• Antique chyrpy Tekke Turkmen Tribes.

  • Exquisite micro beading to this purse made over 100 years ago, probably in France.Tiny beads, arranged to depict a wonderful assortment of ... read more

  • antique Persian silk textile decoration for animals in the wedding,size36X10CM

  • Antique French small Purse,Beaded on silk

  • Farahan Wagireh-20x21cm

  • Antique Uzbek small bag,made with silk and silver gilt,size 31x11cm

  • Antique Pesrian Jacket Qajar period circa 1800- Brocade weaving on velvet,.Please inquire for more images

  • persian purse silk fabric,boteh design,period of Ghajar(Bride gift)size 18x15cm

  • Antique Persian silk Textile,size 138x41cm

  • Persian (Kerman) Qajari piece to put Needles.made with silk and gold thread

  • Bakhtiyari Bag with skin,size 32x21cm

  • Persian Brocade silk textile patchwork Qajar period.Size 95x98cm

  • antique Indian silk embroidery textile,size 67x52

  • Persian Brocade women jacket Qajar period.Size 160X104cm

  • Turkmen cap Embroidery in silk.
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  • Bakhtiyari chanteh,wool embroidery on cotton. size 67x36cm
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  • Old Persian Kilim,Mazandaran?cotton and wool Fine-spun Without repair,size 231x130cm
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  • Daghestan fragment-1870,size 88x58cm.
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  • very fine shasevan embroidery on cotton made in 7-bands sewn together-1880,size 184x184cm
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  • Shahsevan mini khorjin-1870 size59x23
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  • Antique embroidered Turkmen (Koran?) bag,size 47x38
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  • Azarbaijan Mafrash panel size 50x46
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  • Fine Kerman Laver fragment,all good natural colors.size 46x50cm

  • Antique Persian Textile with obvious concerns.this fabric was made with silk,Gold Metallic Yarn and Silver Frame.size 63x63

  • complete Usbakistan Tent band all good colors and good condition size 16,20x9cm

  • Antique varamin Bag,Tissue with three different techniques node,sumak and kilm on cotton with natural colors(beautiful green)... size(64cmx74cm)

  • Baluch (180 x 101 cm),