Shahsavan kilim khorjin. 3'9" x 1'10". 19thC. Wool. Beautiful and unusual natural color palette. Excellent condition.
price:  POR
Antique Shahsevan Kilim Size.105x48cm.52x52cm
price:  Por
Finely woven Shahsevan reverse sumak khorjin face, 19c.
price:  SOLD
Shahsavan wild bunch. Yesterday a friend of mine, a collector, passed by and wanted to see some Shahsavan pieces. Here some of ... read more
price:  please inquire
Shasavan? 97 x 39 cm, in great condition on
price:  sold
Shahsevan eagle sumack 21 1/2" x 26" 54.61 cm x 66 cm 19th cen. great colors my ... read more
price:  POR
a collectible Shahsevan ! what Els.
price:  Sold ! Thanks.
Antique Shahsavan Rug Size.202x105cm
price:  Por
Lovely Shahsevan bag in great condition , beautiful and fresh colors ! variant details on , 19Th century . size : 56x57cm
price:  SOLd ! Thanks.
Southern caucasus mafrash side panel, 96 x 46 cms, brown wool warps, wool extra weft wrapping but cotton foundation wefts, extensive oxidisation ... read more
price:  USD220 including shipping
Shahsavan end panel, Central Azarbayjan, 23" x 23", the principal design element in the three primary field panels is what Tanavoli calls ... read more
price:  $2,000.00
Shah Savan Soumac Mafrash end panel, late 19th century, 1-6 x 1-9 (.46 x .53), good condition, weft wrapping technique, plus shipping.
price:  $600.00
Antique Shahsavan Horse Cover Size.185x108cm
price:  Por
Sumak mafrash side panel, 102 x 43 cms, maybe Shahsavan, maybe Caucasian, unusual honeycomb design, all good saturated colours, needs cleaning, some ... read more
price:  USD285 including shipping
Mixed technique mafrash end panel, 46 x 53 cms, nw Persia – flat weave and sumak – superb glossy wool and good
price:  USD220 including shipping
Shahsavan pile bagface. Very good condition except for a few small spots of wear. Easily restorable. Circa 1870-80.
Shahsavan pile bag face, 48 x 42 cms, excellent rich colours, glossy pile of good length, a pleasure to handle and behold.
price:  On request
Colour bomb carpet fragment, maybe Shahsavan, nwp for sure, 210 x 100 cms, an amazing range of colours that have survived well. ... read more
price:  On request
Shahsavan sumack khorhin bag face. Cm 60x60 ca. Late 19th c. Very interesting piece. Needs some restoration.
price:  please inquire
Shahsavan soumak bagface fragment - about 19" x 22". 'as found' condition. floppy handle, wonderful design and color. unravelling ends/sides and ... read more
Shahsevan mafrash panel. Size: 1.08 ft x 3.04 ft - 58 cm x 130 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
19th century Sumak Bag Face, bold design, finally woven, excellent condition with clear saturated colors. Price: $4,500
price:  4,500
Shahsevan kashkodan – spoon bag. 19 th century, reverse sumak weave and natural colors with a little early fuchsine dye which indiactes ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Shahsavan Carpet size 370x100cm
price:  Por
Shahsavan bag face size:52x47 Cm :20x18 ich...
price:  on request
Shahsavan tribal Salt bag. Whites are cotton, in great condition , all natural dyes. Circa late 19th cent. Size : 20" x ... read more
price:  O.R.
Antique Shahsavan Sumak Panel two pieces Size.118x100cm
price:  Por
Early,ca.1850 Shahsevan Khorjin fragment. Exceptional colours! Rare early survivor. Inexpensive!
price:  on request
Shahsavan side panel, Khamseh region of northwest Persia, 31" x 18" (78 x 45 cm), again, brilliant color is the salient feature ... read more
price:  On Request
Shahsavan khorjin panel, most attribute this weaving to the Khamseh region of northwest Persia, others to the Mianeh-Bijar area, circa 1880, 22" ... read more
price:  On Request
shahsavan soumak side panel - about 42" x 19". Great color. Fine weave. Some scattered small repairs. $290/Best Offer
price:  $290/best offer
Antique Sahsavan Sumak Panels size.46x100cm 48x50cm
price:  235 $ including shipping
Shahsevan small panel size 47x50cm
price:  Por
Old Sahsavan Mogan Bag Face size.50x62cm
price:  375 $ including shipping
Antique Sumak panel wonderful colors and very old , white is cotton other all wool and wool Circa 1880
price:  On request
Shahsavan small bags
price:  Por
Shahsavan/Khamesh khorjin bag face. Cm 50x60 ca. Second half 19th century. a bit worn out, but still great. The back photo gives ... read more
price:  please inquire
shahsevan bagface 1860 circa,size 45x44cm
Northwest Persian flatwoven bag. Probably Kurdish. Not quite ' reverse sumak '. One side is flat while the other is more textured. ... read more
price:  $495
Shahsevan Bag Face size 37x58cm
price:  Por
Antique Shahsavan Sumak Bagface Two pieces Size.57x54cm57x52cm
price:  Por
Antique Shahsevan sumak mafrash panel Very fine size 1.04cm x 0.42cm
price:  ask
Small Caucasian sumak chanteh with Lesghi star. (8.5 x 8.5in /21 x 21cm) c. 1850. Excellent condition. Rare tribal piece.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Shahsavan panel size 50x107cm
price:  Por
shahsevan mafrash side panel circa 1880 size 105 x 65 cm
Shahsavan Side Panel, Soumac. 37" x 19".
price:  por
Shahsavan bag face 54x53cm
price:  Por
Shahsavan bag face size 54x54cm
price:  Por
very fine Shahsevan sumak Mafrash Panel 1880 circa,size 40x50cm
Shahsevan aria khamseh Embroidered in wool on cotton 1870 circa.size 64x21cm
Shahsavan eagle sumack khorjin bag face. Cm 60x60 ca. Datable 1850s. Natural dyes. Condition as you see. Find a similar example in ... read more
price:  please inquire
sumak bagface - about 26" x 24". small one inch old repair in center and a few inches of some spot ... read more
Shahsavan fragment, professionally mounted on canvas. Lovely graphic and good age.
price:  P.O.R
Antique sumak mafrash.1,45x1,13cm 4'7x3'7ft
small Shahsevan sumak bag, probably a chanteh with added tassels and strap. size is 1'x1'. inv# 17691. Collection of Dr. and Mrs. ... read more
price:  $1200
Shahsavan Runner, South Caucasus, 19th Century. 3.8 x 11 Ft (112x330 cm)
Shahsavan sumak mafrash side panel. Early 19th c.
price:  Reduced!
Persian shahsavan Rug size 210x125cm
price:  Por
Lovely Small Sumach circa 1870 size 26x37 cm as found it
price:  Ask please
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