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  • Large and unusual Afshar or Lori sumak panel, 60 x 25.5 inches. Long sides (warp ends) are overcast with black wool; short ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Very Unusual Antique Baluch with ZigZag Pattern. 33 x 66 inches overall. 33 x 53 inches knotted pile. Persian knotted. Upper ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Luminous antique Anatolian yastik possibly from the Sivas region. For additional images see link
    price:  on reqest

  • Early Central Anatolian yastik with superb colors
    price:  ON HOLD

  • 19th century Konya area yastik, 20.5 x 37 inches. Original side finish and kilim at top. Decent pile, 3 small holes.
    price:  please inquire

  • 19th century Beshir carpet, 7'6" x 3'9". Nine vertical stems with red blossoms on a field of dark and lighter blues. ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • 19th century Beshir Carpet, 3'9" x 7'6". Rare design, 9 stems with red flower heads on field of dark and lighter ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Bidjar kelim with superb colors and unique array of animal motifs. Missing top border replaced by sewn blue denim.
    price:  reduced to $950.-

  • SouthWest Anatolian long kilim, possibly Taurus/Toros Mountain region, 4'2" x 7'11". Two strips sewn together, in very good condition, recently washed ... read more
    price:  reasonable

  • East Anatolian kilim panel, 2'8" x 8'1". Seven horizontal bands with 2 types of unusual Guls. Warp and weft wool; highlights ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Shirvan or Shasevan prayer rug with rare hooked guls in lattice field design and indecipherable date.
    price:  please inquire

  • In Memoriam Leonard Cohen, a stately 5 Hooked Diamonds on Black Carpet from somewhere in East Caucasus, reversed, wool on wood.
    price:  NFS

  • 19th century Kirman embroidery, wool and silk on superfine red pashmina ground, excellent condition. 78 x 280 cm (30 x 108 inches)
    price:  please inquire

  • Lower three of 5 Hooked Medallions, each Medallion a different design, each latch-hook a questionmark. Can someone identify this weave?
    price:  on request

  • Small Avar carpet with striking Davaghin kilim design, 37 x 44/47 inches. Four crease cuts have been loosely sewn. Pretty decent overall ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Anatolian, 3 Trees on Red, wool knotted pile prayer rug fragment, mid-19th century or earlier
    price:  please enquire

  • Anatolian 3 Trees Prayer rug fragment, 86 x 138 cm. Ivory wool warps and wefts of ivory wool alternating with passages of ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Daghistan or Derbend Carpet with 7 Varied medallions that interconnect into a 7-Node Tree, close to 3 meters long. Design and colors ... read more
    price:  USD 3,900.-

  • Anatolian kilim panel,2'8" x 8'1". Seven horizontal compartments containing 2 types of Guls. Unusual variety of materials: wool, goat hair, cotton, silk ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Central Asian Turkmen torba with 3 Ikat Guls, 50 x 16 inches (125 x 41 cm) Goat hair warps; sides re-wrapped, no ... read more
    price:  USD 1100.-

  • East Anatolian Yoruk prayer rug with Rare Swastika Variant Border, 29 x 59 inches. Late 19/early 20th century. Original multicolor wool side ... read more
    price:  reasonable

  • Antique 19th century West Anatolian long kilim, 150 x 325 cm. Woven as a single width of five feet. Wool and cotton ... read more
    price:  USD on request

  • Rare antique 19th century Ersari Beshir small rug with stacked guls on a polka-dotted varied blue field, age-appropriate wear and a lively ... read more
    price:  reasonable

  • Antique NorthEast Caucasus Avar small rug with 30 four-petal florets in geometric motifs on Red. 32 x 51 inches. In good condition, ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Antique Kazak small rug with 34 Rosettes on Blue, Serrated Leaf Border, 34 x 38 inches. Good condition with visible wear, ... read more
    price:  USD 375.- plus shipping

  • Antique Kazak ivory field prayer rug, rare "Markarian" type, 3'9" x 5'1". Original sides, no restorations. Mostly even wear, with heavier ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Shirvan 15 Snowflake Stars on Ivory. a 19th century prayer rug of petite dimensions. Camel hair and wool, some cotton weft. Numerous ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you!

  • Anatolian yastik, possibly Sivas area. Sweet and silky. Madder reds as well as cochineal.
    price:  reasonable plus shipping

  • Baluch yastik, balisht, or pushti, 23 x 37.5 inches. a unique 19th century improvisation for the discerning collector. Wool and camel hair. ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you!

  • Mystery prayer rug: what to call it? Gendje? Shahsavan? Southeast Caucasus? ???
    price:  ???

  • Very fine petite elegantly minimalist Timuri Baloch rug with 120 shrubs on a midnight blue field that shades to mid and light ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you!

  • Anatolian yastik, possibly Sivas area. For more images, see link
    price:  p.o.r.

  • Large West Anatolian Yuncu kelim, 150 x 325 cm. a rare 19th century nomad weaving in good condition, with a good ... read more
    price:  p.o.r.

  • Anatolian kilim with 4 Rectangular compartments, 51 x 74 inches (130 x 188 cm). 19th century weaving with a layout and proportions resembling ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Anatolian kilim with 8 hexagon Guls, 3'6" x 6'3" (110 x 195 cm). Konya/Cumra area, 19th century. Sides rough. ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Fine 19th century Timuri(?) Baluch bag front panel: 4 Floral Guls of two types. 26 x 24 inches (66 x 61 cm). ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you!

  • Yastik vagireh with Crivelli medallion, 19 x 26 inches. Central Anatolia, early 20th century. Unique piece.
    price:  on request

  • Rather unusual North East Caucasus Avar Medallion rug with light blue Octagon Gul centered in a red reserve surrounded by a deep ... read more
    price:  Please ask

  • Two Antique Central Asian Amu Darya Region wool-knotted panels. The one with ikat design has part-cotton wefting. -- For more images, ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Rare type Ivory Field Caucasian Prayer rug, 45 x 58 inches. Late 19th/early 20th century village/ nomad variant of Markarian prayer rug.
    price:  please inquire

  • Rare Baluch rug in an ensi-like format, 46 x 58 inches. -- For more images please view my posts.
    price:  SOLD, thank you!

  • 14 Christies (London and ny) and 61 Sotheby's (ny and London) Rug Auction catalogs. --For details, please inquire.
    price:  on request

  • 37 Skinner Oriental Rug Catalogues, 1984-1999. In Good to Very Good condition; a few have prices written in. May, Nov 1984; June ... read more
    price:  USD 290.- or best offer

  • 24 John c. Edelmann Catalogs, 1976-1983. June, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1979; Apr, June, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1980; Feb, March, ... read more
    price:  sold, thank you!

  • 28 Lefevre & Partners Auction Catalogs, 1976-1985. -- Great research tool, In good to very good condition. July, 1977; Feb, ... read more
    price:  USD 15.- each

  • 3 Engelhardt Catalogs: O'Bannon #357 (1978), 187 color plates, very good condition, weak binding ; o'b # 352 (1982), 88 color plates, ... read more
    price:  USD 100.- plus shipping

  • 2 Books on Dyes by Gosta Sandberg: indigo textiles (1989) and the red dyes (1994). Both are Lark Press editions; hard ... read more
    price:  USD 120.- plus shipping

  • Jaff Kurd 9-Stage Totemic carpet, 41 x 74 inches. nw Persian Kurdistan, 19th century.-- For more info and images please go ... read more
    price:  Please inquire