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North west Persian Kurdish fragment, with great colors and jajim, stripe, śal design, reduced in length, size 190x86cm
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Great Tekke twelve gul Torba 115x47. Nice tall piece with great dyes and wool.
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Yomud ensi 4'1'' x 5'0'' Ebay auction https:// link
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Estate Serapi 8'11'' x 12'3'' - Ebay auction https:// link please send questions to
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White Sumack Baku khorjin. Cm 33x96. Early 20th c. Rare and beautiful. Wool, cotton, silk. In good condition.
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a shining icy blue/turquise oasis floating in the middle of the sand desert (undyed camel-hair wool) Charismatic Karapinar village rug, mid 19th ... read more
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Here’s a very rare antique Qashqai bagface with all pile back ca 1900 All wool and natural dyes first i have seen like ... read more
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Qashqai (possibly Khamseh) rug. ca 1870. 5.5' x 9' Clear, natural, saturated color. Very solid, good condition with even low pile. No ... read more
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Anatolian Kurdish rug size=145x116
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Turkish Anatolia konya rug size=102x96
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7740 Bidjar Wegeirah This 19th century Bidjar Wegeirah measures 3’8” x 4’8” (116 x 146 cm). It is a very lovely sampler. It ... read more
small tekke fragment-1870 circa size 75x40cm
Tekkeh Torba circa 1870.size 128x45cm
Antique pillow Swedish embroidery, no: 326, size: 40*39cm, wool on wool.
Antique Baluch Prayer Carpet
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Caucasian prayer small rug. Size: 33" x 51" - 85 cm x 130 cm.
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Turkmen Yomud tent band fragment. Some images show with direct sunlight. Size: 15" x 29.5"- 39 cm x 75 cm.
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Anatolian (Akhisar) cicim bag(Yastık) Circa 19th Size:105x58cm/42'x23"inch
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Eastern Anatolian Chuval ends as found ( 112 x 80 / 3'8'' x 2'7'' inches each )
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Antique Qashqai Bagface Size.74x55cm
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Konya yastik. Size: 22" x 40" - 57 cm x 102 cm.
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Beluch sofrah with charming colours size 140x75
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Antique mid 19th century Ersari Kizil Ayak large trapping in mint condition. Circa 1850. All natural colors, very glossy wool. Knot asymm. ... read more
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Antique 19th century Ersari Kizil Ayak torba. The piece shows two beautiful " Tauk Nuska guls " and a very remarkable broad ... read more
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Interesting 19th Century Indonesian Ikat Size: 60x195cm
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Antique East Anatolian Kilim fragment Size.143x69cm
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#1c428 Hand made vintage Indian wall hanging embroidered tapestry 3.1' x 5.5' ( 95cm x 170cm ) 1950.c
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Antique Caucasian Şirvan Carpet Size: 215x135
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19th century Shahsavan mafrash side panel, probably Moghan-Savalan area, too many colours to count including petrol green, light blue, gold and terracotta; ... read more
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136 x 88 cm Antique Himalayan carpet from tibet region. In very good condition. Wool on cotton. Natural colours. Metepsychosi pattern for this ... read more
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Antique runner hand made in east-turkestan, Oasi of xinjiang (Khotan). Period about 1920. Very good condition. wool on cotton foundation. Size 260x65 cm. Other ... read more
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Anatolian Hereke Rug Size 100x149 cm / 3'3'' x 4'9''
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Very old esfahan silk foundation. Size 350 by 220 cm. In very good conditions. All perfect. Very fine knot. Other pictures on request. For ... read more
price:  2000 e.
jaguar design bakhtiyari horse band for tying the migration loads,, excellent complete condition.size 370x8cm
Early 19th Century Anatolian Mud Kilim fragment Size.250x71cm
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i believe this to be a Bakhshayesh, Heriz or a Karaja (Not sure) from the turn of the Century. It measures 74" x ... read more
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