Khayamiya - the Tentmakers of Cairo

Oriental Rug & Textile Society G.B. 197 Piccadilly London w1j 9ll at the corner of Church Walk Wednesday 11th February at 7pm Joan Fisher will lecture on ‘Khayamiya - the Tentmakers of Cairo’ Egyptian Tent Making is an ancient art form dating from at least Ottoman times and possibly even the Pharonic era. Joan will consider what the appliquéd art of the tentmaker, who makes them, the historical background, and their position today. The talk will take people through the evolution of the art, drawing on antique and contemporary pieces from the speakers collection and from museum examples. She will show images by Sam Bowker, whose journal articles are in hali 179, Craft + Design Enquiry #6, and the International Journal of Islamic Architecture Vol. 3 Issue 2. His book is to be published by the American University in Cairo Press in February 2016. Joan is an Art Gallery Manager and textile collector who has lived in the Middle East for a significant part of her adult life. 100% 50% no-repeat;">