Italian collector on oriental carpets since 1988 (Persian - Anatolian - Balouch old and antique )- from COMO

  • 262 x 144 cm. is the size of this carpet. Quality East-Turkestan Kasghar gol farang in perfect conditions. Wool on cotton. Other ... read more
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  • Very old esfahan fine knot. In good condition. 320x215 cm. Beautiful colour. Wool on cotton. Price 670 euro (free shipp for euro ... read more
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  • size cm. 322 x 237 In very good condizions. wool on cotton. Antique persian KARDJEH/Heris. The carpet has ... read more
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  • Size 370 x 220 cm. OLD soumach Caucasus in very good conditions! Washed with no restors, stains, damages. All perfect. wool on ... read more
    price:  on request

  • 485 x 101 cm is the size of this antique runner SARAB-Azerbaijan-Persian carpet. Good conditions (some areas low pile), no holes no ... read more

  • Beautiful piece very old Turkmen Youmud tribe. In very good condition. Shiny wool and soft pile. Size cm. 320 x 204 cm. Other ... read more
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  • Size cm. 166 x 91 cm. Antique inner-mongolian pictorial carpet with 2 storks, moon and cloudband. Stork was an animal of a ... read more
    price:  On request

  • Size 155 x 103 cm. Antique Caucasus shirvan knotted around 1860/1880. In very good condition. Look the photos. Very beautiful chromatic palette with ... read more
    price:  On request

  • Size cm. 382 x 164 cm. Antique Caucasus karabagh in very good conditions. This carpet has been knotted around the end of ... read more
    price:  S O L D

  • 150 x 115 cm. caucasus antique carpet khotted in the district of shirvan. good the contditions of this antique piece. Very good ... read more
    price:  S O L D

  • 166 x 102 cm Antique carpet from Caucasus region of Karabagh. About 80 years old. In very good conditions. Original patter and soft ... read more
    price:  SOLD-Thanks!

  • Size cm. 133 x 51 cm. An antique Anatolian saddlebag. a think of Melas region. Good condition. All original. Other photos on request. ... read more
    price:  170+shipping

  • 255 x 142 cm Antique karabagh in good condition. Wool on wool. Original pattern with roses and birds. All natural and soft colours. This ... read more
    price:  2400

  • Caucasus soumach in very very good conditions. Wool on wool. size 330x200 cm. Other photos or query about this soumach on request. Good look! ... read more
    price:  Thanks=SOLD!

  • 166 x 112 cm. youmut Turkmen carpet with salor main gol. Has been knotted Nord-east Persian. Very fine knot. In very-very good ... read more

  • 505 x 103 cm. malayer persian runner. Perfect conditions. No restored no repairs. This is a persian Malayer Kordi. Wool on cotton ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • 330 x 200 cm. soumach Caucasus old. Perfect conditions. Very beautiful colours. Wool on wool. sold ==== thank ... read more
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  • 373 x 151 cm. Tappeto orientale annodato nel Caucaso - Karabagh. Antica manifattura. In stato perfetto. Luminosi colori ed originale disegno. Oriental antique Caucasus ... read more
    price:  On request

  • 221 x 102 cm Carpet knotted in Caucasus - district of Karabagh. Very good conditions. Wool on wool. s o ... read more
    price:  S O L D

  • size 121 x 36 = An antique torba ersari tribe, with original primary and secondary gol. Wool on wool and natural dyes. Very ... read more
    price:  SOLD! Thanks!

  • An antique ersari torba in very perfect conditions. Original patter Kedjebeh and gol Sekme 147*42 cm. Wool on wool and natural colours. Weft and warp ... read more
    price:  450

  • 353 x 158 cm Antique Karabagh gol-farangh pattern in very good conditions.
    price:  SOLD=THANKS!

  • 205 x 133 cm. An antique Persian fine esfahan. Good conditions and avery fine knot. About 100 years old. Wool pile on ... read more
    price:  SOLD = THANKS !

  • 137 x 40 cm. At torba in very good condition. Shiny wool an doughy dyes. Soft wool. Original pattern. Antique Afghan Turkmen ... read more
    price:  350

  • 190 x 133 cm. Old Turkmen carpet tekke gol. This piece show on the border one date and the inscription (date: 1955 / ... read more
    price:  SOLD! Thanks!

  • a pair of fine and very old Kashan. Pieces in very good condition. Wool on cotton foundations. Beautiful colours. Size: cm. ... read more
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  • 262 x 170 cm. is the size of this antique khotan Xinjiang carpet. In the Oasis of Khotan has been knotted around 1910 ... read more
    price:  1500

  • 102 x 54 cm. Antique Chinese rug from Gansu. In very good condition. All original. Beautiful little rug. Sinshuan motif (due uniti felici ... read more
    price:  P.O.R.

  • 288 x 150 cm is the size of this antique BIDJAR-Kurdi. Knotted very fine. Bejinning xx century. Perfect conditions, and very beautiful colours. All ... read more
    price:  thanks! SOLD !

  • Antique long rug carpets from Caucasus - Karabagh. It is in very good conditions. No stains, no holes, no repilis. Ends original. Size ... read more
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  • An antique runner from karabagh in very good conditions. No restored, no holes, no stains; all original. Size cm. 393 by 94 ... read more
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  • Antique Persian ardebil. Very fine knotted. Very Good conditions. Size 334x216 cm. Other photos and query about this antique Ardebil on request. Good look ... read more
    price:  THANKS! Sold.

  • 264 by 161 cm. Antique Gansu Catai-China (2° quarter xx century). Good condition. Wool on cotton. Fo dog-dragon pattern with central medaillon. Other ... read more
    price:  o.r.

  • China-CATAI antique carpet (first quarter of xx century) dragon patter. Very good condition. Size cm. 233 by 160 cm. Brilliant wool. No ... read more
    price:  On request