Kochan Kurdish Carpet circa 1820 size 280x125cm
price:  Por
Kurdish Jajim, 19th century, Caucasus, 175x145 cm more pieces: link
price:  % SALE %
Veramin Kurdish bagface, beautiful intense natural colours and good wool, the sides are secured, hand washed. 43 x 36 cm.
price:  € 125
Shahsavan Fragmant size 160x90cm
price:  Por
Kurdish complete camel bag. North West of Iran. There is fuchsine dye in it, as you can see on the last image. ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
East Anatolian, Adiyaman Tulu Rug , Early 20th Century Size:442 x 142 Cm 14'9"x4'7"
price:  on request
Bijar area Shahsavan bag. Size 30x27cm
price:  Por
Kurdish Bagface Size: 54x54cm Natural colors, made in circa 1910/20
price:  SOLD
Kurdish rug fragment. 4'1" x 2'10"
price:  por
Jaff Bagface 97 x 72 cm / 3'2''x 2'4''
price:  On Request
Very folksy Kurdish runner from Western Persia, mid-20th century, in excellent condition. Beautiful wool, full pile, signed and/or dated (see the ... read more
price:  $1100
#1b444 Hand made antique Persian Kurdish runner 3.2' x 12.2' ( 97cm x 371cm ) c.1900
price:  $4500
Late 20th century kurdish sauj bulagh carpet, size 300x164cm.
price:  sold
Antique tribal kurdish rug circa 1900, size 170x94cm.
price:  POR
jaff bagface - nice meaty pile, crisp drawing, good weave. $285/bo
price:  $285/bo
Antique Kordi flat woven bag face. 1'10" x 1'9". Elegant and refined piece with Elibelinde motifs executed in a variety of techniques ... read more
price:  POR
East Anatolian Carpet Fragment, 19th, 214 x 99 cm
East Anatolian Anatolian Rug. It is from Antep (Gaziantep) city of Turkey. It has been made by Kurdish people. Dimensions are 120 cm ... read more
price:  POR
Thick pile,lustrous Kurdish wool, saturated natural dyes, single wefted. Large bagface 30x21 inches (76 x 53 cm). Notice the single row of ... read more
price:  SOLD
Anatolian rug with archaic classical Holbein references. 18th century, probably East Anatolian Kurdish but with a palette reminiscent of Karaman area things. ... read more
price:  $4500
Antique small Sampler Bijar rug size:110x80cm 3'7"x2'7"
price:  on request
Kurd Seneh kilim end XIXth, narrow borders, one old repair center left, very thin weaving, clean, very good colours.
price:  Por
Kurdish rug. 8'7" x 4'7"
price:  SOLD
Very nice all natural Jaf Kurd bagface in full, glossy pile, 19th century.
price:  £475 GBP + shipping
19th century Music for the eyes * Curtis Mayfield's Super fly * :) Fullpile and very strong colors Kurdish Pillow.. 55 x ... read more
price:  On Request
Qutshan bagface, NE-Persia, flatwoven, 50 x 51 cm, 19th c.
Kurdish rug 3'7" x 4'11" third quarter of 19th Century.
price:  Please inquire
jaff bag face about 21" x 28" with meaty pile, good wool and color including nice apple green, nice weave. Oxidized ... read more
price:  $320/best offer
314 60x110 Kurdish hurjin 1880c.
An antique Kurdish rug size 4' x 5'8
price:  Please ask
19th Century Kurd Bagface Size: 57x51cm Natural colors
price:  SOLD
a lovey and rare Kurdish pile bagface with archaic drawing. Circa 1870 or older.
Mini format Bijar. All natural colors. 25cm x 20cm
price:  Friendly for Bijar lovers
179 110x70 Jaf Kurd bagface
1st Quarter 20th Century 4' 2" x 6' 7" Bijar in excellent condition throughout.
price:  $1300
#1b441 Hand made antique collectible Persian Kurdish rug 3.5' x 4.6' ( 106cm x 140cm ) c.1870
Kurdish Khorjin-- 24 x 24 in. (each)--This is a true pair; they were originally joined together and used as double saddle ... read more
price:  HOLD
Jaff-- 22 x 33 in. Relatively large older piece.
price:  HOLD
Rare antique Kurdish Senneh mat. Late 19th.c. 96 x 59cm. Losses to the top border. Beautiful white ground garrus design.
price:  P O R
#1b443 Hand made antique collectible Persian Bidjar runner 3.3' x 10.5' ( 100cm x 320cm ) c.1860
Persian Bidjar 4'-4'' x 6' -9''
price:  Persian Bidjar
Antique North West Persian Heriz area village rug 141 x 76 cm (4ft 8" x 2ft 6") Last quarter 19th century. ... read more
price:  SOLD
This was one highlight of our Jubilee Exhibition "25 Years - 1992 - 2017": # 1109 Kurdish Khorjin, 63/149 cm, Varamin area, ... read more
price:  € 1.800.- + shipping!
#6899 Persian Bidjar Vagireh This circa 1900 Persian Bidjar Vagireh Sampler measures 2’3” x 3’8”. It is full pile, excellent condition and has ... read more
Persian Quchan Kurd kilim,pure wool embroidery natural color .284 x 150 cm
Bold and dramatic Kurdish "Bijar" large bagface (40" x 24"). Circa 1880. Very good condition.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
East Anatolian, Adiyaman Tulu Rug ,unusual design and size…circa 19th Size:216 x 116 Cm
price:  on request
Fine antique Persian Bidjar kilim with roses pattern, size: 200x140cm / 6'6''ft x 4'6''ft
Kurdish Jaff bagface with amazing range of colors and super tight weave - 21" x 18" - 53 x 45 cm.
price:  on request
antique east anatolian hakkari cm 3.05 x 092 good condition
1' 10" x 2' 1" Kurd Bagface Quote Includes Ship/U.S. 3 day returns
price:  $300
Charming antique Kurdish Saddlebag from the West of Iran. The lustrous soft wool has been dyed using natural dyes and all ... read more
price:  £290
3-7x11-6 Kurdish runner wool on wool very good condition Lots of aubergine color, circa second half of 1800
price:  $1500
#1b442 Hand made antique Persian Kurdish runner 3.4' x 12.3' ( 103cm x 375cm ) c.1900
Colourful Kurdish rug, with 30 items now on ebay, no reserve: link
price:  Sold ty
Jaff kord saltbag,Shiny colores even is not washed,Size:54x35 cm
price:  Please ask
Kurdish Bagface Size: 65x63cm Natural colors (except the red color is probably not natural), made in circa 1910/20
price:  SOLD
Jaf Fragment Size: 84x64cm Natural colors, made in circa 1910/20
price:  SOLD
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