savojbolagh kurdish fragment 1860 circa,size73x43cm
Kurdish rug of unknown origin. i would be happy to hear views. It has some obvious Sauj Bulagh design elements but otherwise ... read more
price:  POA
Turkish anatolian sivas area kilim rug Size=247x77 cm
price:  ask
Eastern Anatolia. In between Bayburt and Erzurum. Cm 150x195. End 19th c., if not before. Very rare type of kilim. In good
price:  Pls ask
One of the most gorgeous, colorful Sauj-Boulagh?? Kurdish rug, it is a very old piece but i am not sure about its ... read more
price:  Reasonable
Antique Malayar Kurd runner from Northwest Persia ca.1850-1860 - 442cmx100/106cm stretched. This runner has been cut and shows traces of repairs. So ... read more
price:  Ask
jaf bagface 1880 circa,all good and in good condition size 85x55cm
Antique Sivas Şarkışla Rug size.340x140cm
price:  por
Antique Jaf Kurd Bag Face. Late 19th Century. Great condition considering age with slight loss to both top and bottom. Moderate pile ... read more
price:  On Request
Early 19th Century Kurdish Fragment size 115x118 cm
price:  On Request
Jaf bagface 1880 all good colors and in perfect condition•••size72x68cm
Malatya Kilim, 19th Century. Deep, rich colors. Very saturated. It has a couple of small holes and a stain on ... read more
price:  POR
Jaf bagface 1890 circa All good colors size50x56cm
Kurdish Jaf 1880 circa with beautiful natural colors and good condition wool on wool>>size65x48cm
Unusual small camel ground rug, probaly Kurdish, with human figures and lots of animals, natural exceptional colours with a rare light green, ... read more
price:  sold
Small Kurdish rug with human figure (and one half figure)and flower motifs, maybe Bidjar. phantastic natural colours, good pile, no restaurations, no ... read more
price:  € 275
East Anatolian Sinanli heybe bag face. Cm 70x75. Rare and beautiful. Can you see the holes, the tears?.....I don't...I can see a ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Antique Persian or Kurdish jajim fragment mounted on linen or cotton backing. Fine weave and beautiful natural colors. Great supple handle. 19th ... read more
price:  Sold
Antique Jaff Rug Bagface Size.53x90cm
price:  por
Early 19th Century Sivas Rug size 123x252 cm
price:  On Request
Antique jaf Kurd diamond bagface with an uncommon dotted lattice. Overall low pile with some wear exposing foundation. Original selvages. Good range ... read more
price:  $195
so-called 'Golden Triangle' group carpet. Woven arguably in either Northwest Persia or Eastern Anatolia at a time when the border between these ... read more
price:  POR
Antique East Anatolian Yörük Rug Size.240x85cm
price:  por
Kurdish Jaf bagface,circa 1880 wool on wool,original borders•••size 86x70cm
Room sized Bijar carpet. 14’5” x 9’8”. Ask for more details .
price:  $7,000
Persian Kurdish Hamadan, early 20th century, 3-8 x 6-3 (112 x 190), very good condition, hand washed, full pile, one end original ... read more
price:  $400.00
Kurdish rug fragment. Mid 19th century. 158 x 118cm.
price:  £395 plus post
Colorful Jaf with good age and colors,nice design,as found without any repair or work done.Size 3'8"*3'6".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 200.
Kurd/Shahsevan "Khorjin" (saddle bag), nw Persia, 19th c., 1'6" x 3'4" a complete "khorjin" (saddle bag) from nw Persia. The confusion of 'mixed' ... read more
Antique Persian Sauj Bulagh Rug size:268x145 cm /8'9"x 4'9"
price:  On Request
Persian Bidjar Bag Face circa 1870 size 52x55 cm
price:  On Request
Seems to be a Kurdish bagface with nice expression and good colors, 19thc.
Antique Kurdish or Caucasian runner with boteh pattern. Such great colors and dyes! This is a beauty. 16ft 1in x 40-43in Good condition. Medium ... read more
price:  Price on Request
Large antique Jaf bag-face in good condition 1880 circa great strong colours size 112x66cm
Antique East Anatolian Rug Size.200x130cm
price:  Por
Persian Jaf Kurd bag face, late 19th century, 1-10 x 1-11 (56 x 58), good condition, hand washed, good pile, browns oxidized, ... read more
price:  $400.00
Antique Anatolian Konya Divan size:195x77 cm .
price:  Ask Please
Antique bahtiyari kurdish chuval in good condition,125 x 74 cm link
a Bidjar rug, 3.7ft x 5.3ft. around 1940/50 The design with a central rose-medallion on a madder red field with an allover ... read more
price:  $550
East Anatolian Kurdish Rug 19th Century 115x367cm/3'8"x2'2"
price:  On Request
Jaf bagface 1890 circa.~size48x56cm
Quchian kordi sumak 1890circa all good colors and in perfect condition size98x34cm
Kurdish Jaf 1880 circa with beautiful natural colors and good condition wool on wool size55xwith kilim108cm
Antique Qochan Kurd Rug -- 3' x 6'8" -- All Natural dyes with stylized Zoomorphic Scorpion borders: some cotton highlights and a ... read more
price:  POR
Two large twin jaff bagfaces, 110 x 80 cm.
price:  SOLD
Antique East Anatolian Sarkısla Yörük Rug Runner Size.400x105 cm
price:  por
Antique East Anatolian Yörük Rug Size.182x92 cm
price:  por
Antique jaf Kurd bagface with some interesting features but in very rough condition. This older example has a somewhat larger scale field ... read more
Khochan Kurdish glass bead
price:  Por
kurdish Jaf bagface 1890,all good colors and in very good condition 100% in wool,size60x50cm
East Anatolian rug fragment, very fine weave and saturated natural color. An exceptionally elegant but battered older example of an iconic type.
price:  $250
kurdish kilim from the region of quchan which lies between the city of Meshed and extends north to the Persian border with ... read more
price:  euros 965.
Fine antique sumak bag. 19th century with all organic dyes. The face is 61x51cm and 99x51cm including the kilim back. Excellent condition. Possibly ... read more
price:  POA
Kordi Sofra Kilim, Late 19th Century. Incredible colors. Playfully wide variety of designs in fingers. a wonderful example. ... read more
price:  Sold
Antique Turkish Reyhanli Prayer Kilim. se Anatolia. 2nd Half 19th Century. Extremely Rare with an exceptionally tight and fine weave, compares ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique East Anatolian Rug
price:  por
Jaff Kurd - about 36” x 32”. Wonderful large scale drawing and beautiful color. Small repair/reweave outer border, missing barber ... read more
Antique East Anatolian Kaızman Rug
price:  por
19th c anatolian Yoruk long rug 3'5" x 8'7" rich color, full silky soft pile. no holes or stains. goat hair warp, original ... read more
price:  $1650 obo
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