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" But that which is useful for the mankind remains behind on the Earth ".... I have been a careful collector of rugs and carpets for some 25 years. Some of my roots are in Schiedam, near Rotterdam, in The Netherlands. Choosing my rugs and carpets ( and making ends meet ) on the base definition of quality , curiosity, and composition ( and two other professions ) . Old, to me, is between 1960 and 1920. Everything older as a 100 years, to me, is antique. Regards, Egbert Vennema. For more information you can always contact me by mail. Some understanding of the trade ; no cheques accepted , Paypal accepted. For transfer, Western Union is ok to me. Use of BIC ( Bank Identifier Code. ) and IBAN (International Bank Account Number.) Transport with "Track and Trace " . ( ) .Any delivery only to the adress of the purchaser . ) Tile with two rabbits, two snakes and a tortoise. Illustration for Zakariya al-Qazwini's book, Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing (13th century). Earthenware, molded and underglaze-painted decoration. Iran, 19th century. Louvre museum, Paris.

  • Luri,tribal, weighing in almost 26,5 pond ( yes !! ) ( e.e.g.) of lush wool and goathair. Wool on wool, goathair warps. ... read more
    price:  375 usd.

  • Kurdish ( Anatol.) Kelim, Large, wool on wool ,braided end, cleaned. Natural colored, some corrosion in the black ,good overall condition. ( ... read more
    price:  no longer available

  • Bahktiari/Luri double Khorjinn, saddlebag, almost six ( 6 ) pounds of lush thick wool, and a mesmerizing green. Wool on wool, cleaned, ... read more
    price:  ask.

  • South Persian Tribal, Qhasgai, Qasqai, Qashqai, Ghashghai, Gashgai, Wool on wool, leather, with a plethora of livestock covering four sides ,good ... read more
    price:  ask.

  • South Persian Tribal, Afshar, Sumak, Sumack, Sumakh.( Cradle ?? ) Aroud 1900. Wool on wool, with cotton. Ca : 140 x ... read more
    price:  550 usd.

  • Derbent, Ca. 310 cm. x 185 cm. Wool on wool. Repaired, brown corrosion. Old. From the Soejoez Sovjetskish Sotsialistits Respoeblik. ( ... read more
    price:  no longer available

  • Uzbek, Kirghiz Ghudgeri, Gudjeri, ca.160 x 270 cm. Old, one hole, one repair. And an old Persian custom tag with Persian lion ... read more
    price:  no longer available

  • Persian Kurdish, wool on wool, cleaned, thick piled. Ca; 100 cm x 115 cm. Old. ( price including transport.) Listening; " Higher Ground
    price:  55. usd.

  • Gilim, Kelim,Anatolian, wool on wool, ca; 285 cm x 155 cm. Good ( good ) overall condition. Sturdy quality . Old. Cleaned ... read more
    price:  no longer available

  • South Persian Tribal, wool on wool, cleaned, full piled. Ca; 180cm x 120 cm. Old. No moth, holes, etc.( price including worldwide ... read more
    price:  95. usd.

  • Sout Persian Tribal, Afshar, wool on wool, cleaned and washed,ca; 150 cm x 130 cm. ( price including worldwide transport. ) Listening; ... read more
    price:  no longer available

  • South Persian Tribal, Qashqai, Gashghai, Gaschgai ,Mafrash,Beddingbag. Good overall condition. No wear, no tear, no moth, etc. cleaned. Wool on wool. And ... read more
    price:  no longer available

  • Two mangan glazed Dutch tiles, 18th.century. Depicting the Flood and the exile from Eden. Diameter ca. 16 cm. Listening ; Marcus Miller ... read more
    price:  195 usd.

  • Best wishes and a prosperous 2020 for all Rugrabbits. ! Soutwest Caucasus,a particular Sevan/Sewan sub-group ( see also Vugar Dadasov.). Three large ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Azerbaijan, Azeri, Azerbeidjan, Zili, Verne, Verneh, first half of the 19th.Cent. Fragment ( holes ) Wool on cotton, cleaned ,washed, ca; 165 ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Derbent, Dagestan, Caucasian, wool on cotton, ca 180 cm x 87 cm. Good overall condition,thick piled, no holes, repaires, etc. around ... read more
    price:  195,oo usd.

  • Kurdish Veramin / Kordi Khorasan ,full long piled, good overall condition. Wool on wool, goat-haired outer border , cleaned and washed. ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Dusty Caucasian,\ Kazak , wool on wool, even low pile, ca; 256 cm x 138 cm. 22 Memling guls in the central field, ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Full, thick piled, all woolen interbellum Caucasian, ca; 245 cm x 140 cm. cleaned. In very good overall condition. Price including worldwide ... read more
    price:  745,oo usd

  • Bachtiar, Bakhtiari, Probably a Saman town rug, Chahar Mahal province ."Anchor Medallion ". Wool on wool ,dark warps, good overall condition, good colors, ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Best wishes and Happy Holidays to all Rugrabbits. Dutch painter ,Cornelis Theodorus Maria van Dongen (Rotterdam-Delfshaven, 26 januari 1877 - Monte Carlo, ... read more

  • kordi Kelim,Khorassan wedding ceremony kelim ca 1930. Quaramanlu,Brimanlu,Pahlevanlu tribes, Ca; > 25 kg. No bad colors. Gooooood overall condition. Wool on wool ... read more
    price:  1995,oo usd.

