Beluch Carpet size:127x87
price:  ASK
Baluchi pile bag front fragment. Cm 75x92. Late 19th cent. Great colors on shiny wool. Almost a wreck, but beautiful and ... read more
price:  pLs inquire
Antique Baluch. Full pile, original sides and ends, the colours speak for themselfes. 95 x 59 cm
price:  p o r
Baluch Rug 134 x 84 cm
price:  On Request
1880 Belouch Bagface Size: 89x70cm (3.0x2.7ft) Natural colors
price:  SOLD
Antique baluch rug. Interesting design. Fair condition with some brown oxidation. 19th c. 2'9" x 4'10"
price:  sold
Found recently in an old English country house, this charming small Baluch rug has an unusual inner-field border piled in natural camel-hair ... read more
price:  On Request
Baluch Balisth. Size: 20" x 31.5" (51cm x 80cm)
price:  O.R.
1880 Belouch Balisth Size: 48x88cm (1.6x2.9ft) Natural colors, very fine
price:  €125
Crisply-drawn Salor Khani Baluch pile rug. 6 ft x 3 ft 3 in. Circa 1900. wool. All natural colors. Beautiful blue-black ground ... read more
price:  POR
antique dokhtar i gazi prayer rug. Iconic design. As found, very dirty, with heavy brown oxidation and edge roughness as shown. 2nd ... read more
price:  sold
Classic Baluch Octagon Type Star Bagface. soft lush wool and rich saturated natural color including polychromatic blues. size is 66 x 87cm.
price:  POR
Salar Khan Baluch with great colors and wool,beautiful desigen with nicely drwan border and original condition,without any repair or work done,all natural ... read more
price:  US$ 400.
Top quality baluch octagon bagface. Mid 19th.c. Intense organic dyes and super wool quality. Good condition, a worthy addition any collection.75 ... read more
price:  SOLD, thanks
Baluch Bagface with early age,all natural colors and bold graphics,very nice pce with very fine weave,E.mail for more ifno and pics.
price:  US$ 150.
Baluch camel neck trapping size:165x14-cm ask
price:  ask
Unusaly baluch rug fregmant
price:  P.O R
Sistan Baluch Balisht with original backing and great natural colors,beautiful desigen and fine weave,all original without any repair or work done.Size 3ft*1'8".E.mail ... read more
price:  Sold Thanks.
Rare Natural Camel Hair Camel Field Baluch. Great little piece. Real camel hair is extremely soft. Great condition, nice amount of ... read more
price:  Ask for more info or make an offer
Baluch Balisht, hand knotted wool, Central Asia, 19thC, a lively color pallet on a camel field, generous use of green, low even ... read more
price:  POR
Baluch Timuri, Nr. b 217, 180 x 110 cm
price:  por
Baluch Djoi Namas, Nr. 2516, 137 x 96 cm
price:  por
Baluch Arab / Ferdows Nr. 808, 164 x 98 cm
price:  por
Baluch camel neck trapping:90x15 cm
price:  por
Small Timuri w/curled leaf border > late 19th c.
Early 20th century baluch bag face. 80 cm. x 58 cm.
price:  Please Inquire
Late 19th century Baluch bird bag good condition and very good colors. size 25x28
1880 Belouch Balisth size: 46x88cm (1.5x2.9ft) Natural colors
price:  €125
Baluch camel neck trapping. Each arm 29 in. x 6 in. Wool pile with tassels. Weft substitution end finishes. Original goat ... read more
price:  POR
Baluch Bagface with great wool,natural colors and very fine weave.Very nice design,Sift shiny wool.Very nice pce.Size 2'7"*2'3"E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 200.
a charming small sized antique belouch prayer rug 108 x 76 cm light wear no holes also is very dusty and will ... read more
price:  sold
Perhaps not antique but a very nice Baluch bag with good colours and condition.
price:  €150
Belucestan 140x100centimetri
price:  180.00euro
Baluch rug, first third 20th c. 121x91 cm. Lovely colours like some dark eggplant and very nice wool and good condition. Even ... read more
price:  €300+shipping
Interesting baluch Khordjin. Size: 135 x 61 cm. Good condition. Best wool.
price:  180 incl. shipping
Really old and floppy weave Belouch bagface.
Sweet little Belouch bagface - circa 1900 Size; 600mm x 620mm x 520mm x 590mm
price:  £80.00 + postage
Baluch Small Bagface,42x35cm,ca 1900,beautiful all natural colors,soft and silky wool,very fine weave,slightly missing sides and ends.Yummy!
price:  on request
an old Baluch square, with great wool and lots of juicy aubergine dye. Not sure if its a big bag or a ... read more
price:  SOLD
antique baluch prayer rug. Unusual design. all natural colors with nice light blues. no repairs. Nice long kelim ends. small squarish size. ... read more
price:  Sold
Belouch Bagface Size: 80x71cm (2.7x2.4ft) Natural colors, made in circa 1910
price:  €125
Antique Baluch rug, circa 1870, 4' x 7'-8" or 122 cm x 234 cm, fantastic wool and design, as found.
price:  Reasonable
Belouch Bag Complete Size: 49x101cm (1.6x3.4ft) Natural colors, made in circa 1910/20
price:  €125
Early Antique Baluch Bag. Complete, with good colors including outstanding blues. Archaic and unusual design. Low pile with some oxidation and some ... read more
price:  SOLD
This is an real old beluch balesht with boteh design, all natural colors and the backing has also been decorated with nice ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Fine antique Baluch rug. Circa 1880. 190 x 118cm. Lovely soft wool and rich organic dyes with kelim ends intact. Some repairs ... read more
price:  P O R
Here is a very nice sistan beluch flat weave bag face with all natural colors,some black natural goat hair and as you ... read more
price:  P.O.R
This is an early beluch bagface with all natural colors in very good condition for its age
price:  inexpensive
Belouch Bagface Size: 96x88cm(3.2x2.9ft) Natural colors, made in circa 1910
price:  SOLD
So called mushwani balich bagface fragment. 19th.c. 60 x 47cm. Wonderful rich dyes and super soft high quality wool. One border has ... read more
price:  P O R
Baluch Rug with nice colors and design,early age,just oxidation to black,all original.Size 5'4"*3'1".E.mail for more info pics.
price:  US$ 200.
Double Sided Piled Baluch Bag with all orginal tassels,all good colors,soft shiny wool.nice desigen.Size 1'3"*1'2".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 200.
Baluch animal trapping, circa 1900
price:  por
Camel field Balouch size:1.7 x 2.10. Very nice colors: auburgine, soft terracota and blues with oxidized browns. Good condition, one end missing kelim. ... read more
price:  SOLD
old ivory ground baluch. 2'11" x 4'7"
Baluch Bagface, 62 x 67 cm, beautiful aubergine and blue color.
price:  por
Quite a Handsome Tree Balisht all the great natural Baluchi colors and a beautiful hole 16" x 31"
Baluch rug from North East of Persia. Size: 39" x 70" (100cm x 177cm)
price:  O.R.
Baluch Rug with great natural colors and fine weave,all original without any repair or work,size 128x88cm
1880 Belouch Bagface Size: 64x54cm (2.1x1.8ft) Natural colors
price:  SOLD
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