Bob Emry

Based in Arlington, VA. Retired as Curator of Fossil Mammals at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Irrational interest in Tribal rugs and textiles for 20 years.

  • yomut turkmen chuval face. 41” x 29” (104 cm x 74 cm). Deep purple/brown ground color. Lots of lovely ... read more
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  • luri bag (half khorjin). Southwest Persian bag, most likely Luri. Whatever its attribution, it is a great one—colors are rich ... read more
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  • a purple “Yomut" chuval, 44 inches by 30 inches. All good colors, superb condition. Unusual secondary gul composed of 4 ... read more
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  • Yomut chuval face. 29 inches by 45 inches (74 cm x 115 cm). Flower-in-a-box border. Unusual in the silky ... read more
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  • a very nice little Yomut mafrash face. Size is 32 inches x 16 inches. (82 cm x 41 cm). Colors ... read more
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  • This Khamseh bagface is among the best I’ve ever had, in spite of its incompleteness. It has the chicken (Murgh) motifs, ... read more
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  • Anatolian AlaCuval. 48” x 40” (122cm x 102cm). Sumak and striped plainweave, Handling strap still attached---a colorful, thick, doubleweave band ... read more
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  • a Khorassan (Quchan) Kurd sumac salt-bag. Height--18” , width--12”(at bottom edge). Interesting complex binding of side seams. a solid, well-crafted ... read more
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  • a Jaf Kurf bagface in a wider-than-usual landscape format. Great condition, with thick dense pile and saturated natural colors. Size: ... read more
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  • a Shahsavan pile bagface with field design most commonly seen in reverse sumac technique. a series of closure loops made ... read more
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  • a 19th century Caucasian rug, with two octagonal medallions with unusual internal designs, including smaller octagons at their centers with star and ... read more
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  • a fragment that is surely from one of the older Yomut dyrnak-gul carpets early 19th century. It has the major and ... read more
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  • Afshar bag face. Excellent condition. Closure panels complete across top, with finely detailed patterning in weft substitution. 30 inches ... read more
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  • Kurdish bag—half of double saddlebag. Was once made into a pillow, and has a zipper (now partly detached) sewn into the ... read more
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  • Yomut torba, complete with back and in excellent condition. Good dense pile. 35 inches by 16 inches (89cm x 41cm). Good ... read more
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  • Yomut Turkmen Chuval. Second half 19th century--among the older ones I've seen with the complete flatweave back. Good natural colors, ... read more
    price:  $300 + shipping

  • Afshar, 59" x 48" (150cm x 122cm). Strong natural colors, though not quite so bright as the direct sunlight makes ... read more
    price:  $450 or make offer

  • kurd long rug/runner, Jaff or Sanjabi. 128" x 44" (325cm x 110cm). two pairs of human figures. Good colors, ... read more
    price:  $520, or make offer.

  • Old Gafsa Tunisian kilim. Nearly square—86 inches long and 87 inches wide (219 x 221 cm). Some fraying and notches at ... read more
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  • Ersari Turkmen chuval with staggered chuval guls, no secondaries. Late 19th c. Generous size--35" x 58" (98cm x 147cm). ... read more
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  • Central Asian, most likely Kirghiz, leather and felt. Not sure what this is, but most likely an animal trapping, perhaps a ... read more
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