Great Baluch Rug with extra ordinary dyes and all original condition without any repair or work done,great desigen,fine weave,good early age,very Handsome ... read more
price:  Sold Thanks.
This is a complete saddlebag beluch moshwani from Afghanistan
price:  P.O.R
This beluch balisht with nice greens have very nice soft wool and its in a very good condition 18"x 37"
price:  P.O.R
Square antique Baluch bagface with silk. i do not recall seeing bags with this design having a running dog border nor ... read more
price:  por
Finely woven Salar Khan Baluch with silk highlights and great colors,fine weave good age,and good condition,all sides and corners original.Size 5'8"*3.E.mail for ... read more
price:  US$ 399.
Balouch Prayer?-It has an unusual design in the main red border and the drawing of the trees and scattered ornaments found in ... read more
price:  por
Baluch flatwoven pannel with great natural colors,fine weave and good age.As found without any repair or work done.E.mail for more info and
price:  US$ 300.
Baluch flatwoven cuval, 26 in. x 23 in. Wool. Face in weft-float brocade. Finely woven. Natural and chemical dyes. Nice holiday gift ... read more
price:  $250
An old Baluch with the size 180 x 105 cm. Open sides, holes, demages, repairs. But wonderful.
price:  POR
Baluch prayer rug, Late 19th century, Great colors, Size: 150 x 86 cm. 59" x 34" inch.
price:  On request
antique large baluch bagface. Appears to have a little corroded magenta silk pile. Good fresh example of an uncommon type. All fine ... read more
price:  sold
Antik persian Baluch. Size: 128 x 75 cm. Nice prayer rug. Thin pile.
price:  140 Euro incl. shipping
Belouch Bag Complete Size: 41x37cm (1.4x1.2ft) Naturalcolors, circa 80-90 years old, the green color at the medallion is silk (see pic. 6)
price:  €125
Beautiful old small Belouch with camel wool ground and lovely colour. Ca 1880. 78 x 135cm / 2'7" x 4'5"
price:  £250 + p&p
Antique Baluch carpet. Size: 204 x 107 cm. Shirazi with small damages. In the middle low pile. Very nice and wonderful item.
price:  230 Euro incl. shipping
a very interesting and early Baluch prayer rug - possibly mid 19th century - border area of north-east Persia and north-western Afghanistan. ... read more
price:  On Request
Old Baluch balisht first Qtr 20c size 35" x 22" nice wool, colours seem good with a plentiful aubergine. Selvedges replaced bit ... read more
price:  $125 + ship
Belouch Balisth Size: 54x85cm (1.8x2.8ft) Natural colors, circa 80-90 yeras old
price:  SOLD
Flatwoven Sistan Baluch Balisht with all natural colors,good age and original Kilim backing.all original without any repair or work done.E.mail for more ... read more
price:  Sold Thanks.
Belouch Bagface Size: 64x55cm (2.1x1.8ft) Natural colors, circa 90 years old
price:  SOLD
Gorgeous little 19th century Timuri prayer rug - early archaic design - complete skirts and in very good condition - 1.27 x ... read more
price:  SOLD Thank you.
Mushwanni Baluch Khorjin - lustrous full pile - complete with beige plain-weave back which appears to have been added but yet the ... read more
price:  On Request
Baluch Early Rug with great natural colors,early age and beautiful desigen,both ends with original Kilim,as found 3 old repairs done.Size 8'5"*4'8".E.mail for ... read more
price:  Sold Thanks.
Early camel ground Baluch Balisht with great natural colors and beautiful wool,nice desigen and good age.E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 200.
Rare white ground Baluch. 92 x 59 cm, Kelim ends with lines of Sumakh stiches. Main field design identical with "boat" border
price:  por
Sistan Baluch Balisht with original backing and great natural colors,beautiful desigen and fine weave,all original without any repair or work done.Size 3ft*1'8".E.mail ... read more
price:  Sold Thanks.
Beluc carpet size 190x114cm
price:  por
Antique Baluch rug with strong turkmen inspired motifs. Circa 1860-80. 147 x 103cm.
price:  P O R
Beautiful Baluch Saltbag! Size: 61 x 48 cm. Good colors and ful pile. Perfect wool. Very good condition.
price:  sold - Thank you!
wonderful baluch balisht. size 25" x 37"
price:  Sold
Antique Baluch Soffreh - in reasonable condition except for some slight staining and a few of the 'diamond' symbols have been woven-in ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Baluch Soffreh - woven in two halves and sewn up the middle - very good condition with silk highlights in the ... read more
price:  POR
Animal Band, Baluch of se Persia, 19th c.
Baluch, ne Persia, circa 1900
Belouch birdbag 2'4" x 2'2" circa 1910 in good condition with natural dyes.
price:  £400 + p&p
Blauch Rug with great wool,perfect condition without any repair or work done,good pile with soft shiny wool.E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  Sold Thanks.
Baluch border-changing rug. Perhaps the weaver was just feeling playful? An elegant rug in very presentable condition. Well balanced drawing, subtle abrash ... read more
price:  $1100
19th c. Baluch Main Carpet, 79"X48"/201X122cm. All natural dyes. Dark palette. Thin, soft floppy handle. Very evenly worn but still makes a ... read more
price:  SOLD
Belüch Kilim Yastık
price:  por
Boluch rug very nice colors and excellent condition all orginal full pile Since 1910 - 1910
price:  On Request
Large Baluch bagface with memling in Octagon, floppy
Türkoman Belüç Carpet All the perfect very nice and natural colors size:193x110
price:  ASK
Antique Baluch Rug. 42 x 28 inches. Very good condition. Very nice popping electric blue dye. Great visual appeal. See this rug ... read more
price:  $425 plus ship
Yakub Khani Timuri Baluch, 110 x 182 cm
price:  por
beluc kilim size 220x117cm
price:  por
Baluch with tesselated design of eight-pointed stars--or is the positive design the camel ground figures between the stars? Generous size--58 x ... read more
price:  Please ask
Baluch, 90 x 156 cm
price:  por
Small Special Baluch Prayer Rug, with a light camel field that almost looks ivory at first glance. stylized trees in the mihrab ... read more
price:  reasonable
Small & Beautiful Baluch rug, 32" x 60" - 81 x 152 cm.
price:  on request
Kordi, 152 x 90 cm, high floor with soft wool, good original condition.
price:  por
Baluch Bagface, fragmented / cut on the sides , great graphics and super wool
price:  $250
Soumakh Belouch Size: 58x73cm (1.9x2.4ft) Circa 80-90 years old
price:  €125 including shipping cost
antique baluch rug. High quality example of the type. All natural colors. "As found", with heavily oxidized browns. No repairs. Could use ... read more
price:  on request
Antique Baluch bagface with Mushwani design, very fine knotted
price:  por
Large beluch rug. Softest and shiniest wool. Corroded blacks, some wear, repiled in some areas, but structurally sound and in good shape. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Very finely woven large Baluch Bagface with nice desigen and colors,good pile and condition,all original wihtout any repair.Size 3ft*2'5".E.mail for more info ... read more
price:  US$ 150.
Baluch - rough as found condition. pretty much intact. Glorious color and wool(what remains)
these are top part of young girl dress from pashtun people in Afghanistan. The Pashtun living in the Wardak region, for ... read more
price:  price on request
gm-6 Afghan Pashtun Katawaz Tribe, Tray Cover, Silk Embroidery on Silk, Cotton Backing, 27.5 x 21 inches
price:  $500
The first of a pair of antique baluch so called "octagon" bagfaces with an unusual design feature i have not seen before. ... read more
price:  sold
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