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Since 1975 I have been studying and collecting unusual Old World weavings A.K.A. "oriental rugs and kilims",from all areas, always looking for originality and improvisation. Alternate email address:

  • Resplendent antique Tekke Turkmen 2 Salor Gul torba, complete with kilim back and handsome woven straps. 36 x 11 inches.
    price:  please inquire

  • Antique and distressed Tekke Turkmen kejebe torba complete with yellow kilim back opened up. 36 x 12 (26) inches
    price:  USD 390 plus shipping

  • Antique mixed technique Tekke torba with 13 horizontal bands, asymmetrically knotted, on red plain weave kilim, complete with yellow kilim back and ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Rare Antique Rabat or Casablanca Moroccan knotted pile carpet fragment, about 193 x 117 cm (76 x 46 inches). The two ends ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Antique Anatolian small kilim with 4 rectangular compartments arranged as in a Turkmen ensi. 130 x 188 cm (51 x 74 inches). ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Antique Chodor Turkmen main carpet end panel fragments, 83 x 8 inches each. Warp: gray and brown goat; Weft: tan wool and ... read more
    price:  USD 290 plus shipping

  • Space Odyssey 2001 Mosaic Tiles Antique Baluch with overall ZigZag pattern. 86 x 160 cm. Asymmetrical knots, original side finish and kilim ... read more
    price:  only about 35 cents per tile

  • Highly unusual 19th century Anatolian prayer rug fragment, 98 x 140 cm (39 x 55 inches). Merits restoration or mounting.
    price:  please inquire

  • Unusual and charming little Western Anatolia rug, probably Sparta, 94 x 132 cm. Early 20th century
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Antique Kazak small rug with 39 Rosettes and red wefts.
    price:  USD 240. includes shipping

  • Antique Avar Daghistan small rug with 30 stars on tomato red field and dazzling broad ivory border. 32 x 52 inches. --Slight ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Anatolian kilim. 54 x 61 inches. Mid-19th century.--Congratulations RugRabbit on reaching 50 000 posts!
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Anatolian long kilim fragment, 5'4" x 10'3". Reduced at top of field. Excellent condition.
    price:  please ask

  • cute little early 20th century anatolian yastik, probably West Anatolia, maybe Makri region. Red wefts. most likely contains syntheric dyes.Recently hand-washed. One hole ... read more
    price:  USD 375 includes shipping

  • Very old East Central Anatolian kilim fragment with 75 Memling guls. 42 x 55 inches. Wool and white cotton. Assembled from pieces ... read more
    price:  Please ask

  • Antique East Anatolian Carnation kilim fragment with saturated colors. 63 x 101 inches. If you get no response in 24 hours, please ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Anatolian kilim fragment, 20 x 16 inches. Wool and white cotton. Probably Malatya area

  • Two fragments of a very old Thracean Pirot Tree kilim, 46 x 24 cm and 32 x 32 cm.
    price:  USD 95 each or two for 175.- plus shipping

  • Surahani village, Baku region, circa 3rd quarter 19th century. The camel hair field has many lines of black, brown and red scattered ... read more
    price:  USD 2300.- includes shipping

  • Antique Beshir Stacked Guls carpet, 130 x 186 cm. Heavy wear in places; small holes marked by white yarn. a rare mid-19th ... read more
    price:  p.o.r.

  • Antique Ersari Kizil Ayak Turkmen namazlyk, 19th century. Heavy wear as visible; sound foundation of wool and goat hair. 37 x 49
    price:  USD 950.- including shipping in the U.S.

  • Antique West Anatolian long banded kilim, 150 x 325 cm. Probably Balikesir region. Extra-weft details. Very good condition. -- Please take a ... read more
    price:  USD 1100.- plus shipping

  • Two Antique Balkan Pirot Sharkoi kilim fragments. 23 24 and 17 x 18 inches.

  • Baluch Botehs Bateaux. Photomontage,inscribed, 8.5 x 11 inches. Images show Baluch prayer and ZigZag rugs, and a Shiraz boteh fragment
    price:  please inquire

  • Antique Baluch small rug with colorful guls in camel hair outlined lattice
    price:  please inquire

  • Antique Ersari Beshir carpet fragment, 14 x 11 inches. Middle Amu Darya region. 19th century.Wool, goat and possibly camel hair.

  • Antique Beshir carpet
    price:  p.o.r.

  • Antique Pirot kelim, see link
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Antique Baluch small rug with ashik-like motifs. --Please check out my other Baluch posts on rr. Alternate email:
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Antique Baluch small carpet. She zigs and she zags, like Jack Kerouac whose hi-school nickname was Zag, on account of his spectacular ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Very old, very low-pile and very beautiful Baluch small rug, from the Turkmen side of the family. -- Please see my earlier ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Preliminary Reflections upon the WARPitude of WEFTedness. Crayon, water color on paper. 11 x 14 inches
    price:  please inquire

  • Large Antique Caucasian kilim with rare design. Probably Avar people of Daghistan or possibly Georgia. 5'7" x 9'10". Small holes and several ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Anatolian kilim panel. Possibly Aksaray.
    price:  please ask

  • Mid-19th century Baku Surakhani small rug with camel hair field
    price:  please ask

  • Antique Thracean Pirot kilim fragment

  • Fragment No.2 from same very fine very old Persian Carpet, 16 x 14 inches
    price:  please inquire

  • Very fine, very old Persian carpet fragment, 22 x 21 inches. Wool on cotton and silk foundation. 18th century or earlier. Smaller ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • m.a.d. Composite, 12.5 x 12.5 inches (32 x 32 cm). Assemblage of knotted pile wool and goat hair 19th century Middle Amu ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • Antique Turkmen Middle Amu Darya trapping of a rare type.
    price:  reasonable

  • Antique Turkmen Kejebe torba ravaged by vertical slashes but intact with yellow plain weave back panel. Still kickin'! -- Please view similar ... read more
    price:  USD 390.- including shipping

  • Very old Turkmen torba, complete with yellow plain weave back panel and straps. --Please see other similar items among my rr posts.
    price:  P.O.R.

  • Interesting TransCaucasus carpet with Armenian inscription
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Antique India textile, very fine, and old. 38 x 62.5 inches. Minor signs of wear and one tiny hole.
    price:  please inquire

  • Antique Baloch balisht, very fine weave, great colors, silk highlights, 22 x 36 inches. Probably 19th century
    price:  USD 495.- plus shipping

  • Unique Antique Central Anatolian vagireh yastik with Crivelli medallion. Probably first quarter 20th century
    price:  USD 500.-

  • Antique Central Anatolian yastik with saturated colors and good pile. Probably Konya region, late 19th/early 20th century
    price:  SOLD, thank You!

  • a Hoppy Ruggy Kilimo Year to All!
    price:  your attention