East Anatolian Kurdish all wool Tulu. Circa 19th. century. a few small repairs in the kilim part. Size: 52.5" x 123" - ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Bakhtiyari Kurdish tent band fragment , 160 x 16 cm
Antique East Anatolian Sivas Carpet Size.245x112cm
price:  Por
Lovely north west Persian shrub design long rug. First half 19 c in excellent condition all original sides and end finishes. Lots of ... read more
price:  Ask
Kurdish Large Juval. 3rd Quarter 19th Century. 'Jaf' style. Two dynamic panels of colorful ashiks with arms and crosses ... read more
price:  POR
Antique East Anatolian Erzurum Carpet Size.355x125cm
price:  Por
Unusual Jaf Kurdish bagface. Good pile & exceptional color. Circa 1880.
Small Sauj Bulagh fragment ca 1800 with dragon forms. Probably part of a runner. Superb wool and colour 9" x 32" Please have ... read more
price:  please enquire
Antique East Anatolian Erzurum Carpet Size .350x140cm
price:  Por
Special small persian - kurdish Khordjin. Size: 28 x 88 cm. Very good condition. Perfect colors.
price:  please ask!
Sivas area Kurdish tribal travel bag. Cicim weave and has leather opening at top. Some small wears on the backside. Size; 27" ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
19 th century Bijar rug fragment. 136 x 94 cm
Cut and sewn but very attractive Kurdish rug. 3'x11'8''
price:  $550
Antique East Anatolian Malatya Carpet Size.280x98cm
East Anatolian Yoruk divan cover. Early 19c 6 ft. x 3 ft. 2 in. Thick pile. Beautiful natural colours.
price:  Upon request
Bijar Bag size 36x33cm
price:  Por
Old East Anatolian Tribal Rug size.125x65cm
price:  por
Really cool Kurdish "bug" bagface. Rare! 1850-70. Silky wool.
Full pile nomad yoruk Jaf Size: 106x54cm Natural colors, made in circa 1910
price:  SOLD
special offer: three charming tribal pieces - Baluch bag with ellectric blue and very soft wool - Baluch balisht front with delicat colours - ... read more
price:  € 100
antique camel ground northwest Persian or kurdish rug with an unusual and attractive dazzler design. Fresh New England find. As found, very ... read more
price:  on request
Exceptional Kurdish bag 19th century 64 x 61 cm
price:  Sold, Thanks
Antique nw Persian Bagface 1'9''x1'10''. Some corners missing. Nice piece.
price:  $135
a lovely camel ground Kurdish Bijar rug. Circa 1875. 226 x 130cm. All wool foundation and a great colour palette. Ready for ... read more
price:  P O R
19th c Antep se Anatolian Rug Fragment please ask for details
price:  ask
North East of Iran- Kurdish kilim. All natural wool -brown and ivory. Strongly woven on brown natural wool and goat hair. Size: ... read more
price:  O.R.
19th Century East Anatolian Sivas Şarkışla Carpet Size.173c104cm
price:  Por
Kordi Quchan Kilim Sumakh. Size: 53 x 90 cm. Top condition. Very nice, small piece.
price:  please ask!
Fabulous wool and colours! a mid-19th Century Kurdish rug. Please ask for more details.
Fragment persian nordwest kurdish size 060x105
Antique Masculine Jaff. Love these... This one is a bit beat up but still charming and wise... HEHE. 2'x1'9''
price:  $115
Gorevan runner, North West Persia, ca 1900 2'3" x 8'1" full pile, only one tiny low spot.
price:  please enquire
Old bijar size 200x160
price:  P.o.r
Unusually fine Kurdish rug 49" x 63" in excellent condition with original braid at the top and original tassels at the bottom. ... read more
Large and colorful Kurdish tent bag 46" wide and 25" high. Illustrated in Persian Piled Weaving, Plate 22 Excellent condition and no
1' 9" x 2' 2" Kurd Bagface in great pile condition. 2 tiny areas need repiling; all organic/vegetal dyes, with one ... read more
price:  $250
Antique Persian Saucbulak Carpet.Size:220x140cm
price:  Por
Early Kurd Long Rug. 3 x 12 Star Gol field. Tribal Wall Art. Remnants of original ends and goat ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Jaff kurdish pillow , 54 x 54 cm
Distressed Malayer Herati design rug, very old and in fairly good condition. Size is 137 x 196 cm.
mint condition Bijar zaronim c1900 Fine weave, tight surface, no problems. Great color. Just washed by Robert Mann.
Kurdish Rug c1840's 95x315
price:  por
Special antique Northwest Persian Kurdish rug with dragons. Size: 3'10"x6'5". Near perfect condition. Great natural dyes and lustrous wool.
price:  SOLD thanks!
Kurdish Rug c1860's 119x32
price:  por
Kordi Belutch circa 1900. 220 x 122 cm. Perfect condition.
price:  POR
Anatolia sivas tulu size=240x90
price:  ask
Jaff Jewel Tones.. 2'3''x1'11''. Some minor re piling and sides and ends missing.
price:  $185
18thc Kurdish rug frakmenr size=98x78
price:  250$
3' 9" x 9' 8" Persian Kurd with all natural/vegetal dyes. Small areas of wear and slight staining. Price Includes ... read more
price:  $1100
a superb Kordi trapping, 19th or early 20th Century. All good colours and in excellent condition. The face approx. 2ft square.
price:  please ask
Bijar Mafrash Panel . 80 x 60 cm
Kurdish fragment antiqe size:345x46-cm ask
price:  Ask
19th Century Anatolian Sivas Yastık Size 60 x 90 cm
price:  POR
Antiq Bidjar , very special Bidjar carpet, with unusual pattern formed as botte, in good condition with no repairs, ages must ... read more
Old East Anatolian Prayer Rug size.135x106cm
price:  por
Old East Anatolian Rug Fragment size.103x93cm
price:  por
Old East Anatolian Rug size.190x93cm
price:  por
Anatolian Malatya,Adıyaman Kurdish Rug 19 century 250 x 113
price:  On Request
Early Afshar Sofreh Flatweave. Outstanding example. Condition: Very good considering age, small old rewoven areas in field, all original, old ... read more
price:  POR
Persian Kurdish, 127x200 cm
price:  por
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