shipping

  • Colourful, fine, huge old Beshir chuval 2'10" x 6'0" circa 1850. a real colour riot! Trimmed sides, wear and moth damage. Probably some ... read more
    price:  Don't ask.

  • 18th century Chinese runner fragment, re-purposed into a rug size. Verly lovely opposed dragons in the medallions. 2'7" x 5'2"
    price:  GBP £600 + shipping

  • Small antique Ghiordes Oushak rug in full pile. 2'6" x 4'2" / 76 x 127cm. Love those pale colours!
    price:  GBP £375 + shipping

  • Full pile and very fine antique Belouch, depressed warps make it as strong as a tank. Fabulous wool, rich natural dyes. Excellent ... read more
    price:  GBP £950 INC shipping worldwide

  • Heriz runner ca 1930 3'3" x 14'10" Thin pile, great soft colours and lovely yellow border. No repairs and still very strong, ... read more
    price:  GBP £775 plus shipping

  • Unusually bright Ghiordes rug, circa 1800. approx. 4'7" x 11'
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • 19th century nw Persian runner in excellent original condition. 14'8" x 3'3"
    price:  GBP £1,150 plus shipping

  • Antique Mahal carpet circa 1900 in full pile, no repairs, only missing two rows from one end. Everything else original. 12'0" x
    price:  Please enquire

  • Shahsavan striped kilim with vivid natural dyes and minimalist design. In excellent condition 5'7" x 10'4" circa 1875
    price:  Please enquire

  • Nice fine Tekke 'Dip Khali' Wedding rug 3'0" x 3'5"/ 91 x 105cm. In good pile, needs an endstop, and has rebound
    price:  GBP £375 + shipping

  • Beautiful Feregahn carpet fragment, circa 1850. Basically a piece of the field from a much larger item. Still a good size, 5'9" ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Kurdish Mina Khani rug circa 1880, filthy, as found, with primitive repairs to the edges and field. 3'10" x 6'7"
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Fantastic mid 19th century Karadja runner 3'5" x 12'7" in extraordinary full pile, original ends and sides. Please contact for price and ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • Gorgeous 19th century Genje rug, in full pile 3'7" x 7'10" / 110 x 238cm
    price:  Please enquire

  • Very unusual Serapi carpet 9'7" x 11'9" ca 1880
    price:  Please enquire

  • Very decorative Heriz carpet (yes, really!) 12'2" x 18'11" / 370 x 576cm
    price:  Please enquire

  • Mid 19th century Shahsavan soumac bagface. Superb example. 2'0" x 1'9.5" in excellent condition with one small, faded old repair.
    price:  Please enquire

  • 16th century 'Feuilles-de-Choux' tapestry fragment, mounted. With thanks to all my customers and wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
    price:  Not For Sale

  • Small 19th century pirot kilim fragment. 102 x 132cm. Missing end borders!
    price:  GBP £125 + shipping

  • Serapi 10'7" x 18'0" 322 x 550cm
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • This beautiful runner has just been uploaded on my site link Worth keeping an eye on!

  • Richly coloured albeit dark shades, superb wool on this South Persian bagface. 2'0" x 2'2" in full pile. Organic dyes.
    price:  £275 GBP

  • Small Heriz rug 2'5" x 3'7". Low pile but very pretty!
    price:  GBP £575

  • Green field Talish area Caucasian long rug, sold in situ.
    price:  Sold

  • Narrow Gorevan runner, full pile, looking great in a small hallway. 2'3" x 8'4" Available, please enquire for more pictures and pricing information, ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • Stunning Transcaucasian runner circa 1880 12'6" x 3'3" Please enquire for more pictures and pricing information, thank you.
    price:  Please enquire

  • Highly collectable old Seychour rug circa 1860 with a sparkling range of pure natural dyes perfectly contrasted on the corroded black field. ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Stunning Golden Yellow Kuba rug 5'2" x 3'6" in full pile. For more information, look here link Thank you!
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Superb small Afshar rug circa 1860. For more information, please look here: link
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • 18th century Silk embroidery fragment from the Greek island of Rhodes. This was part of the bridal tent. Many long panels were ... read more
    price:  GBP £625 + shipping

  • Fantastic Mahal carpet with huge round blossoms on a very pale blue background. 8'1" x 12'5" / 246 x 377cm
    price:  Please enquire

  • Superb Jaf Chuval circa 1880. Full, thick pile allover and fantastic colours. 2'7" x 4'5"
    price:  Please enquire

  • Narrow Karadja runner circa 1930 in good condition, clean and all sides secured. Pretty tomato red ground colour and mid blue border ... read more
    price:  GBP £750 inc UK shipping

  • 19th century Karabagh Kelleh with cochineal ground colour and marvelously abrashed light blue border. 7' x 20'6" In low pile with minor ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • Manzandaran quilts, enquire for more pictures and information, thank you.
    price:  Please enquire

  • Kurdish bagface, full pile, beautiful patination and natural dyes. Several small holes.
    price:  Please enquire

  • Ziegler Mahal circa 1900 415 x 320 or 13'6" x 10'7" Low pile, showing some wear, no holes or repairs. Please contact ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • Small, narrow Gorevan runner, Heriz district of North West Persia, circa 1920. In full pile, with no repair, all original, save for ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • Handsome, fine antique Heriz carpet circa 1900, with light blue main border, rich red field and highlights of green and yellow. In ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • Antique fine Karabagh runner, circa 1890, with cochineal field and lively stylised botehs allover the field. i like the naively drawn oak ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Tibetan Tiger rug, circa 1930, 2'10" x 5'6". See Mimi Lipton for similar. In excellent pile with mild discolouration and a few ... read more
    price:  Please enquire

  • 19th century Kurdish runner with a lovely abrashed emerald green border and regular repeat yellow and red medallions on a midnight blue ... read more
    price:  GBP £3,250

  • Kirsehir rug, Western Anatolia, circa 1850. Nice old little rug, with striking graphics which still read well despite the wear. 4'6" x
    price:  GBP £290 + ship

  • Fine Narrow Heriz runner, circa 1920. 2'8" at the widest point by 10'7". Full pile.
    price:  GBP £2,800 GBP

  • 16th century 'Kilim design' oushak rug outer border 10 x 300cm
    price:  GBP £500 inc UK shipping

  • Early 20th century Jajim, striking piece, approx. 8' x 6'
    price:  On polite request