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An Exceptional Sewan Kazak Prayer Rug, dated 1890, 40x60 inches(102x152 cm). Very good Original condition, acquired in England, full pile, no repairs. ... read more
Tekke 12 gul torba 18.25" x 44" a classic with rounded guls, good age, tertiary elements, rich color and with very tiny ... read more
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Animal Belouch rug 2'6" x 4'0" camel field, figures, animals. Woollen warps cotton wefts, symmetrically knotted.
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Turkmen Yomud Chuval Gul Main Rug 160 x 283 cm / 5'2'' x 9'2''
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Antique Luri/Qashqai rug 5'0'' x 7'10''. Nice pile and color with some reparable damage. Please see my other Ebay auction ... read more
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One of the best Jaf bags i have ever handled, now a pillow on my sofa. Divine!
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Exceptional nw Persian Kurdish rug in great original condition, no repairs, excellent wool and saturated colors, offset knotting, a great find for ... read more
price:  on request
Dragon Sumack. Cm 170x300. Seconda half 19th century. Great colors,... front & back, see pics. No restorations. No stains. No bad smells. ... read more
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Bukhara Suzani , Uzbekistan 178 x 247 cm / 5'8'' x 8'1''
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Indonesian textiles Indonesia 014 – (218cm x78cm -86in x 31in), Lavon, south Sumatra, ceremonial scarf, late 19th century, silk tritik (sew &dye) ... read more
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Lot 47, Bergama, start price: € 600, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 98, Arabachi djuval, start price: € 400, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 60, Baluch kilim, start price: € 340, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 41, Yomud main carpet fragment, start price: € 300, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Early Central Anatolian Striped Kilim, 18th century or earlier, 155x310cm, finely woven stripes of amazing early colors. World Class Kilim Art!!!
price:  on request
Splendid large fine Persian Sarouk circa 1930 with a beautifully drawn 16th century design. All good colors. Size is 10'2 x 13'6. ... read more
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a very rare 19th century Kaz-ly-haq or Chobash? Engsi with Mina khani design. Size is 180 x 137 cm. All vegetable dyes, ... read more
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Lot 160, Karatchoph Kazak, start price: € 3.500, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 97, Chodor djuval, start price: € 800, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 60, Baluch kilim, start price: € 340, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 32, Westpersian Kurdish long rug, start price: €2.800, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 190, Cushma Tunika, Nazca, start price: € 2.200, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 108, Yomud main carpet, start price: € 2.000, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 83, Bergama, start price € 3.000, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Lot 68, Afshar, start price: € 2.200, Auction 30th April 3pm, link
Rare and Beautiful 1920's Art Deco Anglo-Persian Whittal Bird of Paradise Carpet by Wilton, 9' x 12' machine woven in mohair pile. ... read more
price:  $1,500.00 includes US mainland shipping.
Antique Baluch rug with beautiful "crab" border. Size:150x98cm / 4'9''x3'2''ft link
price:  250Euro + shipping
Large Antique Baluch rug. size: ca 280x100cm / 9'2'' x 3'3''ft link
price:  350Euro + shipping
Well worn silver cuffs with carnelian and turquoise , Kazakh from the Kustanai region late 19th c
price:  POR
large Yomud pendant with carnelian 19th c
price:  POR
Pr Kazakh silver and inlaid turquoise ornaments used on a Saluke headdress. These are from the Kzyl Orda ... read more
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Kurdish. 5 ft x 7 ft 5 inches. Nice larger size. I'm thinking Kolyai or Sanjabi. Single weft on wool foundation. Interesting ... read more
price:  $485
collectible shahsavan antique complete mafrash in prefect condition from 19 century
price:  Text
About 2.11 x 6.1 - wonderful color and drawing. field wear areas. would benefit from a wash.
Shahsavan antique heybe in good condition size:58cm x 16cm
price:  260 USD
antique shahsavan heybe in great condition size:41cm x16cm
price:  250 USD