Najib has been fascinated with the beauty of weaving art since he was very young. It was during his studies at the University of Hamburg when he became more involved in the tradition of weaving art and rugs as cultural artifact. His researches also led him to the rug origin countries. Within the years he developed a special view for vintage pieces. Today Najib is recognized world-wide for his professionalism and knowledge. He contributed items to some of Germany´s and Europes most important collections. Najib´s goal is to convey the spirit and magic of rugs. In a time when rugs are often seen as a flooring material or as an ordinary object of utility, Najib´s effort is to preserve and save rugs as a cultural artifact. His main focus is on rugs as objects of art. Najib´s gallery is located in Maimoorweg 56, 22179 Hamburg, Germany. Beside tribal and village rugs and bags he also offers classical rugs, decorative roomsize carpets, rare collector´s pieces and textiles.

  • a lovely small antique Persian Bidjar rug, size: ca. 160x110cm / 5'2''ft x 3'6''ft
    price:  650Euro + shipping

  • Bed of roses: Antique Kurdish Bidjar Gerus rug, age: 19th century. Beautiful colors including a very nice pistachio green. Wool foundation, size: ... read more

  • Antique Afshar rug from Southpersia, size: 200x165cm / 6'6''ft by 5'4''ft, lower pile in the middle, otherwise good condition.
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  • Antique Persian Hamedan runner, nice vintage look. Size: 295x88cm / 9'7''ft by 2'9''ft
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Luri Bakhtiary tribal rug from the 19th century, beautiful yellow ground color, wool foundation. Size: 390x174cm / 12'8''ft x 5'7''ft, good

  • Antique Persian Heriz / Bakhshayesh carpet, very decorative. Age: circa 1870. Size: 550x350cm / 18'1''ft x 11'5''ft

  • Antique Caucasian rug from an old German collection, good age, very nice colors and beautiful tree border. Age: 19th century. Size: ca. ... read more
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  • a highly decorative antique Persian Bakhtiary carpet, beautiful colors. Oversize: 510x390cm / 16'8ft by 12'8ft Joshaghan inspired design
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  • Antique Persian Bakhtiari tribal rug woven on a wool foundation. French flower or so called Gol Farang design. Size: ca. 410x118cm / ... read more
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  • Antique Shekarlu Qashqai rug from Southwest Persia, all natural colors. Age: 19th century. Size: ca. 270x150cm / 8'9''ft x 5ft very nice ... read more
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  • Fresh arrival from an old German estate: Antique Chinese Peking carpet with a beautiful sky blue ground color. Size: ca. 325x245cm / ... read more
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  • Antique Northwest Persian (Kurdish?) runner, 19th century, beautiful camel ground color. Size: ca. 350x100cm / 11'5ft x 3'3ft
    price:  Please ask

  • a very nice small Ersari wedding rug, age: circa 1900. Size: 170x125cm / 5'6''ft x 4'1''ft Nice pale colors and vintage ... read more

  • Antique Afshar rug from Southpersia, nice sky blue flower border, well drawn Boteh design on a black field. Size: 235x145cm / 7'7''ft ... read more

  • Antique Turkmen Kizil Ayak Ensi from the 19th century.
    price:  Please ask

  • Antique Turkmen Saryk Ensi, age: 19th century. some condition problems but still a very nice collector´s piece. Reasonably priced
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  • a lovely small antique Chinese Pao Tao rug, good condition. Size: 150x95cm / 5ft x 3'1''ft Would make a great wall hanging
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  • Fine antique Persian Senneh rug, beautiful camel ground color. Inscriptions inside the minor border, size: 200x130cm / 6'6''ft x 4'3''ft

  • Antique Persian Bidjar runner, age: 19th century. Wool foundation. Size: ca. 300x105cm / 9'9''ft x 3'4''ft
    price:  Please ask

  • Beautiful antique Southpersian Qashqai kilim, 19th century, all natural colors. Size: 315x175cm / 10'4''ft x 5'8''ft
    price:  Please ask

  • a lovely Chinese pictorial rug with deers and birds. Size: ca. 150x95cm / 5ft x 3'1''ft

