ufuklar sadettin

sadettin ufuklar since 1995 in Italy begins carpet restoration activities with a workshop run by my brother in Turkey laboratory we do high quality restoration and conservative restoration on the kilim sumak aubusson rugs and proffesional assembly deove our supervised laboratory with 24/24 camera From Italy we make temporary export with carpet insurance gallery in Italy ANATOLIAN OF UFUKLAR SADETTIN IN PIAZZA D'ANNUZIO 2/A 48121 RAVENNA ITALY 0039 338 5355866 WWW.ANATOLIANTAPPETI.COM info@anatoliantappeti.com laboratory in Turkey UFUKLAR HALICILIK sadettin ufuklar ufuklar sok no 13 / a sultanhani aksaray turkey 0090 5366628288 sadettinufuklar@gmail.com