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Karapinar Tulu.....pre-1925....4'x 6'3" (125cm x 190cm ) floppy handle ...un-dyed wool, except for a few knots of aniline red
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Detail of the elem from a Yomut Turkmen chuval, depicting a selement (upper "branches" of the tree) that appear to also include ... read more
Rare Central Asian Saddle Cover, silk embroidery chain stitch on fine leather, 59" x 28"[150 x 72cm]This piece served as a ... read more
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Anatolian yastik, Sivas area, 20 x 30 inches. Cute little mini-prayer design with stepped double-ended arches resembling the Kirshehir-type. Shiny, angora-like ... read more
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Lot 189, Transylvanian Ushak published in “Antike Anatolische Teppiche aus österreichischem Besitz” 1983 plate 13, 5ft. 6in. x 4ft. 1in., Turkey 17th ... read more
a small glimpse at some of the material i will be showing from this monday at 'Safran & Cie', Vienna. See ... read more
link will be showing this Basseri Khamseh bag at arts next month. This amazingly colorful bag is the mate of Plate 3 in ... read more
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Mafrash Panel (detail), nw Persia Tribal Weavings from nw & s. Persia "Light on Persia" - Exhibition from October 14 - December 1 Opening / ... read more
Lot 85, Caucasian animal rug, published in Schürmann “Caucasian Rugs” plate 93 and Schürmann “Bilderbuch für Teppichsammler” 1960 plate 38, 7ft. 3in. ... read more
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New England Rug Society meeting Friday, 19 September 2014, The Durant-Kenrick House, 286 Waverley Avenue, Newton Centre, MA Jeff Spurr: 'The Allure of Luxury: The Impact ... read more
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Lot 133, Isphahan fragment, 11ft. 10in. x 8ft. 2in. Persia early 17th century, Condition: fragment in one piece, few areas of low ... read more
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Lot 225, Karachov Kazak, published in Schürmann, “Teppiche aus dem Orient” 1976, page 167, 7ft. 5in. x 6ft. 1in. Caucasus mid-19th century, ... read more
Shahsavan sumack star mafrash end panel. Cm 55x44/47. !880/1900. a sky full of stars & great dyes. See more pics on my ... read more
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This is one highlight of our current Autumn Exhibition sign and shelter ii: # 1040 Very rare Luri khorjin, ... read more
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1st Qtr. 20th c. Nichols Chinese carpet. Size: 9'3" x ... read more
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an early 18th c. ningxia small square. a sweet piece though in worn condition but with a nice executed simple design, see ... read more
j003 Tebit rug, orange background with double dragon pattern, very tight row knot, complete one.size 164*86cm( 64*34'')
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Central Anatolian Kilim fragment..circa 1800...30"x 48"( 75cm x 122cm ) ....professionally mounted on wool.... some camelhair warps , selvedges and areas of ... read more
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Konya / Karapinar Yastik......mid-19th Century....all vegetal dyes 21" x 37" (54cm x 94cm ).... condition as found and as shown
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Ersari Bashir Chuwal End 19th century 165 x 114 cm
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An Antique Afshar Rug Age : 1900 Size : 188 x 138
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Northwest Persian chanteh (13"x 16") > c. 1850
ca.1900 wonderful Baluch prayer rug,,all natural colours,,size:114x65 cm 3.5x2.2 ft
Persian Ghajar period hat.
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North West Of Iran Kurdistan Area Kurd Tribal Small Knotted Bag Wool On Wool Foundation Circa,1920 Size,0.16cmx0.14cm
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Central Of Iran Fars Province Ghashghai-lori Tribal small knotted Bag Wool&Cotton On Wool Foundation Circa,1920 Size,0.20cmx0.20cm
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Antique fahrola type kazak rug . 273x140 cm . Find me in Kucukayasofya cami sokak no 7 .Sultanahmet - İstanbul (next to ... read more
Wonderfull Belüçh Rug size.165x85cm
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flamish tapestry 183x225cm, 17th century
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North Afghanistan Baluch vanity bag. Very fine silk embroidery in very good condition. Printed cotton lining. Size as it is closed; 9.5" ... read more
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Caucasian Drogan Kazak Rug size.230x140cm
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