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September 7th, 2013 I am now living and working in London, and I have taken a warehouse at the Park Royal Oriental Carpet Centre. Please feel free to visit me there if you are coming to London. An appointment is advisable. I have a new mobile number for the UK: +44 7747 610 248 if you are interested in 19th century and earlier oriental carpets, runners and rugs with rich colours; Also highly collectable rugs and trappings, please come by to see me, you are very welcome. The things on my website will give you a good idea of the type of stock I keep. Please feel free to write me at if you are interested in any of my listings.

  • Antique Ziegler & co carpet of the first water. 700 x 400cm. Available as is or with repair, at significantly different prices.....
    price:  Available, please enquire

  • Antique Fereghan-Mahal carpet 7'2" x 10'3" Please have a look at my other listings, thank you.
    price:  Available, please enquire.

  • Please buy antique rugs, not modern ones. Happy to help!
    price:  Available, please enquire.

  • Early 19th century Anatolian prayer rug
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Gorevan Heriz carpet early 20th century. Unusual allover design with nice touches of green upon the rusty red ground. Thin pile but ... read more
    price:  Available, please enquire.

  • Antique Kuba Caucasian rug circa 1890 3'2" x 7'2". Good pile, original selvedges, two repaired wrinkles which have been cut and rejoined ... read more
    price:  Available, please enquire.

  • Ersari Beshir Ensi circa 3rd q 19th century with rich cherry red, light blue, greenish blue and highlights of yellow, in good ... read more
    price:  Available, please enquire.

  • Early 19th century ne Caucasian rug fragment. This is my benchmark for great colour, about as good as it gets.
    price:  £1,000 GBP + shipping

  • Kurdish sky at night. Highly patinated Kurdish bagface, with thick glossy pile. All natural dyes, some small holes. Great graphics.
    price:  £950 GBP + ship

  • Sometimes, the market is wrong...! Superb Tekke 6 Gul torba

  • Very long Kurdish kilim circa 1900 with comb design. Beautiful natural dyes including forest green, lavender and burnt orange. 4'0" x 18'5" ... read more
    price:  £490 GBP + shipping

  • Richly coloured early 20th century Ersari carpet with shimmering wool. Nice mid blues, yellow and grass green. Sides reduced, kilims missing,many old ... read more
    price:  £420 GBP plus shipping- approx $570 + shipping

  • Rare antique Bakshiash narrow runner 2'7" x 13'2" in excellent condition.
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Lovely Kurd Bidjar rug 4'3" x 7'7" with Mina Khani design on a pure madder red ground.
    price:  available, please ask

  • Antique Jaf Kurd bagface in full, full pile with lovely all natural dyes. 2'0" x 2'0"
    price:  £950 GBP + ship

  • Heriz rug 3'2" x 6'7" / 97 x 182cm Pretty colours, clean, generally good pile but with a small amount of tinting, ... read more
    price:  £975 GBP

  • Serapi Heriz circa 1900 10'7" x 12'6" in decent condition, finer than average. Nice to see the light blue medallion. a striking ... read more
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Not many rugs as tribal as this Khamseh out there. Must be one of the most freely drawn, archaic rugs i have ... read more
    price:  please enquire

  • 19th century Sarab runner with a wide range of rich natural dyes, in slightly worn condition. Missing sides, raggedy at one end. ... read more
    price:  £875 GBP + shipping

  • 19th century Oushak runner 3'8" x 20'8" cut and reduced at one end. Rather attractive greeny-blue field and in good condition with ... read more
    price:  please enquire

  • Beautiful small antique Heriz rug 5'3" x 6'11" /160 x 210cm
    price:  please enquire

  • 19th century, white wefted Mahal carpet, worn but very pretty and still useable on the floor. 8'6" x 10'2"
    price:  please enquire

  • Gorgeous 17 x 10 antique Oushak with aqua marine main border. In good condition.
    price:  please enquire

  • Giant pale Amritsar carpet 600 x 552 or 19'6" x 16'10" Very worn allover,no actual holes. Fantastic 'look', with colours of cream, ... read more
    price:  please enquire

  • Small Heriz rug in unusually good condition- all original, untouched. Circa 1920 2'10" x 4'7"/ 86 x 139cm
    price:  please enquire

  • Superb Bakshiash carpet, late 19th century, in good original pile. 11'6" x 15'1"
    price:  sold, thank you

  • 18th century Flemish or French Tapestry fragment 20" x 86"
    price:  £650 GBP + shipping

  • Pretty Sarab runner circa 1910, in great condition, all original. More or less full pile, very slightly low at one end, see ... read more
    price:  £2,500 GBP

  • Ersari Gull-i-gul main carpet fragment with shaggy pile and lovely colour. !9th c. 6'9" x 3'10" / 206 x 117cm
    price:  £500 GBP + ship

  • Tiny antique Agra or Amritsar mat, probably made for a campaign chair ca 1900. Size 40 x 40cm
    price:  £100 GBP

  • Khotan ca 1860 3'0" wide x 2'5" tall. Missing top and bottom, with cotton and wool foundation. Faded fuchsine.

  • link Khamseh knife bag ca 1850 7" x 27", published in 'Austrian Collections' and a unique piece as far as i know. ... read more

  • 16th century 'kilim design' Lotto Oushak outer border. Very fine and with very good colour. 10 x 270cm / 4" x 8'10"

  • 17th century Ottoman bocha. The surviving embroidery is in excellent condition, only the black stems have corroded away. Superb colour and movement ... read more

  • Really old and floppy weave Belouch bagface.

  • 18th century Cretan embroidery 52 x 72cm. Please click here link for more information and other freshly acquired pieces
    price:  sold

  • Caucasian rug fragment first half 19th century with embroidery design. Very cool. 5'8" x 3'9" Check out my other pieces on rugrabbit and ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • 19th century Kurdish bagface. For the price and other colourful and rare rugs, please go to link just updated today....
    price:  sold

  • Ca 5th century coptic textile fragment. Great colour. Mounted behind glass, hence slight reflections overlaid in pictures. Fragment 22 x 18cm, frame ... read more

  • 17th Century Chinese runner fragment with clouds- sublime!
    price:  $750

  • All wool Bidjar 11'2" x 7'5"/ 340 x 227cm art in motion
    price:  alas alas, I sold it

  • Fantastic Nim Suzani 3' x 4'7" circa 1850 in mint condition.
    price:  SOLD

  • Superb Tekke 6 Gul. Bit thin in the middle, unsurpassed colour and terrific handle.
    price:  Sold- Well done!

  • Buy it now, my new hardback Turkoman catalogue. 60 glossy pages with 30 full colour illustrations. Order here: link pieces will be ... read more

  • Early 'Bellini' fragment. More pictures here: link
    price:  SOLD

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  • Fabulous quality Antique North West Persian runner circa 1860. 5m x .95m or 16'3" x 3'2". The best quality of wool, soft ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Pre-Columbian textile fragment, probably Chimu. 28cm x 30cm (textile only)
    price:  £375 GBP