1890's belouch bird BAG.....approx. 2.6 x 4.5.....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred....please ask.... Thanks to r.r. for providing this site....Sincerely, Ed Briggs... (207 ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Baluch Rug Runner
price:  Por
Baluch bagface with hexagonal tile design, 2'9"x2'10"
Baluch minakhani bagface with a band if animals woven in one end in weft-float technique, 2'7"x2'11"
balouch bagface 67x75cm
price:  €250 plus ship
Attractive antique Mahdad Khani Baluch with a lot of blue greens. 3'4" x 5'10" or 102 x 178cm. Some corroded brown otherwise ... read more
price:  $380 domestic shipping included
This antique Baluch Khorasan rug in a camel field has a design bar of three hexagons, each enclosing a serrated star (Turkmen ... read more
price:  POR
Timuri large rug, Mid-19th Century. Harshang design scheme in deep, rich colors including the signature Timuri electric blue. It still ... read more
price:  POR
Late 19th Century Baluch Rug size 85x88 cm
price:  On Request
Gorgeous sumak Antique Baluch bag/ chanteh. 11" x 11.5" or 28 x 29cm. This is one of more attractive pieces I've owned. ... read more
price:  SOLD, thanks!
Antique Baluch salt bag P.O.R
Circa 1900 Baluch Balisht bag has two parts silk on middle of tree. 90 x 45 cm
price:  P.o.r
Early large Baluch bagface with rich color and beautiful soft lustrous wool. Complex diamond lattice field with a delicate meander border. Overall ... read more
Baluch 180 x 91 cm.
price:  €125
Timuri Baluch Rug circa 1880 size 102x203 cm
price:  On Request
Quchian kordi sumak 1890circa all good colors and in perfect condition size98x34cm
Antique Tumuri Baluch Rug Bagface
price:  por
Crisply drawn Camel Ground Baluch Prayer Rug with elongated stylized hands, depressed warp Khorosan type. Dated Baluch prayer rug, a piece from ... read more
price:  $1800
Antique Baluch Rug Size.180x100 cm
price:  Por
Baluch Embroidered 'Bokche', sw Pakistan/SE Persia, circa 1920s, 8" x 10" (opened) one ink stain (evident in photographs), otherwise good condition silk embroidery on ... read more
Belouch bag face all natural dyes
price:  $650
Baluch with an exciting abrash. 71.6 x 41.3 inch (182 x 105 cm). Corrosion, overal good pile. Excellent colors, good design. Nice ... read more
price:  Please contact me by direct email
Timuri flatweave Kilim Late 19th century, all organic dyes. Very few of these rare Timuri Kilims remains in condition like this, never restored, ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Baluch Rug Size :170x100 cm
price:  Por
Baluch bird bag with very glossy soft wool. Complete bag / half khorjin with flatwoven back. 2'4"x2'6"
price:  $850
Persian Timuri Baluch, late 19th century, 3-4 x 4-11 (102 x 150), hand washed, browns oxidized, wear, super blue, partial kilim ends, ... read more
price:  $400.00
Symmetrically knotted Baluch rug with a Mushwani type diamond design. Some wear and old attempts at restoration. Dynamic and fun with nice ... read more
price:  $450
Small Belouch Bag Face.....approx. 12" x 22"....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred......please ask.....reasonable..... Thanks to r. r. for providing this site....Sincerely, Ed
price:  POR
c.1890's Belouch rug......measures approx. 2.6 x 4.7....edges need bits of attention.....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred.... Thanks to r.r. for providing this site......Sincerely, ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Baluch Prayer Rug
price:  por
c.1890's belouch prayer RUG.....measures approx. 3.1 x 4.10.....fine weave; please check edges for needed work.....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred....please ask.... Thanks to ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Tımuri Baluch Rug
price:  por
Baluch prayer rug. Age 100+ years, never restored never repaired, all organic dyes. A lot of prayers have been said on it ;O) Washed and ... read more
price:  Reasonable
Kalat Khorasan Khorjin. It is complete, all organic dyes, age 80+ years old. Washed and clean. Additional pictures on request.
price:  € 275,-
Belutch Persian, knotted circa in 1905 antique, collector's item, 158 x 92 (cm) 5' 2" x 3' carpet id: K-3861 The knots, ... read more
price:  CHF 850.-
Quchan Baluch, 3rd to 4th Quarter of the 19th century. Beautiful array of colors. The wool is very soft even if ... read more
price:  POR
Baluch - about 17” x 31”. Cool format, shiny wool. As found condition.
Uncommon Baluch rug with a distinctive Memling gul lattice. Turkish knotted. Splendid color with true camel. Good condition. c. 1870.
Belutch Persian, knotted circa 1920, antique, collector's item, 152 x 84 (cm) 5' x 2' 9" carpet id: K-4612 The ... read more
price:  CHF 1'450.-
Antique Baluch Rug Bagface
price:  por
Antique Baluch Prayer Rug
price:  por
Archaic looking Baluch with incredible range of colors. Look at that main panel on the right! Maybe a student practice piece ... read more
price:  $220, domestic shipping included
Antique Baluch Rug Size:160x90cm
price:  Por
wonderful antique baluch prayer rug , is has some small several repairs, due to old local mothbite, no stains, headends secured, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Belutch knotted circa in 1910 antique, 230 x 126 (cm) 7' 6" x 4' 2" carpet id: K-4274 The ... read more
price:  CHF 2'200.-
c.1890's BELOUCH....approx. 3/3.2 x 5.....several edge-breaks, thick pile (w/ wrinkle, shown in close-up).....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred..... Thanks to r.r. for providing ... read more
price:  POR
Small old Baluch horse cover Size: 84x74cm P.O.R
1' 4" x 2' 6" Baluch Balisht, having a rare "apricot" field
price:  $150
Baluchi Old mishwani rug circa 1900 Size 216×160 cm Contact for more info and
price:  Por
Baluch circa 1900 185 x 90cm (6'1 x 2'11) Saturated colour and great design Has a few tension issues like me.
price:  £550
kurdish kilim from the kurds of quchan which lies north of Meshed. Although Quchan is the main gathering point for the Kurdish ... read more
price:  euros 535
Here is a lovely antique camel ground Baluch prayer rug ca 1880. Super soft camel wool field very finely knotted ... read more
price:  Ask
Antique small Baluch rug with a version of this spacious “tree in a vase” design. The unusual aspect of this rug is ... read more
Here’s a very colourful little Baluch bag atypical in many ways open left knotting some wear but only £250 + shipping size ... read more
price:  £250 + shipping
Antique Baluch Prayer Rug
price:  por
Baluch Balisht circa 1900 size 47x90 cm
price:  Reasonable Price
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