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Just in: a very fine Bijar 3'9" x 5' in perfect pile c1910 with great colors and soft wool. Note the quirky ... read more
Very Decorative Antique Turkoman made By Ersari's Nice colors and wool. link See other items for sale
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Kordi flatwoven bagface. 22 in. x 21 in. Elibelinde motifs. Dowry piece woven in slitweave, knotted weft wrapping and outlining ... read more
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Lakai Uzbek kilim, Uzbekistan, early 20th or late 19th century, 168x285cm Beautiful lakai embroidery on a softly wowen "wool on wool" ivory ground. ... read more
Kurdistan, Northwest Persian, 9-story highrise or 9-stage rocket upon a solid foundation of wool and camel hair. 41 x 74 inches (102 ... read more
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South Transcaucasian Ivory Field Prayer Rug, 45 x 58 inches (ca. 115 x 150 cm). A late-19th century example of the rare "Markarian-type" ... read more
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An antique Shassavan long rug with good clear dyes and beautiful wool in untouched condition, minor end border partially missing, but in ... read more
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Early Anatolian Kilim Fragment, mounted on backing (32" x 64"). This is a double ended multiple niche composition. These kilims are thought ... read more
Afshar Bagface,50x120cm,unusual pallete of beautiful all natural colors,fine weave,great example of this group.
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Late 19th Century Suzani, 4' x 5' 3", Central Asia. An iconic Central Asian textile, this distinctive Suzani embroidery displays harmonious ... read more
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Saddle top, Tibet Size= 29×49 Wool on wool, good condition.
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Ceremonial saddle , Tibet, brocade Size = 29×46 inches.
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Shiva. India. Lost wax cast bronze. 3 1/2" (9 cm) high. 16-17th century. #3502.
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Turkmenistan - Tekke finaley woven small bag. It has some use to it. Has a tiny hole on the center which can ... read more
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Pikuran (cache-sex), Kirdi people, Cameroon. Seed beads, cotton string, cowrie shells. 23" (58.5 cm) wide by 9" (23 cm) high. Mid 20th century.
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Teke main carpet fragment from an early rug, circa 1800, will get secured and washed
Shasavan bag face . Size 75x57 cm . find me in Kucukayasofya cami sokak no 7 .Sultanahmet - İstanbul (next to ancient ... read more
İt is from Gaziantep (kurdish) Ask about this Price :on request
This circa 1880 Facralo Kazak measures 3’11” x 5’2” (121 x 158 cm). It has a beautifully drawn large teal prayer design ... read more
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Heraldic Persian Kurdish bagface > c. 1850
Block Print Cotton Textile (fragment), India, circa 1800 (or before)
Saryk Tent Band Fragment, Turkmenistan (Central Asia) mid(?) 19th century, 1’1” x 3’7”
Stunning matching pair of Cotten Agra carpets, modernist design, probably early 20th century, 4.20m x 1.83m, and 3.20m x 1.80m. Both in ... read more
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#9565, Tibet saddle, very nice pattern , good age. size 126*65cm(49*25'')
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#6251 Tibet horse saddle, very nice pattern and good quality. size 105*60cm(41*23'')
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#9484 Ningxia rug, good age and quality. size 128*67cm(50*26'')
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#9278 Ningxia rug, good age and quality. size 70*70cm (27*27'')
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#8846 Ningxia rug, good age and quality. size 88*87 cm(34*33'').
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Azerbaijan double bag. Very fine silk weave with saturated colors. Silk fabric lining in center part. Silk + cotton card protecting edges ... read more
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Uzbek pile torba face, ikat design. 22 in. x 34 in. All wool. Good colors. Fine soft wool with a light handle. ... read more
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Qashqai flatwoven chanteh with tassels. 12-1/2 in. x 11-1/4 in. Circa 1900. Field of opposing horns in weft substitution weave. 12 tassels ... read more
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Turkmenistan - Turkmen Yomud,Sahara small vanity bag with fine chain stitch embroidery. It has a great old Russian printed cotton lining. Circa ... read more
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