five ! if this very ancient sign is usually understood as as protective synbol, this small unusual camel ground baluch would has ... read more
antique little baluch rug with animals. "as found". very very dirty with decent pile, corroded browns and scattered small old moth nibbles. ... read more
price:  $295 or best offer
Antique Baluch rug, size: 223cm x 131cm / 7'3''ft x 4'3''ft link
price:  350Euro + shipping
prayer beluch with bote design
price:  soldd
Complete Antique Persian Belouch Salor Khani Bag very good Condition (1870) Century natural Dyes :material WOOL,GOATHAIR ,SILK nice yellow in the changing boarder
price:  P.O.R.
Antique Baluch Balisht with a animal caravan at the top. Very good quality with great wool and a fine weave, good condition ... read more
Baluch bag 79x76-cm / 31.1x29.9-inches ask about this
price:  ask
Very fine Baluch size75x84cm
price:  Please inquire
early little baluch rug with an unusual field design and colorful "fish bone" border generally found on older bagfaces. Turkish knotted. Abused ... read more
price:  sold
nice beluch canta both side is pile 32x32 cm
price:  soldd
a 19th Century Belouch type rug, Khorassan. 174 x 87 cm.
This handsome Baluch bag with a classic 'Mushwani' type diamond and ashik design was woven in southeastern Persia in or near the ... read more
price:  $450
Early Timuri Baluch bag front with 4 Floral Guls of 2 different types and silk highlights, 26 x 24 inches (66 x ... read more
price:  please inquire
Late 19th century Baluch prayer rug in good condition. Excellent colours. Size: 146x92
price:  POR
ca.1880 Antique baluch rug,,size:175x95 cm 5.9x3.2 ft
price:  Sold
pre 1900 wonderful Baluch rug,,size:153x92 cm 5x3 ft
price:  Sold
i am a collector trying to sell a few pieces. This is a Baluch balisht, about 36" x 18.5". Nice medium pile ... read more
price:  345.00 OBO
Old Kordi Quchan Sumack bag face. Size: 76 x 85 cm. Good condition.
price:  please ask
1880 Belouch Bagface Size: 50x38cm (1.7x1.3ft) Naturalcolors
price:  SOLD
Baluch Yatak, This is a sleeping rug most probably woven in western Afghanistan. The wool is spectacular and colors are natural. This ... read more
price:  POR
very fine Baluch Chanteh smallbag 32 x 24 cm (1ft 1" x 10") 19th century float wefted field with soumac surrounds all ... read more
price:  SOLD
1880 Belouch Balisth Boteh Size: 42x74cm (1.4x2.5ft) Natural colors, the blue color at the main field is oxidation
price:  SOLD
Very old Baluch bird bag face. Size: 65 x 60 cm. Soft and shiny wool. One end (border) miss.
price:  sold-Thank you!
Old Baluch Prayer Rug. 19th century. Price reduction. Unusual, dynamic design. Very beautiful deep purple and light blue and a good old ... read more
price:  inquire
Symmetrically knotted Baluch with 43 Hooked motifs on Camel Field. 40 x 63 inches (102 x 170 cm) without kilim ends. Good ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
1880 Belouch Bagface Size: 66x60cm (2.2x2.0ft) Natural colors
price:  SOLD
a very nice antique Baluch rug. Size: 170x93cm / 5'6'' x 3'1''ft link
Baluch (prayer rug?); end 19th c.; study piece with a for me unusual border, low pile, unfortunately with heavy, ugly running blue ... read more
price:  USD 50.- plus shipping
Special Belouch Prayer Rug Sizr: 85x167cm (2.8x5.6ft) Natural colors, made in circa 1910/20, the brown color is oxidation
price:  €950
1880 Timuri belouch Bagface Size: 32x24cm (1.1x0.8ft) Natural colors, there is silk, the selvages are not original
price:  SOLD
Beluch. Bag,around. 1900 jh. Size. 35x37. Cm
Old small Baluch bag size cm. 25*31
price:  Sold
Belüç Bagface size.82x67cm
price:  por
Kordi sofre 5 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 5 in. Wool. 19th or early 20th c. Dowry piece kept in perfect ... read more
price:  POR
1880 Belouch Size: 88x157cm (2.9x5.2ft) Natural colors
price:  SOLD
Antique Baluch small rug P.O.R
i believe this Baluch Balisht may have all or mostly silk pile. It very well may have silk weftting also. It extremely ... read more
price:  por
antique Persian Baluch Timuri cm 1,80 x 0,94late 19th century
Classic Timuri type Baluch Prayer Rug, excellently and finely drawn with trees and shrubs on a blue ground. Worn, especially at the ... read more
price:  $650
a Camel Hair Dated Arab Baluch. The date is in the top right hand corner of the field. i believe the date ... read more
price:  por
Belouch bagface Size: 52x47cm (1.7x1.6ft) Natural colors, made in circa 1910
price:  SOLD
Baluch Rug
price:  On Request
Early 20th Century Belouch bag. 23" by 23"
price:  £90+shipping
Nice Antique Baluch - 39inches by 72inches - 99cm x 183cm. Just out of an estate has not been cleaned
price:  $800 or best offer
Belouch bagface, no great age but full luxurious pile and pleasing design. 31" by 31", colours sound.
price:  £120 + shipping
Baluch Mushwani bagface, 18" x 18", with thick, lush pile and a killer 'midnight' green
Antique small bird Baluch. 28 x 26 inches.
price:  on request
nice antique Baluch 182 x 133 cm, ,fine weave, rugrabbit note: Please remember to post images right side up. Thanks!
price:  Ask
Belouch bagface. Full pile save one small area of damage (See photos) 32" by 33". Colours good, no colour run or tip-fading.
price:  Sold
Belouch/nomad Size: 75x130cm (2.5x4.3ft) Natural colors, made in circa 1910/20
price:  SOLD
Baluch bagface. Asymmetrical knots open to left. Size: 18.5" x 18.5" (47cm x 47cm)
price:  O.R.
nice antique camel ground Baluch prayer rug in excellent condition with all natural dyes late 19c. Original ends and goat hair selvedges ... read more
price:  ask
Kordi 244 x 148 cm, meaty floor with shiny colors. As found condition with some damages on the lower end.
Baluch. 3.2'x5.0' Early 20th c. Elegant design. Good pile, but some damage (bad repairs removed).
price:  $250 or best offer.
humble little antique baluch rug with a charming design i have never seen before. Thin but intact. Nice small size. 19th c. ... read more
price:  sold
An unusual Piled Baluch Soffreh whith a bit unpiled. 41inches square 104cm
price:  por
1880 Belouch Bagface Size: 60x58cm (2.0x1.9ft) Natural colors
price:  SOLD
Arab baluch rug 165x116 cm
price:  On request
Baluch rug 148x85 cm
price:  On request
Timuri Baluch Prayer Rug,95x110cm,late 19th century,very unusual design,great colors,fine weave.FUN!!!
price:  on request
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