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small Camel Ground Baluch Prayer Rug, elegant drawing and saturated colors. Complete with sides and ends. Probably from Northwest Afghanistan, it is ... read more
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Turkmen Yomud Chuval
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18th century fragmented Anatolian rug. Probably western turkey. 177 x 142cm.Losses, backed and conserved.
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LOt 55, Bergama, 7ft. 1in. x 5ft. 5in., Turkey mid- 19th century, condition: good, original kilim ends and selvedges, some old repairs, ... read more
link Salor Turkmen "kejebe" torba with silk. Circa 1800-1820's Thin with old repairs. Register for the arts opening, October 16! link
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Shirvan prayer rug ca 1860 in good pile. Wonderful range of colour and that lovely uneven spacing that we look for in ... read more
Large Beshir Chuval, excellent pile, natural colors, note the emerald green stripe across the top of the piece, 19th. century, 53" x 38"[135 ... read more
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Lot 48, Lesghi, published Schürmann “Caucasian Rugs” 1990 plate 128 9ft. 2in. x 3ft. 9in., Caucasus dated by Schürmann 17th/18th century, Condition: fair, ... read more
Old shia clay praying tablet (turba). Najaf or Karbala. 5 x 4 x 0.5 cms.
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Very old shia clay praying tablet (turba). Najaf or Karbala, Iran. 8 x 5 x 0.5 cms.
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Japanese Boro Futon An exceptional indigo patched Boro futon cloth from old Japan, when many poor farming families recycled generations of worn out ... read more
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east anatolian 68x132cm
price:  100€ plus shipping
gashgai 160x280cm
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West Anatolian One Part Kilim size.290x60 cm
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Caucasian Kazak Rug size.270x145cm
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East Caucasian Afshan rug > circa 1870
sarab, Northwest Persia arround 1900, 100 x 380 cm
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Knotted rug, Caucasia, Kasak, 207 x 119cm
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Flatweave, Bagface Fragment South Persia, 116 x 67 cm
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Knotted rug, Arab Baluch, 161x117 cm
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Knotted bagface Kurdish, Jaff 75x 65 cm
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Flatweave, Kilim Balkan Olteinia 245 x 165 cm
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konya - karapinar tulu - full pile in great condition. Talismanic protective eye design in center. Size 135cm x 180cm.
price:  P.O.R
Knotted bagface frag. South Persia Afshar 74x56 cm
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chinese, stiching 2times 9x32cm and one 9x20cm
Turkmen bag silk embroidery 2o th century
Turkoman Kizilayak Chuval size: 71 x 106 cm
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Kazak rug frag with Memling guls > c. 1820-40
4.2 x 5.8 - Great size, color and design. Still retains partial kilim ends. Some high spots and moth bites.
Serab - 3 x 5.4, beautiful color and drawing. Nice weave. Even wear. Small stain (looks like ink).
2'10 x 5', 86 x 152 cm. Saryk chuval, sym. knotted, all good colors, classical piece with very good drawing, quite ... read more
Balinese painting by Chinese Indonesian artist, Sen Pao, circa 1980. a mystical rendering of a "warung" - a village food stall. Well ... read more
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Exceptionally fine tile design baluch bag face, circa late 19th century. Beautiful flat woven and original closure loops on the back of ... read more
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South Indian temple cart fragment, circa late 19th century. Carved from aromatic wood. Ganesha, god of good fortune. 11 1/2 in. length x ... read more
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a unique Afshar with nice kleuren.katoen on wool,early 20th century size;128x91 cm