• Qashqai chanteh, 30x30cms, soumak front with kilim rear, complete original condition with integrated closure loop detail.
    price:  175 Euros including postage.

  • sw Iran salt bag, 60x47cms, good original condition with goat wool binding and warp and warp continuation straps, nice colours, good for ... read more
    price:  175 Euros including postage.

  • One of a pair of n.w. Iran, Azeri Mafrash, 53cm high x 43cm wide x 93cm long, earthy colours, extra warp wrapping ... read more
    price:  575€ incl. postage each or 1000€ the pair including postage

  • a little minimalist kilim with undyed wool and a lovely abrash, 74x46 cms (k1705467).
    price:  sold

  • a little minimalist Qashqai kilim with an undyed field. 67x43 cms (k1705457).
    price:  95 Euros including postage

  • Little Qashqai kilim with a camel ground background and a lovely turquoise blue-green in the middle. 60x53 cms, (k1705456)
    price:  SOLD

  • 26th april 1937, the bombing of Gernika, Spain, by German aircrafts. To commemorate the aniversary of the Gernika bombing we commisioned the ... read more
    price:  19,100 Euros

  • Olé! a very rare beginning of 20th Century curtain with bull fighting motifs from Navarra, Spain. Extremely fine cotton, some tears ... read more
    price:  175 Euros including postage.

  • Massive mirror like couple of Elibelindes (the biggest we have ever seen!) in this beautiful Konya kilim, with lots of undyed wool ... read more
    price:  1225 Euros including postage

  • a superb Azerbaijan kilim in mint condition (only a tiny reweave, see photo), with lots of natural dyes and a great range ... read more
    price:  1100 Euros including postage

  • The team at Nomada wishes you all a happy 2017! Todo el equipo de Nómada ¡os deseamos un feliz 2017!

  • a very unusual bear face like Karapinar rug, arrrrghhhh! We enclose a photo of the model possing for the weaver... The grey ... read more
    price:  630 Including post

  • Anatolian kilim from the Obruk area, 19th century in tip-top condition, fine weave in all natural colours and closely following the traditional ... read more
    price:  2100 euros incl. shipping

  • a very finely woven soumak Bakhtiari bag front. Good colours and condition, no repairs. 62x48 cms, (k1601366)
    price:  225 Euros including postage

  • Beautiful Kamo area sofreh, woven with undyed goat´s wool and dyed sheep´s wool. a very artistic sofreh. 93x80 cms (k1212-611)
    price:  435 Euros including postage

  • Malayer rug. Full overall pile, low in some areas. No repairs, chain secured, ready to be used. Soft shiny wool. 201x140cms, (a1604004)
    price:  SOLD

  • a very finelly woven and detailed Afshar sofreh in superb condition. In fringe area some warps are a bit short. 127x127 cms,
    price:  540 Euros including postage

  • a very neat Bakhtiari sofreh in mint condition with a couple of Persian woven words. 131x106 cms (k14905)
    price:  350 Euros plus postage

  • Lovely Kazak Gendje runner with earthy colours, and a lot of undyed wool. Low to medium overall pile, some repiling. With the ... read more
    price:  1100 Euros

  • a Qashqai sofreh with an undyed natural wool background. 124x80 cms (k1601188)
    price:  SOLD, thanks

  • a nicely abrashed Qashqai camel wool little kilim, following the desing of a sofreh. 67x54 cms (k1601211).
    price:  sold

  • Cute little Qashqai camel wool kilim, following the style of a sofreh. 64x53cms. (k1601207)
    price:  SOLD

  • Pretty Qashqai saddle-bagface, one of a pair, 74x68cms, mixed techniques on balanced plain-weave ground, good condition, from about 1950.
    price:  175 Euros including postage

  • Bakhtiari nomads bread-making sofreh from western Iran, 126x108cms, white cotton ground with red, blue, white and orange wool details, sturdy interlocking weave ... read more
    price:  275euros including postage

  • Qashqai nomads, horse chest decoration band, 95x9cms aprox. (95x65cms aprox. including tassles), fine tightly spun wool, excellent original condition from first half ... read more
    price:  275euros including postage

  • north west Iran, small antique kordi rug, short overall even pile, missing part of side and end borders, otherwise nice design and ... read more
    price:  650 euros including postage

  • Bakhtiari nomads horse/tent band, 790x7cms, in excellent barely used condition with the wool slightly "fluffy", about 75 years old, all original and ... read more
    price:  195 Euros including postage

  • Bakhtiari nomads horse/tent band, 695x8cms, in tip-top barely used condition with the wool slightly "fluffy", about 75 years old, all original and ... read more
    price:  195 Euros including postage

  • Soft and cuddly as a teddy bear Beluch prayer rug, with guls, stars and goats in the prayer hand area. In mint ... read more
    price:  750 Euros including postage

  • Nicely coloured Afshar rug with camel colour background wool (in real life is less white and more camel colour) and lovely blue ... read more
    price:  1500 Euros including postage

  • Persian Karaja rug, all good colours including nice light blue and green. Overall medium to low pile. In good sound condition ... read more

  • a very bold and graphic pre-columbian Chancay Culture painted textile from Perú, 12th century. This textile shows very powerful interlocked chains of ... read more
    price:  350 Euros incl. POST

  • a Huari Culture band, 8th to 12th century, Huari Culture , South Central Perú. Wool. From a Spanish private collection. 39x2,8 cms.
    price:  175 Euros including postage

  • a group of surprised "señoras" in a Huari Culture belt, South Central Perú, 8th to 12th century. One of the finest weaves ... read more
    price:  300 Euros incl. POST

  • Superb extra finelly woven Bakhtiari chantah. Goat hair for the side cords and black weaving areas. Front and back are identical. Some ... read more

  • Fine weave Persian Belouchi prayer rug soaking up the late autumn sun, 140x89cms, camel wool beige and undyed wool white, tip top ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • nomada, coinciding with the screening in the san sebastian international film festival of the documentary "grass: a nation´s battle for life", ... read more

  • Antique Newari shaman´s seat, Nepal. It represents an abstract Ram (very graphic) with big horns and tail. On his back there ... read more
    price:  250 plus postage

  • Another antique Newari shaman´s seat, Nepal. It represents a smiley Ram (baaaaa!!) with big horns and tail. On his back there is ... read more
    price:  350 plus postage

  • a couple of extremelly rare Spanish Nasri textiles from the 15th century or Earlier. The Arabs were in the Iberian Peninsula for ... read more

  • Somewhat slightly dazed, Tibetan womans apron, or Pangden, with extremely fine wool, woven in strips or one long strip cut and sown ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Turcoman womans veil, maybe for a wedding, cotton with silk tassles, a couple without the silk but otherwise good condition.
    price:  65 euros including postage

  • Turcoman child or womans hat.
    price:  SOLD, thanks

  • Turcoman embroidered skull-cap, 16cm diameter, very fine stitch and in perfect condition.
    price:  100 euros including postage

  • Set of three different short bakhtiri malbands, sizes: 140x3cms, 180x4cms, 96x4 cms (at140023, at140019, at140018).
    price:  150 Euros including postage FOR THE THREE

  • Looooooooooooong bakhtiari band in mint condition. 870x7 cms (at2878)
    price:  95 Euros incl. postage

  • Qashqai horse band, natural colours (appart from tassels which are latter addings). 45x4 cms. (at 1669)
    price:  60 Euros including postage

  • Authentic tribal bag or "chanteh" for storing personal effects (money, comb, mirror, etc.) used by Luri nomads from south western Iran, from ... read more
    price:  175 Euros including postage