  • Rough South Persian tribal,( Bruised like Marv.) wool on wool. start of the 20th. Century.Cleaned and washed, good colors. ca. 160 x ... read more
    price:  565,oo usd.

  • Kurdish, Caucasian,. With nice colors. Condition; b\c .Wool on wool .Some high,some low. And a raw White. Ca. 310 x 110 cm. ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Shirwan / Shirvan .( Kuba Shahnazarli Rug ) In the dark blue field ,surrounded by the main eagle beaked borders , ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Bakhtiar Chahal Shotur kisthti , wool on cotton, ca; 395 x 215 cm. thick, yes, thick, massive ,high piled ,( ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Kurdish, ( Kerman / Kirman ) Wool on cotton, big,large and massive.. ca 187 x 390 cm. allover good ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Kars,Qers,Ghars, Shield Kars kazak. Once the capital of the Bagrati Kingdom in Armenia, Thick piled, wool on wool,Last half of the 20th.Cent.Good overall ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Caucasian, nw Persian Kurdish, runner, wool on wool, ca; 480 cm x 90 cm b/c condition. Good pile, Some corrosion in the ... read more
    price:  545,oo usd.

  • Kordi, Kilim, brocaded, ca; 345 cm x 185 cm. Wool on wool, b/c condition. Ca. 1930. See also Wilfried Stanzer. "Kordi".page 116-117.Price ... read more
    price:  995,oo usd.

  • Full complete Caucasian Chii Palas , Armenian Kelim from Yerevan. Wool on wool, finely woven . Very good overal ... read more
    price:  1195,oo usd.

  • Moroccan Berber, large ,ca; 485 cm x 195 cm, in gooood overall condition, all wool, kilim top and bottom ends .weighing in ... read more
    price:  1195,oo usd.

  • Best wishes to all Rugrabbits, and a prosperous 2018 .Sculpture located on the foot of the Yerevan Cascade . Foto 2, Back ... read more

  • Ghoum / Qom, from the early beginning , so, wool on cotton ,and ca 70 years old. ca, 220 cm x 140 ... read more
    price:  845,oo usd.

  • Kurd,Kurdish, Kilim,Kilm .Wool on wool, two halves of a whole. Ca. 220cm. x 80 cm each. Braided ends. Good overall condition ... read more
    price:  no longer available

  • Timuri Baluch ( Khorassan ? ) ca.1900. Wool on wool. ca. 330 cm. x 160 cm. Good overall condition . Great dark ... read more
    price:  No longer available.

  • Maimana Uzbek Kelim, North east Afghanistan .End of the 19thC. Wool on wool 355 x 179 cm. Made with ... read more
    price:  No longer available

  • Luri-Bahktiar,village rug,( just arrived )325 x147 cm. wool on wool,no goathair, original guard borders and top and bottom end kelim fringes, ... read more
    price:  No longer available.

  • South Persian Tribal, ( Sirjan, Afshar/Bachtiar )Single Khorjin/Bag 65 x 55 cm. Around 1900, wool/cotton. Good overall condition. Nat col. Needs ... read more
    price:  N.f.s.

  • Best Wishes to all Rugrabbits !! And a Happy new Year. Listening; Skrillex & Damian "Jr.Gong" Marley -Make it Bun Dem ... read more

  • Luri Bakthiari Khorjin fragment. Western central Persia. 142 cm x 88 cm. Wool on wool . Good colors, ca. 1900. Sumakh,& ... read more
    price:  No longer available.

  • Chicks, around 1910. In need of a good cleaning and a wash. When done ,a full report. Listening ; " Messerschmitt - ... read more
    price:  no longer available.

  • Luri, full piled, all woolen long haired, in good overall condition ,ca 330 x 155 cm . First quarth. 20th. Cent. Price ... read more
    price:  750.Usd.

  • Khamseh ( Baharlu Tribe ? ) Confederacy rug ( with a single Boteh somewhere in the field...) southwest Persia ,first half 20th.Cent.Wool ... read more
    price:  no longer available

  • An Armenian Gendje ( also ; Ganja,Genje,Ghyandzha,Elisavetpol.) Kazak, in perfect allover condition. End 19th.C. Ca. 240 x 135 cm. Long haired. ... read more
    price:  2450,oo usd

  • Funky small Luri ? , Intimate long haired , saturated and great ranged natural colored , ( white and black and prob. ... read more
    price:  795,oo usd.

  • Bidjar with Boteh s, the Birds, and some booty .Red colored wefts ! . All wool ca, 280 x 157 cm. ... read more
    price:  1695,oo usd.

  • a Harsin ( Kermanshah , Kurdish ) village ( not county ) , all woolen and all natural coloured , ... read more
    price:  no longer available