• Sumak, Shahsavan, khorjin half with back, countered weaving, good rich colors, 19th c., 51 x 63 cm
    price:  USD 1500 + sh.

  • Sumak, khorjin face, Karabagh(-Shahsavan?), good colors well preserved, but tons of cochineal:-), very fine weave, 19th c. (ex Eberhart Herrmann, invoice available), ... read more
    price:  por

  • Sumak, mafrash long panel, "persianate" style, Bidjar, 19th c., 96 x 45 cm
    price:  USD 1000 + sh

  • Anatolian kilim fragment, older, and a mounting project;-)
    price:  USD 750

  • Salor main rug fragment, better pile around border section, iPhone-photographed in plain sunlight
    price:  sold, thanks!