All colors are good !Sweet little bird Baluch great pile deep blue and cherry red color doesn't photo well Size is 24 inches ... read more
price:  Sold Thank you
Baluch Prayer Rug - 2'11 x 4'9 ft. - 88 x 143 cm.
price:  on request
baluch Natural colors bagface size 0.73 cm x 0.80 cm
price:  POR
Beautiful Baluch Sofreh with very nice design,good colors and condition.Size 3'8"*2'6".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  Sold Thanks.
Timuri Prayer Rug 39" x 48" from the 19th century that lies flat and is rectangular, no repairs, and retains most of ... read more
price:  $650
Old Baluch Prayer Carpet
price:  por
Antique Baluch rug with quite interesting field designs and a very well drawn border. The glossy silky wool pile adds to its ... read more
price:  on request
Very fine soft 'bird' Baluch. Very archaic feel,wonderful back,a little fuchsine and some quite good repair to centre section. Wonderful !
price:  £230
Baluch Balisht, se Persia, 19th c. 1’8” x 2’ 10” (including kilim ends) Balisht are originally conceived as ‘pillow covers’, made for ... read more
Colorful Baluch rug. Minor restorations in the center part. Has little fuchsine. Size: 39" x 70" - 100cm x 177cm.
price:  O.R.
Crisply drawn Camel Ground Baluch Prayer Rug with elongated stylized hands, depressed warp Khorosan type. a piece from Basha's Baluch Collection. 2'7"x4'7"
price:  Please inquire
Star baluch , 125 x 95 Cut , circa 1880 ,
Antique Khorassan Baluch bag face only with outstanding colour and silk highlights size 73 x 71 cm Velvety wool all natural dyes wool ... read more
price:  $750 + shipping
Antique Khorassan Baluch saddlebag with original back size 70 x 69 cm All wool and natural dyes thick pile
price:  $400 + shipping
Nice fine antique Baluch bag from last qtr 19c size 66 c 57 cm . All wool natural dyes unusual border, ... read more
price:  $400
Baluch yastik, balisht, or pushti, 23 x 37.5 inches. a unique 19th century improvisation for the discerning collector. Wool and camel hair. ... read more
price:  for the right collector
Timuri prayer rug, very fine with cloth like feel, original kilim ends. Size: 146 x 98cm.
price:  Please contact for further details.
Complete Timuri type Baluch Khorjin Saddle Bag Set. The sides have been opened but the entire piece is complete and in great ... read more
price:  SOLD, thanks
antique Baluch rug good condition,size 102x172cm
Pre 1900 antique Baluch main rug 289 x 184 cm (9ft 8" x 6ft 2") 19th century. All natural dyes, colours: red, ... read more
price:  ON REQUEST
Lovely little antique Baluch mystery rug dating from last qtr 19 c size 98 x 88 cm. All wool and natural dyes. It ... read more
price:  Ask
Original two part Baluch rug 1,80*2,65
Old Baluch prayer carpet Size:120x85cm
price:  Por
Just arrived, a Sistan Belouch namakdan salt bag. bag size 39 x 27cm.
price:  £380
Sweet, primitive, little Baluch saddlebag half with back. 19th century. Rich, deep indigo blues, striking turquoise hues with strong purples and ... read more
price:  Inquire
Exceptional Baluch with white ground Boat border and beautiful Kilim ends. 184 x 101 cm. Mythology and pattern research suggests;..the ability of ... read more
Large Baluch possibly Timuri khorjin front with design rarely seen in bagfaces, 27 x 21 inches (70 x 55 cm). Fine weave, ... read more
price:  please inquire
a pair of timuri baluch bagface. 1880 ca. brown corrosion, little holes, but very fine weaved, very good example of timur bauch ... read more
price:  very reasonable!!!
price:  p.o.r
Belüç carpet perfect conditions some yellow and blue colors is Silk piıe Size 105x80
Baluch Bagface 72 x 86 cm / 2'3'' x2'8''
price:  on Request
Baluch Camel Ground Prayer Rug, fantastically soft wool (just ask the moths!) saturated madder red. Great tactile quality. Good drawing with interesting ... read more
price:  $550
Baluch Prayer Rug, 94x127 cm
price:  por
Antique Baluch rug, size: ca. 170x87cm / 5'6''ft x 2'9''ft link
Baluch Minakhani Bagface, saturated colors with all three secondary colors, green, purple and orange, depressed warp type from Khorossan, good shape with ... read more
price:  SOLD
Belouch 4'7 x 2'5 fragment. Nice weave, color, and wool with even wear and oxidation.
price:  Sold. Thank you.
Antique Belüç carpet very nice piece Good colors Size 197x107
Baluch Prayer Rug 46" x 28" 19th century in fairly good condition with original selvedges and kilims, but low pile towards the ... read more
price:  $1400
Baluch Tree of Life Prayer Rug 39" x 62" with Turkmen curled leaf design border. This piece is lustrous and supple, has ... read more
price:  $900
Antique Belüç carpet very nice old piece size 170x90
price:  Ask please
Baluch Bagface, great graphics with a strong central element replacing the more typical star. nice handle and soft wool. cut on the
price:  $250
Baluch Prayer Rug. Last quarter 19th Century. Blue ground. Original kilim ends and selvage. Full pile. Repaired ... read more
price:  $1,150
Antique Baluch. Full pile. Saturated colors. Soft, lustrous wool. Slight brown corrosion enhances motifs. 52 x 33. ... read more
price:  $950
Camel Ground Baluch Rug with Trees, small size, great drawing, perhaps a bit more curvilinear than most with a bite nibbled out ... read more
price:  $450
Antique Baluch bird rug,great wool and colors.1880 circa size135x73cm
price:  SOLD
antique baluch rug with mina-hani design field. Characteristic older asymmetric flowers. All good natural colors with a nice ember red. Floppy handle ... read more
price:  blizzard priced - $395
Large Baluch Grain Bag with great colors and very nice design,excellent condition.Size 4'6"*2'7".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 300.
Baluch, circa 1910, some synthetic dyes... Also some people Think it's not a Baluch,, but may be a Kurd Baluch, The wool ... read more
price:  POR
a small, 41" x 28" baluch rug with camel ground, nice colors, Tree of Life design, 18 animals, and a Turkmen style ... read more
price:  $1200
Baluch Bagface Size: 67x56cm (2.2x1.9ft) Natural colors, made in circa 1910, there are moth bites
price:  SOLD
Antique Baluch. Mint condition. Full pile. 56 x 36. 6 colors. Clean and hand washed.
price:  $950
Baluch Runner, great natural colors, woven like a giant long bagface with a repeat mosaic like pattern of eight-pointed stars in a ... read more
price:  POR
Beluch Rug. Size: 0,75 cm x 0,56 cm
price:  Please Ask
Baluch Balisth 85 x 50 cm / 33.4'' x 19'6''
price:  On Request
Antique Belüç Carpet perfect very nice piece. size:197x106
price:  ASK PLEASE
Baluch Carpet size.180x105cm
price:  por
Very fine petite elegantly minimalist Timuri Baloch rug with 120 shrubs on a midnight blue field that shades to mid and light ... read more
price:  SOLD, thank you!
Antique Rug, Timuri Tribes, Dokhtar-e-Qazi Group, Western Afghanistan 146 x 89 cm, great colors, good age but not perfect condition.
price:  sold, thank you
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