Qajar baby quilts made out of fine Kashmir twill

Indian Kashmir fine twill quilted infant cot cover for the Persian market or adapted in Qajar, Iran. 

The Qajar painting here shows the context of the bedding arrangement in such a cradle. Image courtesy of Henry Brownrigg.

Striped "cane design" Kashmir woven twills were exported to Iran and the Ottoman empire in small sizes and lengths for use as luxury cummerbunds etc. These tended to be smaller sizes compared to export shawls intended for home use or Europe. Qajar Iran had its own twill industry based around Yazd. This material was widely used in tailoring and should not be confused with the article under consideration here; the 19th cent. Persian copies being of inferior quality. 

The stripe design was also much copied in rugs, especially in South Persia where the weavers could not possibly have afforded such a luxury item but were able to ape them as rugs and is know n as ' khatraz 

• Circa 1820

70 x 92 cm / 28 x 36 inches (The wadding is cotton padding)

© Clive Rogers

09June 2014

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