Antique Persian Camelhair Bidjar sampler. Size 3'8''x5'9''. Has worn areas and one area that has a visible re pile. ... read more
price:  $750
Kurdish senneh wagireh,,size 41x37cm
18th Century East Anatolian Sivas Rug Size.173x103cm
price:  Por
# 926 Kordi Tobreh, 70/27 cm (without tassels), Khorasan, 1st quarter 20th century, rare complete tent bag in "Turkmen Torba" style, natural ... read more
price:  Special offer: € 650,- + shipping!
# 1954. Antique Persian Tribal Jeff Kurd Bag Face, Northwest Persia,size 2 ft. 8 inches by 3 ft.3 inches, circa 1900,row's of ... read more
price:  400
# 3868- An antique Kurd Bidjar rug from northwest Persia, size 3 ft. 7 inches by 6 ft. 10 inches, circa ... read more
price:  1400
Anatolian kurdish rug, 190 x 124 cm . link
# 917 Kordi Tobreh, 75/32 cm (without tassels), Khorasan, ca. 1930, rare complete tent bag in "Turkmen Torba" style, natural dyes, very ... read more
price:  Special offer: € 650.- + shipping!
East Anatolian Savak Carpet Fragment size.155x105cm
price:  por
#1b565 Hand made antique collectible Persian Jaf Kurdish bag face 1.4' x 1.6' ( 43m x 49cm) 1880.c
price:  $900
Lovely and quite early kurdish rug. Super saturated colours with a field design reminiscent of kurdish bag faces and a bold kufic ... read more
price:  P O R
# 155 Kurdish Flatweave in two halfs, 146/223 cm, Mazandaran area / North Persia, 1st quarter 20th century, very good condition, Ex-Adil-Besim- ... read more
price:  Special offer: € 1600.- + shipping!
East Anatolian Yastık Size.80x47cm
price:  Por
Kurdish runner fragment 19th century size is 236 x 89 cm
price:  Sold, Thanks
Antique Persian Kurdish Bagface Size.50x50cm
price:  Por
Antique East-Anatolian Kurdish rug with archaic design and beautiful colors, age: early 19th century. Size: 192x137cm / 6'3''ft x 4'5''ft Due to ... read more
Jaf Kurdish bagface size 82x47cm
Sivas, Armenian Carpet, circa 150 years. Wool on cotton.Size 380x290 cm.
price:  por
Antique Persian kurdish Jaff Rug Size.207x130cm
price:  Por
Funky Chunky nw Persian Bagface - 26" x 21" - 66 x 54 cm.
price:  on request
Kurdish bagface,circa 1880 size 86x70cm
West Persian ( Bijar ) Kurdish saddlebag Pillows...late 19th....sumack weave...all vegetal dyes...excellent condition....cotton velour backing....13" x 16" (33 x 40 cm )
price:  SOLD Thanks !
# 1122 Rare Kurdish Khorjin Front, 42/47 cm, Varamin area, last quarter 19th century, very interesting central motif, beautiful natural dyes, soft ... read more
price:  € 450.- + shipping!
Antique Persian Kurdish Bagface Size.50x50cm
price:  Por
# 1121 Rare Kurdish Khorjin Fragment, 41/47 cm, Varamin area, last quarter 19th century, sides not original, best natural dyes, "crab border" ... read more
price:  € 390.- + shipping!
full pile bidjar bijar mat
price:  GOOD- ASK
North west Persian Kurdish fragment, with great colors and jajim, stripe, śal design, reduced in length, size 190x86cm
price:  Por
Long Kurdish Rug, Bidjar? wool on wool, 4'5" x 8'3", natural colors, has a couple of small low spots.
price:  Please ask
One for the horse lovers from a horse loving tribe. Very charming antique Kurdish horse balnket in very good condition.104x165cm
price:  POR
Antique Shiraz Qasqai Bag Face size: 40x50
price:  ASK PLEASE
The pile on this Kurdish bag face has such a patina that when seen at a certain angle and light makes it ... read more
price:  por
Kurdish Rug Size: 139x225cm Natural colors, made in circa 1910, there is an old repair at the bottom headend.
price:  SOLD
Persian Kurdish rug Size 325x125 cm
price:  Por
17th-18th c. Anatolian Sivas rug fragment. Conserved and mounted on linen.
Very old Kurdish bag size 37x37 cm
price:  Por
Persian North West Kurdish rug. Size 230x110cm
price:  Por
Special Jaf Fragment Size: 56x50cm
price:  SOLD
Gorgeous Antique Full pile and Meaty Kurdish Bagface with beautiful purple in the center aprox size 62 x 59 centimeters
price:  On Request
Shahsavan fragmand rug size 150x45cm
price:  Por
Persian Kurdish Rug, 8' 6 x 4' 4", late 19th century: rich saturated colors, full pile (small amount of corrosion to brown/black ... read more
price:  Por
Stunning 18th c. East Anatolian Kurdish rug. Conserved and mounted on linen. Nearly full silky pile. Absolutely best color!
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Jaf saltbag all good colors,size 58x35cm
East Anatolian Sivas Yastik circa 1850 size 60x90 cm
price:  On Request
nw Persia kilim,Size:455x170 cm
price:  Please ask
Antique Yuruk rug, Turkey 105x192 cm
price:  por
Floating souls on a green lake... Somewhere between west of Gendje/south of Kazak and Kagizman , the weaver could be some migrating ... read more
price:  % SALE %
Ref 1534 North West Persian rug with brilliant and unusual colour palette. Mid nineteenth century. 6'0 x 2'11 - 183 x 89. ... read more
price:  please enquire
Jaff Khurdish Saddle Bag (Heybe) Size 81x95 cm / 2'7''x 3'2''
price:  On Request
Earyl 19 Century East Anatolian Sivas Sarkısla Rug Size.245x133cm
price:  Por
Jaf kurd 130x290
price:  Ask
Northwest Persian Kurdish rug.
This is one highlight of our Autumn Exhibition 2017 "Inventions - Variations": # 1131 Kordi Flatweave Balisht, 31/72 cm, Darreh-Gaz-area, Khorasan, Northeast ... read more
price:  Sold!
Persian very old Kurdish fragmant rug size 112x120cm
price:  Por
Lot 145, Kagizman, starting bid € 3000, Auction October 14 5pm, https:// link
Unusual Jaf Bagface Wide format Graphics/writing signature/date? at the top Losses to top & bottom All original No repairs Thick, meaty pile Ends secured 36" x 20" / ... read more
price:  $275 SOLD
Lot 119, East Anatolian kurdish rug, starting bid € 2800, Auction October 14 5pm, https:// link
Early 19th Century East Anatolian Sivas Şarkışla Rug Size.173c104cm
price:  Por
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