Shojbulahk Kurdish fragmand carpet size 250x95cm
price:  Por
Adana-Aleppo Kilim, 2nd to 3rd Quarter of the 19th Century. Thin weave. Excellent colors: Greens, purples, indigo, cochineal, Turkey red-like red. ... read more
price:  POR
3.6x8 early kurdish rug it appears that it has a rewoven ends and sides
price:  800
Splendid Jaf Kurdish mafrash side panel with camel back (40" x 33"). Heavy, chunky, floppy with excellent reflective, silky pile. Circa 1870. ... read more
Kurdish Jaf bagface,circa 1880 wool on wool,original borders•••size 86x70cm
Old Kurdish 'shaggy' balisht 55x55cm Very friendly price
price:  inquire
Second 18th c East Anatolian Rug Size.175x105 Cm
price:  Por
Kurdish Jaf with beautiful natural colors and very good condition. High wool. Size~66x46cm
Early 19th Century East Anatolian Sivas Sarkısla Yastık Size.90x63 Cm
price:  Por
Kurdish bag—half of double saddlebag. Was once made into a pillow, and has a zipper (now partly detached) sewn into the ... read more
price:  Please ask
Jaff Kurd khorjeen / Bag complete with stripped flat woven back. 23 " x 26". Wonderful soft colours. Other than a puncture ... read more
price:  Please ask.
East Anatolian Prayer Rug Fragment
price:  por
Beautiful antique Bijar rug in excellent condition all wool foundation natural dyes late 19 c 228 x 143 cm
price:  £2000
Persian Hamadan, early 20th century, 3-8 x 6-2 (1.12 x 1.88), very good condition, hand washed, original braided selvage one end, other ... read more
price:  $400.00
Antique Bijar fragment wool on wool size 73x35cm
Kurdish Jaf 1880 circa with beautiful natural colors and good condition wool on wool>>size65x48cm
Antique Persian Jaff Bag face Size.100x64 Cm
price:  Por
Persian Jaf Kurd bag face, late 19th century, 1-10 x 1-10 (.56 x .56), hand washed, good condition, good pile, plus shipping.
price:  $300.00
Anatolian cankiri kurdish rug with damage 220 x 100 cm
Antique Kordi flatwoven sofreh 88x200 cm
price:  por
Very fine nw Persian Sumak 1870 circa-size 55x56cm in very good condition,
Probably 1927 c. Anatolian village from Sivas showing the Mausoleum Mevlana in Konya Grounded from Atatürk at 2. March 1927 Konya-Museum ... read more
price:  Ask
Anatolian Sivas heybe, 50x137 cm
price:  por
18th Century nw Persian Kelleh size 195x388 cm as found
price:  On Request
Nice Jaff Kurdısh Bag Face
price:  por
Late 19th century Kurdish fragment, faboulous colour, full pile. 31in by 51in
price:  Please ask
Kurdish bagface with a Jaf design and a Bijar weave. Highly graphic with a great range of greens but with a pink ... read more
price:  $200
antique nw persian kurdish carpet. Likely late 19th century and from the Bidjar / Bijar / Hamadan district. Worn, with ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Kurdish Varamin region Khorjin with plain weave back. link Circa 1900. The saddle bag faces are drawn with a diagonal repeat boteh ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
East Anatolian Yastık fragment
price:  por
Jaf Kurd bagface, fragmented but with super soft glossy wool.
price:  $250
"If there is a virtue in the world at which we should always aim, it is cheerfulness." Edward g. Bulwer-Lytton. Joyful 'Sauj Bulagh' ... read more
price:  please ask
Kurdish Jaf 1880 circa with beautiful natural colors and good condition wool on wool size55x108cm
savojbolagh kurdish fragment 1860 circa,size73x43cm
Superb Jaf Chuval circa 1880. Full, thick pile allover and fantastic colours. 2'7" x 4'5"
price:  Please enquire
Antique Bijar Kilim Bag
price:  por
Antique Kurdish runner, all organic dyes, decent condition, one area of wear with two small holes. Sides and ends machine overbound. 3'7" ... read more
price:  GBP £550 + shipping
Northwest Persian Kurdish runner fragment with flowering shrubs on a gold ground, very nice color. 2'8"x6'8".
price:  SOLD
Antique Kurdish rug from the Greater Hamadan region, Mehraban district or from Borodjert village. link Circa 1900. The design is most unusual, with ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Jaf Kurd bagface with unusual tucked diamond design
price:  SOLD
Rare Bidjar kilim size 140x110cm
price:  Por
Very early Persian Bijar rug. Dated 1820. About 4.5 x 6.5 ft.
lovely Kurdish runner 3'4''x10'8'' Superb condition Healthy pile all natural dyes circa 1890s to 1910s
price:  2200 usd
Lot 13, Sarkisla Rug, East Anatolia, late 17th century, 203 x 147 cm (6' 8" x 4' 10"), Auction on November 16 ... read more
price:  Starting bid € 10000
Antique East Anatolian Rug Fragment
price:  por
Antique East Anatolian Yastık
price:  por
larger Jaf Kurd bagface, lots of aubergine, very minimal border.
price:  POR
1850"s Nw Persian sıze 112×210
price:  POR
Antique East Anatolian Rug
price:  Por
classy Jaf Kurd bagface, great color and super border, 3 blues, 2 greens, 2 reds, aubergine, etc.. Nice pile rendition of flatwoven ... read more
price:  SOLD
small Kurdish bags,1870 circa-size 21x18
Antique East Anatolian rug, from 2nd half of the 19th century, no repairs, oxidation to brown.
price:  Please ask
beautifull Jaf bagface 1880 circa.~size48x56cm
Jaff Kurdish bag face. full pile with great colors and size. excellent Old repair on right side guard border, Size: 24" x ... read more
price:  O.R.
Beautiful complete sumack Kurdish khorjin/saddle bag. Size is cm 56x128. Datable early 20th century. Lovely colors, some are certainly natural, some others ... read more
price:  please inquire
Seldom Kurdish piled rug,utility cover,aged 80 years 96 * 41 cm
price:  On request
Mid 19th Century East Anatolian Rug Size.215x115 Cm
price:  Por
Wonderful antique Bidjar pillow Cushion rug set. Early 1900s. Size per cushion about 2.8 x 2.3 ft. Excellent condition for it's age. ... read more
price:  On request / make offer
Sivas-Arapgir yatak rug, last quarter of 19th Century. Fantastic design and a great tribal piece. Long pile and great colors, ... read more
price:  POR
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