  • Antique Turkmen Yomud Chuval with Memling Gul design, age: 19th century. Size: ca. 115x70cm / 3'8''ft x 2'3''ft nice collector´s piece

  • Beautiful antique Indian Agra rug, size: 275x175cm / 9'1''ft x 5'8''ft
    price:  Please ask

  • Antique Persian Malayer rug, size: ca. 240x160cm / 7'9''ft x 5'3''ft

  • Look at the lions and giraffes in this playful and lovely antique Persian Bakhtiary tribal rug, size: 195x120cm / 6'4''ft x 4ft
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  • Lovely antique Ferdows Baluch rug with animals, size: 150x95cm / 5ft x 3'1''ft Very nice collector´s piece.

  • Antique Ersari rug, soft and glossy wool, very nice rust brown primary color. Size: 205x110cm / 6'8''ft x 3'7''ft

  • Antique Persian Veramin grainbag, finely woven in Sumakh technique. Size: ca. 86x73cm / 2'8''ft x 2'4''ft

  • Antique Salt bag or so called "Namakdan" woven by Afshar tribes of Southpersia in Soumakh technique. Very nice collector´s piece. Size: 73x63cm ... read more

  • a lovely antique Kurdish bagface, 19th century, size: 55x40cm / 1'8''ft x 1'3''ft , very nice collector´s piece.
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  • Antique Kurdi sumakh saltbag or so called "Namakdan" from Northeast-Persia, very nice collector´s piece. Size: 40x35cm /1'3''ft x 1'1''ft

  • a very nice antique Ferdows Baluch rug, size: 210x125cm / 6'9''ft x 4'1''ft, age: 19th century, very nice collector´s item. Some corrosion ... read more

  • Early archaic Northwest Persian or Kurdish rug. Age: circa 1800, size: ca. 530x180cm / 17'4''ft x 6ft . Very old, some obvious ... read more
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  • Antique Kurdish rug with a beautiful camel ground color, size: 187x110cm / 6'2''ft x 3'6''ft
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  • Wishing everybody good health during Corona crisis. a very nice antique Southpersian Afshar rug, 19th century, size: 175x127cm / 5'8''ft x 4'2''ft. ... read more
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  • Fine small antique Persian Sarouk rug, beautiful camel field color. Size ca. 160x80cm / 5'3''ft x 2'6''ft
    price:  650Euro + shipping

  • Minimalistic old Southpersian Salt and Pepper Gabbeh rug, good condition. Size: 230x140cm / 7'6''ft x 4'6''ft

  • Large Antique Persian Mahal carpet in good condition, size: 505x305cm / 16'6''ft x 10'1ft link

  • Beautiful antique Qashqai tribal rug from Southwest Persia, large size: 305x105cm / 10ft x 6'1''ft

  • a lovely small antique Southpersian Afshar rug, beautiful drawing. Size: 147x113cm / 4'8''ft x 3'7''ft

  • Antique Baluch rug with a minimalistic border, size: 170x88cm / 5'6''ft x 2'9''ft

  • Antique Persian Heriz runner, navy blue ground color, size: 285x82cm / 9'4''ft x 2'7''ft

  • a lovely antique Caucasian rug from the 19th century, size: ca. 180x120cm / 6ft x 4ft
    price:  on request

  • Antique Shekarlu Qashqai tribal rug from Southwest Persia, 19th century. Size: 280x140cm / 9'2''ft x 4'6''ft

  • Estate find: Antique Southpersian Luri tribal rug, age: 19th century, size: 290x160cm / 9'5''ft x 5'3''ft, condition as found

  • Antique Turkmen inspired Kordi rug with Aina gul design, good condition. Size: 265x180cm / 8'7''ft x 6ft. Origin: Khorassan province, North-East Persia

  • إِنَّ هَٰذَا لَهُوَ الْبَلَاءُ الْمُبِينُ / "This was certainly an evident test." (37:106) Antique Bidjar rug displaying a Quranic scene: Abraham ... read more

  • Fine antique Torbat e Heydarieh Baluch rug with lovely small animals and a cool "Ufo" border, size: 205x115cm / 6'7''ft x 3'8''ft.