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Ming era Chinese silk textile with dragon. See it at Arts: Antique Rug & Textile Show, October 27-29 in San Francisco. link
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For the Head of the Year. Watercolor and pencil on paper, dechirage. Please see my other offerings at
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1840 or earlier Konya-Ladik Long Rug, 3'10" x 16'3". Spacious and delicately drawn design with wonderful old colors, purple-aubergine, yellow, green, three ... read more
price:  3,000.00
Beautiful Ladik Prayer 4'1" x 6'9", dated 1270/1853. Spacious and well drawn design with wonderful old colors, aubergene, yellow, green, light blue ... read more
price:  $2,250.00
Rare antique Persian Jozan Sarouk rug mat symbolizing king Shapur who was a Persian king dating back to medieval times. ... read more
Transylvanian type 17th century west Anatolian rug. See it at arts, October 27-29 in San Francisco. link
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Chiyi Palaz, 310x188cm, most saturated colours, extremely fine weave. The Chiyi Palaz is considered as one of the main dowry objects, It has ... read more
price:  € 1500,-
Old Kochan Runner Carpet
price:  por
Small Baluch rug, Western Afghanistan. Size: 141 x 80cm. link
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Old Sahsavan Runner Carpet size.375x95cm
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Timuri prayer rug with good age, size:141 x 85cm. link
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Baluch prayer rug, size: 130 x 80cm. link
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The most splendid 1850ies Persian panel.For the intrepid,when nothing but the best would do. Price: far less expensive than a Matisse or ... read more
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#7462 Fereghan This Fereghan measures 4’1 x 6’2” (122 x 188 cm). Here is something you very rarely get a chance to buy…. ... read more
#7472 Bidjar This circa 1910 antique Bidjar Oriental Rug measures 4’4” x 6’6”. This is a very lovely French design antique Bidjar. The ... read more
Antique Persian Bakhtiary village rug displaying a tree of life design with lot of animals, wool foundation. Age: late 19th century, size: ... read more
Beautiful napramach ex Robert Pinner collection fab colours funny checker board at one end
price:  £550
Turkmen Rug with good colors and as found condition.Fine weave and good colors.Size 4'8*3'4".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 200.
Reverse soumac panel with fine wave and great colors,good condition.Size 1'3*1'1".E.mail for more info amd pics.
price:  US$ 200.
Verneh horse cover with fine weave,good colors and design.size 2'10*2'8".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 150.
This is a really fine Tekke torba with apparently great age. i think it has the suppleness and fineness of an early ... read more
Antique Qashqai Bagface Size.68x52cm
price:  Por
Afshar Bag 23"x30". even wear + visible small hole +missing part of outer minor border top/bottom. Free domestic shipping.
price:  $275.
Jaf Kurdish bagface size 82x47cm
a late 19th century Melas/Milas Western Anatolian Prayer rug size 120 x 90cm An unusual design very carefully drawn with a wide range ... read more
price:  POR
Caucasian Runner Rug
price:  por
Dazzling Antique Armenian Rug with Orthodox crosses, Southwest Caucasus, 127x164 cm (4.2 x 5.5 ft), ca 1890-1900.
ghashqaie bag or spoon bag,Size:45x33 cm,small tiny hole in back is showed on images.
price:  Please ask
Central-Asia Turkmenistan-Ersary Antique Tribal Silver Asyk Pendant with cornalian İslamic writting for Wedding.Circa-1900 Excellent condition Size : '28cm x 16cm' - Weight ... read more
price:  O.R
Central-Asia a pair Turkmenistan-Ersary Tribal Silver Pendant with cornalian Very fine condition Circa-1900 Collection items. Size : '13cm x 8cm' - Weight ... read more
price:  O.R
Caucasian Marasali Prayer Şirvan Rug
price:  por
Old Qashqaii Şiraz Kilim size.275x170cm
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Absolutely breathtaking 19th century, silk couture Japanese kimono robe! Features the finest of gold silk, with a beautiful colorful flowers embroidered throughout. ... read more
price:  $950
#7466 Facralo Kazak This circa 1880 Facralo Kazak measures 3’11” x 5’2” (121 x 158 cm). It has a beautifully drawn large teal ... read more
18th Century Central Anatolian Striped Kilim Size.310x150cm
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